#17 – Crypto 101 With Justin Clark, Creator Of Micro Profit System And Co Founder of IcoinPro

Justin Clark is the founder of IcoinPro and creator of the Micro Profits system. In this interview we do a dive into understanding Crypto, how to avoid scams & also how to make money trading crypto.

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Justin Clark introduction & Bio : 0:44

Justin Clarks Story : 3:02

Crypto Explained In A Way A 5 Year Old Could Understand : 10:40

Benefits To Crypt : 11:02

Understanding The Blockchain : 13:00

What’s The Inherent Value In Crytpo : 16:28

Are All Cryptos Limited In Supply : 18:22

Crypto Scams and how to avoid them : 19:26

How He Has Beaten The Returns Of Bitcoin Even In It’s Strongest Bull Run : 21:10

How Liquid Is Crypto : 25: 36

The Micro Profit System & The Indicators It uses To Trade : 30:26

Long Term VS Short Term in The Micro Profit System Philosophy : 37:24

Lowest Amount It Takes To Get Started Trading Crypto : 39:10

The IcoinPro Forum : 42:44

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started With Icoin Pro : 44:20

How To Learn More About IcoinPro and The Micro Profit System : 45:44

Understanding Paid Traffic And IGetVisitors.com : 49:48

Justin Clarks Most Impactful Book & current book recommendation : 50:36

Justin Clarks best mentor and the most important thing he learned from them : 55:24

Favorite Quote: 57:04

Spirituality & Business : 57:28

Closing Words Of Inspiration : 59:46


Justin Clark, Founder of IcoinPro Micro Profit system Intro

Today we have an amazing guest. I’m so excited about the content that you’re going to be having access to today.

So let me get straight to the point. I want to do a quick intro and then we’ll bring our guest out today.

I have the opportunity to interview Mr. Justin Clark, who is the creator of micro profit system, and also the founder of ICoinPro,

Justin is well-known as an entrepreneur and someone who has made a name for himself in online marketing business development, network marketing and campaign management for almost two decades full time.

Justin got a taste for trading cryptocurrencies. And after extensive research testing and hours of actual real trading designed and developed the micro profit system, which has been a resounding success.

How I Met Justin…

A number of years ago, when I was just first getting started and building my home-based business, I had this lead scraper tool and I was scraping leads off the internet.

I did a broadcast to a group of people from a network marketing company, and lo and behold, one of the people on this list messaged me back.

He said his name was doc Fran Clark, and he said, uh, Hey, Paul, I’d like to connect with you.

We ended up developing a relationship. He recruited me into his network marketing company and mentored me to my very first six figures in network marketing.

And that’s actually how I met Justin and over the years I’ve watched Justin and he’s watched me a little bit and it has been so cool to see him go on and have phenomenal success in everything that he’s doing.

And so I’m so excited about today’s interview.

Let me bring Mr. Justin out. How you doing today, Justin?

Hey, Paul, how are you doing?

I’m doing great.

Thank you so much for being here today.

Thanks for having me.

This is great, man.

How’s how’s life in Florida.

You’re in Florida, Is that right?

Clearwater still?

Yep. Florida state. Where, when you, when you first come to the state, they issue you your standard pair of flip flops.

Ha ha. My wife and I watch burn notice on Netflix and I’m always just so, so jealous of Florida and the lifestyle, and I’m like, man, I missed that.

Well, thanks again for being here. We’re going to be talking about Justin’s story. We’re going to be talking about crypto and really part of my goal, In addition to hearing Justin story and picking his brain on, you know, marketing and online stuff, I really want to do the best that we can to give a good introduction to cryptocurrency, both for myself and other people.

I actually, right now am not in the cryptocurrency game.

I’ve stayed out of it.

It’s come across my plat path so many times, and I’ve just I’ve resisted.

But one of the things I’ve noticed, is people that I know, like my friends who have never had anything to do with anything home-based business network, marketing, business opportunity, they’re bringing it up and they’re in it.

And I have a friend who’s a traditional business owner here in my hometown and he called me the other day.

He’s like, yeah, I’m looking to, you know, build some crypto mining servers.

So this is really kind of infiltrating, uh, the mainstream.

So this is gonna be good.

I’m excited. Just. I want to know, and our viewers want to know who are you, man?

Justin’s Story

What’s your story.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

Well, uh, you know, it’s interesting, you mentioned my dad, uh, doc Fran.

Um, and, uh, yeah, he,

He was in the home-based business network marketing industry for, for decades.

And, uh, he kind of brought me up with that entrepreneurial can-do kind of spirit, uh, in my life, you know, that whatever I set my mind to, I could accomplish.

And, um, so he was actually the individual who introduced me to network marketing and alternative ways to earn a living.

Sso that’s where I kind of my start and really in my late twenties was the first time that I had my first, real success in network marketing and took it really seriously.

I worked with him and also my wife at the time we were working together day in, day out building our network marketing business, and that was fun.

And so that kind of led me on a journey.

As you know, you’ve, you’ve participated in a couple of different companies.

You’ve had some great learning experiences and some not so great learning experiences in this industry.

I’d say back in, when I was about 26, uh, up through I think it was about 2007, 2008, We were pretty hot and heavy in network.

Then I found affiliate marketing because of doing online marketing for my network marketing company.

I translated that into some tremendous success in affiliate marketing for a number of years, then that changed in about 2013.

All sorts of things happened with online marketing and in the space that I was working in.

Then I had that friend who, uh, his name is Paul de Souza. He’s the CEO of icoinpro.

He’s a co-founder of the company with me and we actually met each other in 2013.

