A Tale Of 2 Workers

“Competent people are starving for competent people.”

It doesn’t matter whether you’re building business from home, operating a cleaning company or hiring yourself out for “Side hustle” jobs on the fly.

There is one simple thing you can do to secure prosperity today, and prosperity in the future.

This little clip makes that simple thing abundantly clear, and even though it’s clear, odd are, it will continue to shock the senses, as to how few people actually listen and apply.


So I had a tenant move out of one of my rentals and kind of left it in not great condition.

Here’s a little video I made last week that shows what it looked like.

Anyway, so I’ve been working on getting that fixed up.

I hired this cleaning company to go in on Friday to do some cleaning.

And, you know, speaking of decision making, as I was looking at all the different cleaning companies in my local area, there were a few of them and I started to look at different reviews and I was like,

“Oh dang, which one do I go with?”

And I had the thought, just, just pick one and see how they do, worst case scenario, you don’t hire ’em again if they don’t do a good job, but that’d be a good way to make a decision just to take action and see how it turns out.

So I took action and hired one and she told me that her cleaner would be there from two to eight on Friday.

And I said, How much is it gonna cost?

She said, $35 an hour.

And I said, Okay, that’s fine.

I sent her a video of the unit because, you know, it was pretty messy and had some things that are not super pleasant that she was gonna have to clean.

So, Friday comes and she goes and gets the work done.

Saturday I get a bill and the bill was for 11 hours of work.

So I email this lady and was like, “Hey, I thought she was only gonna work six hours.

And she’s like, “Yeah, well, I know we had agreed on six hours, but it was dirtier than she thought. And so she worked an extra 5 hours.”

I said, Okay, well that’s that’s interesting that you went beyond what we’d agreed on and charged me more without talking to me, but whatever.

So then I go to the rental unit and I had told this lady that the highest priority was a deep clean of the kitchen. And that if she could get that done, then she could move on to the bathrooms.

And I get there and the fridge was cleaned out, but the outside of the fridge hadn’t been wiped down at all.

All the cupboards were still grimy and dirty on the outside.

One of the shelves hadn’t been wiped out, the fan was dirty, the walls, half of them had been wiped, half of them had not been wiped.

And then I go into the bathroom and she had scrubbed the shower down and done a really good job on the shower, but the bathroom wasn’t clean, so none of the rooms got deep cleaned.

None of the rooms got completed, and I got charged more than I’d expected.

And I was like, Wow, that’s, that’s kind of a bummer.

But here’s the upside of the story.

And this is the other example of a different way we can do work.

Because as I saw this lady’s work and thought, you know, this is underwhelming.

This is an example of not just not going the extra mile, but not even completing the first mile.

Napoleon Hill mentioned in every apparent setback lies the seed of an equal or greater advantage.

So this tenant moving out to me was a little bit of a setback.

My wife noticed in one of our local neighborhood groups that there was a young married couple with kids who’d asked if there was anything they could do for extra money over the weekend.

My wife mentioned this to me and I said,

Yeah, I would love to hire them and come , have them help me.

So I reached out to them and then Saturday morning those two and I were over there cleaning and doing the rest of the work that should have been done.

And while we were there, I showed the husband, some things outside that needed to be done, but it was raining.

So I said, You know, you don’t have to do these now. Maybe later next week you can come back.

I’d like this ramp taken down and like this box built over this area.

Well, we get done and I pay them.

I’m thinking, that’s that.

Saturday night comes and I get a text from the husband with pictures and he said, hey, we went back over there for about an hour and a half.

Got the ramp all torned down, got the box built, here’s the pictures.

I was blown away over the moon, thrilled that they had done that.

It took a huge load of stress off me to have that done and I, and I didn’t expect them to do it.

I thought maybe next week they could can tackle it.

But no, they went back over there that day, got it done in an hour and a half, which was less time than I thought it would’ve taken.

And I was like, Wow, this is an example of pleasing the customer.

This is an example of going the extra mile.

And I said to myself, “I am definitely going to hire these guys in the future and pay them more.

I’m happy to pay them more.”

And I was just so excited that this had happened.

I just wanted to share those two examples of how people show up in the world and the difference it can make when we decide to go the extra mile and do the best job that we can.

It secures future prosperity.

It secures future opportunities rather than cutting them off, which is what’s gonna happen for this first cleaning company.

Even though the lady wrote me back and argued with me about why I was even asking that the job hadn’t turned out the way I wanted..

I said to myself, “You know what, I’m not gonna argue with you. I’m gonna send you your money and then you’re never going to hear from me again.

And that’s what happens to people who don’t do the job that should have been done.

6 thoughts on “A Tale Of 2 Workers”

  1. I really love this story! The thing is, this almost exact situation happened to us. We hired a cleaning company to deep clean our house. They did the same exact thing to us. Said it would take 5 hours, and then they charged us for 8 hours. The windows weren’t clean, everything was still dusty, one of the rooms was completely missed, and what was even more of a stab was that it was a former friends’ business (I say former friend because when I called them on this, they gave me so much heat for calling them out on not finishing the job, that I literally haven’t talked to him since).

    We didn’t hire anyone else to do the work, we just completed the rest ourselves (momma always said if you want it done right, do it yourself) but next time I might do what you did. I’d love to help someone out.

    • Hey Josh! So great to see you and thanks for stopping by and leaving such a great comment & Feedback.

      That’s crazy that same thing happened to you…

      Guess it’s true what I said about how odds are we’ll continue to be shocked at how few people go the extra mile…

      Ya this is the tough part about “Hiring” stuff out… Yes, it’s great in theory and worth striving to do…

      But if you can’t find someone do do the job right…

      We gotta do what you and Kati did… Just do the dang work ourselves. 🙂 You’re mamma was right!

      Thanks brother! Can’t wait to see you in November.

  2. Shalom Paul
    I’ve listened to some of the videos, want to get moving asap. The problem is that I’m still working 60+ hours each week and have very limited time available to get the ball rolling. Last month I was in the hospital for 2 days with tachycardia & need to back off asap. As you know I’m not very tech savvy. Is there anyone you could hook me up with that could get me get on the starting ramp?
    David ~ 828-773-4400


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