Paul, I don’t know if you know that, but we’ve known each other for a long time now. And, uh, he was that friend who kept telling me about Bitcoin and he was the, he was the smartest guy in the room, Taking Bitcoin in his advertising business, uh, very early on when it was hundreds of dollars getting people to pay them in Bitcoin.

Um, and was it an, you know, a strong, uh, the lever in Bitcoin in cryptocurrency, and that’s how I discovered it, but again, I had the message come at me so many times all before I listened, he kept telling me he kept telling me, and then we had a mutual friend who in 2017, started buying up all sorts of Bitcoin.

..who was extremely successful.

And that’s when my interest like early 2017 is when I was like, you know what? I really need to start paying attention.


I love it. I want to, I want to jump back real quick.

So your dad was a surgeon, is that right?

Uh, dental surgeon prosthodontist.

Yep. So he would do a dental surgery and facial reconstruction and all that sort of fun.

So was he doing network marketing clear back as far as you remember?

Oh, forever. Uh, yes. I can remember, uh, all the way back into the eighties.

I mean, he was doing the fuel additives when they first came out mics ago, all these different companies, he always had something going on outside of his practice.

And honestly, he had, you know, the, the, his practice was a tough business.

They, they had to make a lot of money per month before they even saw a dollar of that money.

And so network marketing actually provided him with incredible income, uh, actually even out earning his practice, um, you know, which is, which is amazing.

I don’t think a lot of people understand that and appreciate the power of the industry and what you can do.

Was he always successful in network marketing as far as you can remember from a young child?

Yes and no.

I mean, it, it had its ups and downs, um, you know, and, uh, there there’s, you know, there’s a lot of good, bad and the ugly and network marketing and he experienced all of it, uh, over his journey.

Um, but his biggest success yet was definitely in company, um, where it was, uh, anti-aging nutritional products.

He’d built an organization over 300,000, uh, customers and, uh, representatives in that company.

And so it was a huge success, but again, Paul, uh, over time that company slowly faded the big checks turned into smaller checks, smaller checks, checks, it stopped, uh, you know, uh, you know, basically was just paying for his product after a couple of decades.

And then the company became an affiliate marketing company.

So that was from like a million dollar a year income. Right.

If I remember, uh, I’m not sure how high up it got at the time, but it was significant.

It was, yes, it was, it was a pretty, pretty incredible.

But it is amazing that, you know, that can happen in this industry.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to succeed online?

So I think all the skills, if a person wants to succeed online, they should develop all the skills that they can, you know, can to develop, to create income.

Uh, my dad used to have a story to tell about Fran Tarkenton, they interviewed Fran and they said, Fran, why do you have so many different income streams as a successful businessman?

He had 12.

He says, because if one of them dries up, I still have 11.

And he was a former pro football player. Right. Fran Tarkington.

Okay. So let’s jump into some questions. What is crypto? And can you explain it to me Like I’m a five-year-old?

yes. The easiest way to explain it is it’s digital money.

That’s what it is.

I think where people, um, uh, you know, don’t understand how it works is with how It fluctuates in its value, right?

They’re used to a dollar as a dollar, but really a dollar isn’t a dollar people don’t understand the foreign exchange currency markets and how the value of the dollar can actually change.

Even though it’s pretty, you know, consistent as far as when you’re out there buying things, but, uh, cryptocurrency is a little bit more raw because it’s new.

Those values of those points can fluctuate tremendously.

All right.

But really in essence, what it is is it’s digital money.

It’s a way that you can, um, send and receive value, Uh, online, um, and there are a couple of different benefits to it, which I think are important to point out.

One of the things about, uh, cryptocurrency that you can’t fake it uh, it’s, that’s one of the biggest benefits because of the security around it.

You can’t fake a Bitcoin, this network is spread out all around the world, right?

So all of these different computers have to verify that you have that Bitcoin, right.

And that it’s real.

So if one of them says, Hey, this isn’t correct, or, you know, the network realizes it, it just makes it almost virtually impossible to, uh, fake or forge, uh, cryptocurrency.

Um, the other thing is, is that it’s, uh, for some of the coins it’s relatively low cost, to send, uh, compared to traditional ways of sending money to other people.

Uh, and some people, you know, get excited about the privacy aspect of it.

I don’t know. I’m personally I could care less, right?

Like I’m kind of an open book.

Uh, you know, a lot of people, I don’t think that’s like a super concern for them, but there is the privacy aspect of being able to, uh, send and receive money.

But also there is a lot that’s visible on the, uh, what they call it, the blockchain, Which is, uh, the blockchain is the network of computers that basically hosts the cryptocurrency and keep it alive and keep it moving basically on the network.


And that’s distributed across many computers all over the world, the blockchain itself, And that’s like the file system or verification system that stores, an exact record replicated many, many, many, many times all throughout the world, which is what makes it incorruptible?

And there’s a lot of different applications of it.

My business partner Paul is like the expert on like the blockchain and its uses in the future. I mean, he is a dyed in the wall will hardcore cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Um, but there are a lot of different applications and one of them. I think is important for people to understand is there is a difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is something that is created using this technology, which is called the blockchain, but people are using blockchain for other things like tracking packages.

It’s a way to distribute and, uh, verify information in a way that doesn’t make it centralized and doesn’t make it reliant on one particular point.

So anyway, blockchain is the technology you’ll you’ll hear about is going to be used in various different industries as it evolves.

Uh, but cryptocurrency is one aspect of blockchain.

So cryptocurrency obviously is not coined by the government, right? It’s it’s created privately.

How do you see that relationship interplaying, you know, the government’s control versus people, you know, using their own form of exchange now, and in the long run?

I am by no means an expert on how that’s all gonna play out.

I do know that, you know, acceptance is at an all time high for it.

Uh, I, I feel in a way that Bitcoin is getting past kind of the fledgling, Hey, is this thing gonna make it, is it going to stay around?

Is it going to go to zero one day?

You know, we’re getting past that it’s maturing.

Um, but, uh, again, it, honestly, in a lot of ways, currency is kind of the wrong word for it.

It is a digital asset.

If you will, it’s more like digital gold.

When you talk about Bitcoin, meaning that it stores value or potential value..

I mean, with the fees that there are to send Bitcoin send and receive it, I couldn’t use it as a currency.

You can’t buy a cup of coffee with Bitcoin because of the fact that it.

You know, X amount to send it, which would then offset the value of be like buying a cup of coffee.

And then it’s like, uh, it goes from a buck 50 to $5 to use Bitcoin.

You see what I’m saying?

It is practical, but it is an excellent store of value and it isn’t a digital asset.

Um, and the, the us government at least views it as that.

I’ve used it as a digital asset, uh, for taxation purposes and stuff like that.

Not so much as a currency.

So if it doesn’t have a lot of value as a currency, where is the, I’m just curious, where’s the inherent value in it? Like why is it a store of value?

It’s, it’s like anything else that people assign value to?

There’s a certain one thing that’s kind of the, the beauty of Bitcoin is that it has a limited supply that will always be limited.

There’s 21 million Bitcoins.

Some of them have been totally lost. Right.

I don’t know the current circulating supply of Bitcoin, but there is an inherent scarcity, uh, to it.

Um, and it is a thing.

It was the hardest thing for me to get my head wrapped around because it’s like, Hey, what are we buying air here?

I think everybody that, you know what I’m saying, but then you got people buying, spending millions of dollars on digital, uh, they’re called NFTs, which are like little pictures that you could

Click and save, but they, they spend all this money because it is. It is a thing.

There is only really one of it in the digital universe and the digital universe, the matrix I like to call it, you know, people consider as real.

I mean, they sell virtual property properties and video games.

They buy skins in games.

They, they do all these different things.

Why do these things have value?

Because people say that they have value.

But one of the things that I love about cryptocurrency, what attracted me to it, Paul was obviously the trading aspect of it because of how the markets move.

But this is a market that is highly tradable and that’s awesome.

Yeah, absolutely.

So opportunity, right, arbitrage for entrepreneurs who have eyes to see.

So one other question regarding the scarcity of crypto, do all cryptocurrencies have limit?

Um, every crypto has their own, um, way that they’re established.

So some of them may be, uh, finite, meaning that there’s an exact amount of them that will ever be mined, which it, or re released or minted or create it.

And then some, I believe like doge, uh, is, uh, one that there is not a finite supply and more can be created.

Uh, and so, um, yeah, so.

Each coin has its own protocol, what it wants to follow, But I think a lot of the value is for, for the bigger coins is the reality that there is a set finite amount and it will never be more than that.

So it creates that scarcity, which then gets people excited and they want to have one know.

Are there crypto scams, especially in the home business space and if so, how do you spot and avoid those?

Um, there are, there are plenty, um, you know, obviously as a us resident, if the company doesn’t operate in the U S or you have to access it through like a VPN or something like that, please be cautious of.

Um, you know, they’re definitely, they’ve kind of, um, chilled out a bit.

There are not as many scams I see, but in 2017 they were rampant.

And any of these things where they say, oh, you’re going to earn 1% a day on autopilot, or, you know, we’re going to double your money every 30 days or whatever, just get your calculator out.

That’s your best defense against any type of scheme.

Get your calculator out, do the math over two years.

And you’ll be like, wait a second. I’m going to turn a hundred bucks into a million dollars in two years, you know, it’s like, come on.

Yeah. Yeah. And we’ll, we’ll get to a little bit more about your company.

Uh, but one of the things that’s obvious about your company is you’re not selling crypto, you’re selling training and coaching that teaches people how to trade. And that obviously is a legitimate product. Um, but if there’s people out there saying, you know, Hey, you know, join and buy all this crypto and then get others to buy this crypto.

And then we’re going to put that in a compensation plan. Does that sound off a little bit?

Yeah, it’s definitely a lot of red flags there for.

Okay, very cool. Um, and you touched on this earlier.

Uh, do you buy anything with crypto right now or do you just mainly trade?

I am, uh, just a pure trader.

Um, I actually, uh, just one of the neat things about the cryptocurrency markets is you can trade in us dollar.

Um, so I trade in us dollar.

I buy a cryptocurrency, I increased how much I have and then I sell it.

So buy low, sell high is the basics of any trading, uh, basics of what we do.

But, um, what’s, what’s interesting is so, and I get this as a good example. Um, like in September, 2019, Paul, I moved over to Coinbase pro, which is the biggest exchange in the United States for, uh, trading cryptocurrency.

And I keep this comparison just so I can see how I’m doing right. Uh, with my personal trading.

And if I had walked into Coinbase pro in September of 2019 and just purchased Bitcoin with all my money, just dumped it all in. I would have been up over 320% on my investment, which would be incredible. Right.

I mean, anybody would be happy with that.

What’s neat is with trading with the micro profit system, I’m up over 508%.

So I’ve actually out performed Bitcoin on one of the most crazy bull runs, uh, that it’s had.

Um, and what’s neat is my system, We do better when the market goes down. So I’m happy how well we did as the market was going up.

But when we go down, uh, you know, Bitcoin’s number could keep dropping and dropping.

Mine will keep increasing that’s that’s the beauty of trading, but trading is, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried any type of trading Forex any…

Yeah, we, we did some Forex and had a, not so great experience, saw a lot of cash evaporate very quickly

The challenges, particularly like for X, it might move.

0.3% or extremely small, small amounts.

Right. Um, so they teach you to do what’s called leverage trading, right.

Which is borrowing money in excess of what you have.

Um, and so it, it sounds great because if like, say your five X leverage or 10 X leverage, let’s say you’re 10 X leverage. Right. So if you make 1%, it’s like making 10%.

Right. That sounds awesome.

But the flip side is if you lose 1%, it’s like losing 10%.

And that’s why you hear a lot of people who get involved in, in Forex and in other types of trading, they blow out their account.

Right. So what happens is your 10 X leverage, uh, your account moves down 10%.

You lose 10% on a trade.

Guess what?

You just lost a hundred percent of what you put into that trade.

Um, so I don’t teach leverage training. Um, Uh, I never will because I feel it’s too risky for the average person.

And the beauty of the cryptocurrency markets is that they move so well. We don’t need it. These things can move tremendously.

And we kind of know the sweet spot of what coins to hit with like our software and stuff that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck, the best pot potential return.

During that time, I do need to do it just a quick disclaimer here, Paul, because I’m talking a little bit about my results and everything.

I hope, you know, because I want to make sure people understand there is always risk in trading.

It is not just a walk in the park.

They’re stressed, sometimes everything like that.

But, um, you know, when you get a good system and you follow it, um, it, it can be tremendously, uh, productive and, and awesome for you, but there’s always risk.

So I just want to say this, ICoinPro the ICoinPro Trade Finder, and it’s trainers. We provide an informational service only and are not responsible for any investments made applying this information. The results described are not typical and are not guarantees of future income. Any investment contains risk and is a hundred percent of the responsibility to the investor to assess the risks, rewards involved.

It is possible to lose some or all of your investment. We assume no liability assumed or implied for your obligation. The information is shared from a training standpoint only.

Very good, very good.

I want to dig into a little bit more about trading and your process, but I also want to know how liquid is crypto. Is it very liquid? You get your money in and get your money out whenever you want.

Yes, it is. Very liquid, um, and is increasing in liquidity.

Um, you know, even compared to when I moved over in, uh, 2019, uh, to Coinbase pro uh, Coinbase pro was doing a lot less 24 hour volume.

Uh, now they’re, they’re moving billions.

I mean, it’s, it’s fantastic.

Again, nowhere near the, uh, you know, foreign exchange, the Forex markets, which are moving trillions per day. Uh, you know, we’re talking in the billions, um, you know, with, uh, cryptocurrency, but, uh, yes, there is great liquidity.

I have no problems trading on Coinbase pro even with a sizable, you know, uh, position size in each of my trades.

You can get in and out, but again, it’s like anything else.

Um, there are moments where there are, there is more liquidity when the market starts to move more dramatically.

And that’s part of what I teach is how to plug into those moments when the liquidity is really at its peak on the sell side, and then becomes higher on the buy side when you need it the most.

So, yeah, but up to this point, you’ve never had a problem where you bought some crypto and then you’re like, oh, I want to get my cash dollars back out.

I have, trust me learning how to trade and developing the micro profit system.

I have died a thousand deaths to, to, uh, create this system.

Uh, there, there was, yes, there was, uh, there was one trade that led to what we call the buddy coin system, which, uh, I had a, uh, uh, a ton of money in a particular little coin that really nobody was trading.

The liquidity became extremely thin to get out of this trade.

I would have lost over 10% on the trade just to say.

So want to get out of it.

Uh, oh gosh. And I ended up bleeding out on that trade until I finally was like, look it. And I think I took a 30, 40% loss on that trade.

Uh, you know, it was painful, but it, it taught me a valuable lesson.

Um, and it taught me to stay where the party is, stay with the high volume, high moving coins, the ones that everybody is trading, you know, and don’t try to anticipate react.

Um, I’m a martial artist. I have three black belts and one of the things I learned in good sparring is good.

Sparring is reactive, right?

You let your opponent make the move and then you react.

Well, the way that I trade is I don’t try to predict these markets.

I don’t try to tell you what, where Bitcoin is going to be in three months, two months, one week.

You know, tomorrow, I don’t try to tell you.

I react when the market makes us decision and makes a move.

Uh, and then we have a very specific way that we trade it.

So, uh, yes, liquidity is important.

You can get stuck in coins.

If you are trading on coins, where there is no volume, no movement, uh, you can have issues, but we actually have software. It’s called buddy point crawler. And every morning we all hit it, all our traders.

And it says, this is the point today that you want to trade.

That is going to give you the best bang for your buck, the biggest potential return. Um, and it’s amazing, Paul, like the crypto markets move, it moves like lemmings.

Okay. When it, when Bitcoin goes up, everything goes up.

When Bitcoin goes down, everything goes down almost without.

Okay. Almost without exception. So, but the thing that we found is that Bitcoin may move like 1%, uh, on say we have a trade that we do called the dip trade.

It’s when it dips, when things go down and you hear by the dip, buy the dip, when do you buy?

I bought the dip.

I kept buying the dip.

It kept up, we know what we’re, we have a very specific way we do it.

But when Bitcoin dips, it might have a potential profit of say 1% on that trade because it doesn’t move a lot sometimes.


But there may be what’s called an alt coin, which is an alternative coin, which is another coin in the cryptocurrency space that, on that exact same trade at that exact same moment, you could only made maybe 1% potentially on Bitcoin.

Well, on this, you might be able to make 5% or 10%, right.

Do you want to make five to 10 X the amount potentially for the same amount of work, or do you want to trade a coin, which is not even moving, there’s not much going on so we know how to find those sweet spots and stuff like that.

And that’s part of how our system, how we can outperform, you know, what Bitcoin’s doing over the longterm, because we’re, we’re, we’re on the point where the party is where the high movement is and trading that and not getting stuck in little itty-bitty points with no liquidity and no movement.

Um, so your indicators, I’m just, and obviously, you know, proprietary, you don’t have to dig too deep, but I’m just wondering, like, you know, are you looking for, uh, news reports?

Are you just watching the trend of the market what’s happening? Like, and, and how reliable are these indicators?

Sure the system is extremely reliable.

I mean, we have traders who run, you know, virtually lossless strategies.

I mean, we’re talking one to three losses, maybe in a year of trading.

Um, so the, and we’re creating actually case studies, uh, with us, we have a tool we’re actually creating for Coinbase pro right now.

So we can document some of these, um, our traders and their results over protracted periods of time.

We’re talking years, you hear these forex guys, they jump on and they go like, man, I smashed it out.

I did, you know, last week I killed it.

I’m like, well about next week.

What about the next week?

What about six months from now?

You know, you, don’t your train about that day, where you lost it all, you know, and that’s, that’s one of the challenges.

Uh, we’ve had people actively using the system now for, for years.

I mean over four years, uh, trading with a system with success, consistent continual returns over and over again.

But you mentioned the news.

We trade in a bubble.

I really don’t pay attention to the news.

Okay. Um, because I don’t want it to influence what I’m doing.

I’m a strictly technical trader meaning that I’m looking at that charts.

And I know with almost, you know, almost a hundred percent certainty that when a certain pattern develops, what’s going to happen in the next half hour, hour, hour, and a half.

That’s my life, right.

Half, like right before we jumped on here, I just completed a trade.

I made 200 bucks right before we jumped on this, uh, this zoom, that trade took me all of about 15 minutes.

Okay. And it’s because I know exactly what I’m looking for.

I only trade when I see exactly what.

All right. And, um, I’m in that trade and I’m not looking to hold it for the day or hour. It’s so rare that a trade that I do takes more than an hour and a half.

That’s extremely rare.

So I live in that small window of, uh, where the technical just tells me exactly what’s potentially going to happen.

And, um, uh, I’m not trying to predict further than that.

Um, and that’s, that’s just how we, we trade we, one of the things I learned in trading, you know, a lot of people they want to hit those home runs.

Um, you know, they want that point.

That’s going to go up 1200%, you know, and stuff like that.

And one of the worst things that can happen too, I think people are trying to trade is that they get one of those points and I’ll tell you why, because then they try and do it again, Paul.

And then the next one, they ended up losing half of what they made on the previous coin.

And then they try and do it again.

And then they lose another 60%, you know, and they hold onto it too long.

So what I found works for a professional trader, somebody who, if you want to do this for a living, if you want to pay your bills with it, you know, as a career path, micro profits, you make a small profit and compound your money, small profit compound your money, and keep doing that over and over and over again.

It keeps you safer, keeps you out of the market.

When the market goes nuts.

You know, and dumps you’re in there ready to profit, like May 19th. Uh, most of the coins dropped 40, 50% in the space of no time.

I mean, we’re talking minutes, hours, uh, just the market just obliterated itself.

Our traders were killing it on that day, uh, because of how we trade they’re going in and out in and out multiple, multiple times yesterday, there was quite a few dips I made over $2,600 while the market all just went down, you know, uh, in a day, uh, trading with the system and a lot of people sold and lost money or, you know what I’m saying?

So again, it’s all about how, uh, you, you trade, uh, you know, and, and how you approach it.

But again, we’re just getting in and out quickly, multiple times sometimes.

Uh, and we’re not trying to stay in anything too long, um, where you can really live if you catch it at the wrong time and you’ll hold onto something and crypto, it can go down to 85, 90, 95, you know, 99%.

Okay. It can be brutal.

So with your company, are you teaching people how to read the, the charts like you’re talking about? Or are you doing any mirroring trading or giving them indicators?

None of that.

No, no mirror trading, uh, that is a legal gray area. I, I feel so we don’t touch that.

Um, what we do is we just teach people how to trade on their own, and we provide signals software, which shows them potential trades.

Um, but we are empowering people with a skill here.

We’re not saying, Hey, follow the leader, follow this guru.

No, you are the guru.

You, you learn it yourself.

You learn the skill.

It is a lot of people. I describe it this way.

We have a lot more customers that come into our company than affiliates or reps, because the emphasis is on what we do is trading.

We have a lot of families who trade together and they teach their kids as their career path.

My son will be a crypto day trader as his first career.

Do you know what I’m saying?

That’s what he’s going to do.

And that will give him flexibility and freedom to do whatever he wants in life.

Um, so, uh, yeah, it’s a potential career path.

It’s not just some biz op if you will, you know, you know, it’s, it is a potential career path that people can follow, but it takes some study, some learning, some practice.


Uh, but we have a great community.

We have so many full-time traders now, worldwide that have been doing this for years.

They’re, they’re so helpful.

They’re, they’re just, you know, it’s such a great group of people.

Um, and we’re changing people’s lives.

I had a guy message me from, um, South Africa, uh, the other day and telling me at his first thousand dollars days when trading for 21 months and just did over $1,600 in a single day trading with them.

That’s awesome.

But he didn’t start with a lot of money.

Uh, he started with a small amount and then just follow the system 21 months, consistently, small profits while profit.

Now his small profits are becoming big profits. BC grew that balance, you know, he started where he was and, and now he is where he’s at super cool.

And I’m guessing you’re not doing any buy and hold long-term you’re 100%.

Again, that’s not part of the micro profit system.

Not that our triggers don’t do that from time to time, but We would rather trade that whole trend rather than buy it and hold it and hope.

You know, when it goes off, uh, we’d rather trade the ups and downs, the swings that happen.

Cause there’s a lot of profit in there potentially, you know, and I know Paul, I don’t sit at a computer 24, 7 and trade. Okay.

This morning I traded in the Starbucks parking lot.

Uh, I traded when I got home, like you’ve had a shower and I’m not like a mad scientist.

You know what I’m saying?

Like 24 7 staring at the charts, trying to, you know, these, this string diagram, figure out everything.

Now it’s it’s our system is like really simple.

It’s like, I get up, I spend 15 minutes in the morning.

I look at my buddy coin crawler.

I figure out what coins are going to give me the action today.

I set some alerts and then I go about my day.

If those alerts don’t go off, I don’t even trade, you know, run around, do whatever, you know, all day long.

And then when the trades come up, I go to work like yesterday was a Workday.

I traded multiple times yesterday because that’s what the market is.

Right. But there were like three or four days where I didn’t do anything.

I just was like, you know, got on the honeydew list and did stuff around the house.

Yeah. The Honey do list. Those are long and it’s a miracle we have any time to do anything in business sometimes. 🙂

Uh, okay.

So couple of last questions about your company.

And then I’d like to shift gears and ask you some other questions about marketing and personal development stuff.

What’s the lowest amount that someone could get started with an IcoinPro micro profit account and the lowest amount of time to actually see decent results if they were consistent?

Um, well, what’s neat about crypto is that there, the barrier to entry is extremely low.

Um, you can start with a hundred dollars, uh, trading, you know, a hundred bucks, 200 bucks and start trading.

Um, and, and you can get great results.

Uh, you know, doing that.

We’ve had people who started back in 2017, that that was all they had.

They skipped for a couple of nights to put that a hundred bucks and went on to turn it into a full-time career from that seed money.

Um, so again, it’s going to take longer, it’s going to take patience1% of a hundred dollars is a dollar, but 1% of a thousand is 10.

1% of 10,000 is a hundred.

You get out, it works, right?

So the bigger, the balance, the bigger the profits, the easier it is to hit your level of income that you desire.

Okay. Um, so, but unlike in the traditional markets, like the stock. Um, it, it, there is a rule in the stock market, Paul that says it’s called the pattern day trader rule.

And it says that if you execute, I think it’s five trades within three or four days where you buy and sell.

Okay. Within three or four days, they label you as a pattern day trader and they’ll suspend your account until you put $25,000 in there.

Oh, wow.

Yes. So in the crypto markets, we can buy and sell all day long and there’s no restrictions.

You can execute as many trades as you want.

So I think it levels, the playing field for the average person that they don’t have to have $25,000 to come in and try to day trade.


Which, I’m sorry.

A lot of people don’t have that cash sitting around.

So with crypto, they can come in with whatever they’ve got and run with it.

Now I will tell you this.

When you start trading practice straight, you know, you want to practice, trade a lot.

Then you want to start trading with a small amount, a hundred, 200 bucks, you know, and get consistent handling real money trading, watch how the numbers work out for you.

Okay. And then if you want to, you can go larger, you know, but I always tell traders, once you’ve made your initial seed money back, you’ve doubled your balance.

Take it out.

You know what I’m saying?

Then you’re only playing with house money.

So you have a software that kind of shows people what to see on the charts, and then you also have some training. Are those the two products you have within your ICoinPro?

Uh, those are the primary things.

And one thing that’s nice about what we do is we have a core series, which brings you up to speed on what cryptocurrency is.

We actually provide IcoinePro free training account, so people can go and Google it or whatever.

And, and, you know, they can get a free training account where you’re going to learn one basic trade that you can actually do and make money with.

You’re going to get some of the basics on like how to send and receive cryptocurrency.

Um, you know, how to buy it, all those sorts of things.

We actually give away in a free training account people but then up from there, we, yeah, our primary focus is just training and software, but we also have a really vibrant community, which is worth more than money.

Um, we have a forum where people are in everyday talk in a chat box, which is 24 7 we’re approach.

Traders are in there saying, Hey, I’m watching this coin or this, you know, this is happening.

I do a morning market analysis where I say.

Here’s what we’re looking at today, you know, here’s the potential on the upside downside, you know, if we hit this, be cautious, you know, there’s just different things that I just, you know, everyday from my experience and from the system, you know, just analyze it and then share it with people.

So they, they have a little bit of, you know, potential prediction on what could happen.

Yep. Awesome. Awesome. I love, I love that it’s a low barrier to entry. Uh, it’s one of the things that I like about home business too, is that you don’t have to have a ton of money or a ton of success or a big network.

Like if you’re willing to learn and work, it’s like the door is open to everybody. And, and I love that. And you know, traditionally, um, I’ve done, uh, done some with real estate and the real estate market has become. Harder because of inflation and the market’s nuts and you can’t buy cheap stuff like you used to be able to buy.

And, uh, you know, I, I think like on your road to freedom, uh, like this question comes up, when should I invest?

It’s like now.

When I was living in a trailer, I bought another trailer as a rental property and I invested along the way.

And so I love that this is, uh, accessible, you know, for anyone, you know, low, low, low barrier to entry, low cost, low time.

I was just gonna say, and, and to that end to, um, you know, as far as our memberships with our company, we started $10 a month by 95.

And if you want the full system, it’s a hundred bucks a month, 99, 95 with all the software access to the community, the forum questions, all nine yards.

And I wanted it that way.

I know there are traders who are professionals that will charge. Thousands of dollars, you know what I’m saying?

And, and anyway, exorbitant monthly fees and stuff like that. I wanted this to be something that the average person could get access to.

And I mean, a hundred bucks is nothing.

Versus we have people who make that in one trade.

You know what I’m saying?

I mean, it’s, they pay for their memberships?

No problem.

Once you get the system down, but be ready to study, I hate to say this. I’m gonna say it a trade school.

but really that’s what it’s like, because what we teach is a skill.

It is, it is a potential career path.

Uh, anybody can learn it.

Anybody can do it.

so, uh, let let’s say someone’s, let’s say someone’s watching this and they want to learn more about you guys and you know, the Micro Profit System and Other ICoinPro Products, what’s the best way for them to do that.

Uh, they could just go to our website.

We also have a Facebook group.

I don’t know if you want to punch it in.

They can go there and, and, uh, get connected, uh, with, uh, with, you know, someone there.

We have a lot of full-time, uh, pro traders.

So there are people that know the system inside and out, uh, they can connect with, Mike Hobbs is a member, uh, as well.

Um, so again, there are a lot of different avenues that they can learn about it.

Uh, but the best way to start is get a free training account, which you can get through one of the members.

And, uh, there’ll be able to get you rolling with that.

Do you do marketing now or are you mainly cause I know when you start a company, like it’s so hard to keep marketing and doing that side, do you do any marketing?

Um, not a lot.


I mainly, honestly, my main thing is just trading.

Um, and I, I dunno, in your marketing journey, uh, I think everybody gets to a point where once you become successful, it’s like, how much do you really want to work?

And so I am at a point where, uh, I trade to live.

I don’t live to trade.

So I work really when the market gets really good and I just hit a couple trades.

I might work, you know, I dunno, 10 days out of a month, really.

Um, and then obviously I manage the company and stuff like that, but it really, I’m not looking to do anything else where we’re killing it.

And trading has been amazing as these crypto markets, the volume keeps specking up and everything.

So, I mean, uh, yeah, so I, I’m not doing a lot of other things, but you know, I always keep my ear to the ground on what’s happening.

I love to hear what other people are doing, uh, because you know, the most expensive thing you can own as a closed mind.

But, um, you know, there hasn’t been a lot of things that I’ve seen recently, so I, uh, pretty happy with what I’m doing and, and I think Paul. Uh, a lot of the network marketing companies, um, you know, that are product based and stuff like that.

Boy, they are just having a challenge with E-bay Amazon, you know, competitive products on that sort of stuff.

It’s, it’s wild.

It’s a tough, tough time out there.

So I’m glad to have the skill of crypto day trading.

I think everybody should add it to their quiver.

Uh, no matter what else you’re doing in the online space, or even if you’re working a job, you know, something that you can do, uh, you know, on your breaks or, you know, whatever, everybody should learn how to trade.

Absolutely. Yes. Cool. Now I know that at some point you had traffic, you are selling, and I know you have a lot of experience with traffic. So I just really want to ask, even though you’re not doing that now, for anyone out there who might have a business or products, and they want to build an online business and they’re like, Hey, I want to buy some traffic.

Like, what would you tell that person?

Well, I still do have a traffic company.

That’s one of the companies I have.

That’s actually how I met Paul.

Paul was actually my traffic provider since 2013 and maybe back in the day.

Um, so he and I worked together. It’s IGetVisitors.com and we’ve been doing it since 2013.

Traffic can be really, you know, Paul, there can be a lot of, uh, scammy things that go on.

Um, so be very careful about that.

I, I literally, after doing traffic for years, there were two things I used MLM leads in my company and that was it.


And you still have that. I get visitors.com.



So what’s, what’s cool about that, that you might, you know, recommend using that?

It’s real people, you know, so you’re going to know right away whether your website is your lead capture pages, any good or it’s thinks, you know what I’m saying?

So, uh, again, with traffic, you have to have a lead capture page.

You know, this obviously from your company, you have to have, you know, good marketing, uh, you have to have a clear, quick message, uh, that interests people and you’ve got a message that’s unique, and then you got to capture their information right away.

And then follow-up, follow-up, follow-up, follow-up fortunate as in the follow-ups.

Yeah. Great advice. Uh, what’s the most impactful book you’ve ever read and why?

Um, oh boy, that’s a, that’s a good question.

Um, I, you know, I’m going to go to, to one of the, uh, um, uh, I think probably the classics, um, uh, that everybody has his, you know, read or heard about at some point and now, but I didn’t know you were going to ask me this question totally on this question.

Think And Grow Rich I think is probably one of the most impactful books that anybody has ever read, uh, because it brought about the modern, the secret of movement, uh, you know, those concepts, but honestly, a lot of it if you read, um, uh, there’s another book, um, which I, I really, really love.

Hold on, let me look up the exact title.

So I don’t, I got it right here in my audible.

I was like, do you read books anymore?

I never read books anymore.

I, you know, I like the power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy is one of the most interesting and fascinating books.

Um, and, uh, it is also interesting because he points out a lot of the modern secret movement is rooted in the Bible and the Bible, which is actually really fascinating.

So, uh, anyway, you can read that over a power of your subconscious mind is.

Uh, I’m currently listening to the decision by Kevin Hart, which is not only absolutely freaking hilarious.

It’s like a standup routine, but it is an excellent book, man.

He is a great motivational speaker.

Uh, and, uh, yeah, no, it’s funny but does have some curse words.

Like I, I, if I’m in the car with Noah, I can’t put Kevin on. Right.

And Noah’s our five-year-old.

Yeah. It’s a great book.

Personal development, inspiration with laughs along the way can’t get any better than yeah.

I was doing my yoga, listen to it and I’m laughing in the middle of my yoga.

I can barely breathe.

What’s the biggest business challenge you faced in business and how did you overcome it?

Boy, I think to achieve success, you’re going to have some issues, uh, and you’re gonna have some challenges.

I remember back in, it was like 2006.

I was getting into online marketing, uh, and trying to figure out how to do search engine marketing.

And I ran up a bill of, I think I got close to, or a little bit over $30,000 that I had doing online marketing, trying to sell a healthy coffee product marketing product.

And I was getting customers and it was kind of working.

But I was kind of, you know, going broke at the same, but what was wild is, you know, again, that’s why I think one of the most important things that an entrepreneur can learn is to just keep going, because, um, at some point all of that experience is going to combine with an opportunity, uh, and it will be, you know, your breakthrough moment.

And I had my breakthrough moment in 2007.

And in fact, I went on and, and, uh, uh, ended up paying off all that $30,000 in debt with one opportunity that I hit at the right time with the right skill set in a month, boom, paid it all off completely.

So, you know, again, the potential is always out there as long as you keep moving, as long as you keep trying and just follow where you’re led, you know what I’m saying?

That’s one of the biggest things that I’ve done over the 20 years is.

Going from one thing to the next, rolling with the punches.

Good, bad, whatever.

I just, you just keep that positive mindset and know the next thing will be there.

What you’re supposed to do next.

Just, just do it, just jump out of the plane and skydive away.

I love it. Great answer. Great story too. Who’s the best mentor you’ve ever had and what did they do or teach you that made them such a great mentor?

I, I would have to say, uh, probably my father because of the fact that he just instilled in me this, this mindset. That, uh, I didn’t have to just go and get a job and plug in.

You know what I’m saying?

You’d think you would encourage me to be a dentist.

Honestly, he told me, he’s like, man, you don’t want to be a dentist.

He’s like don’t ever do that.

Uh, so, uh, yeah, if both of my parents, you know, even when I was 17 years old and I was writing music, uh, and they, they funded me going out to California and recording a demo tape back when I was 17 with, uh, uh, the tip.

So it was like, they always had this mindset that you can do it and we’re going to support you in whatever you want it.

I’m kind of glad I didn’t go out as a teenager and try to survive the, uh, the crazy scene in the nineties in California, but anyway in LA.

But, uh, anyway, uh, but that was part of how my parents always worked.

You know, they always were encouraging and always were encouraging my brother and myself to just pursue our dreams and, and, you know, whatever, whatever we want.

I love it. I love it. Your dad is so one of my favorite mentors also, and I, I share things he taught me all the time.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Uh, oh boy, that’s a, that’s a tough one.


I’ll have to, I’ll have to think about that one because I do a lot of quotes.

I actually come up with different quotes.

Uh, probably one of my favorite quotes, which got a lot of reaction on Facebook. One day it came to be, I said it was a be so positive that negative people burst into flames in our sunlight.

ah, so good. So good. Um, has spirituality played a role in your business journey and if so, how?

Yeah, absolutely.

In fact business and your success in it, I think is really a spiritual thing.

Um, you know, if people who just say, oh, business is business, you know, it doesn’t matter what I do, it’s business, no, you know, I think integrity is everything.

Um, I would never trade my integrity for money.

Uh, my spirituality for money, my, uh, you know, um, because again, at the end of the day, you have to, you know, go to bed with yourself and, and your thoughts and your decisions.

So, yeah, spirituality is a huge part.

I believe that. Personal development, spirituality.

Um, that sense of, um, you know, uh, being able to, you know, accomplish anything, uh, in your life is, is so important.

And, and truly, I think all of the people who achieve, you know, great things are lasting success and stuff like that.

There’s definitely a spiritual component to what they do and magic happens around them.

Kind of like magical connections.

One thing leads to the next, like, like I met Paul in 2013 and he’d beat me over the head about crypto for a couple years.

And then I finally listened at the right moment and then got invested.

And then do I have a trading background?

No, but I have a very mathematical mind and I stared at charts for thousands of hours to find the handful of things.

Trust me, I tried thousands, just tons of different things, right.

There are a million different ways you can do things wrong when it comes to trading.

And there are a couple of right ways.

And that’s what we distilled our system down to.

Awesome. Great answer. And thank you by the way, for your integrity, for the way you treat people for keeping your product costs low. So that it’s a low barrier to entry when you could charge thousands and thousands of dollars or that type of a thing. Uh, I, I really admire that. So thank you, Justin.

And the last question, Is there anything you’d like to say to the audience closing words of inspiration in anything?

No, this is just, this has been really awesome.

Paul, thank you for inviting me to come on here and share and make it be part of your, your podcasts. This is cool.

As far as, um, you know, for anybody who’s out there, who’s on an entrepreneurial journey.

Um, you know, just keep going. Um, you know, you, you’re going to have setbacks.

You’re going to have challenges that come up, realize that you never, you can only win or learn. You can never lose.

So if you have that mindset, right, that every experience that happens to you is going to educate you in some ways, sometimes that education will cost you cash.

Sometimes that education will cost you to experience stress and hardship, but whatever it is it’s going to, it’s going to help you learn something that you need to know now, because at some point, all of that’s going to come together and you’re going to have your breakthrough, your breakthrough moment.

Yeah. I love it. I love it so much gold in this interview. Thank you, Justin. And thanks to all of our live viewers.

We’ve had actually a great crowd here, tuning in live. So thank you everyone. Let’s get out there and make it a great day. Go for your dreams. And we’ll see you in the next episode of the Paul Hitchings podcast.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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