Attack Of The Lead Eating Monster

You spend the time to put together the most AMAZING sales process ever (jam packed with life changing content).

You gain the knowledge to start driving super qualified leads to this AMAZING process you’ve developed.

You even invest some money, for necessary tools and ad/marketing expenses.

All of a sudden: EUREKA! You start seeing leads pouring into your inbox!

Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY!

You’re so excited for your new leads to consume the INCREDIBLE value you’ve prepared for them so their lives can change.

You’re equally excited for the one’s from that group of people who will see what you’re doing and be so pumped up excited out of their minds about it (just like you are) that they pull out their credit card, fill out the form and get started with you.

Just a little bit of time -for the automated emails to go out and work their robotic magic, and the new customers, team members and commissions will come pouring in.

But wait, something’s not right, you notice that some of you’re emails are going to the dreaded promotions tab in Gmail.

Some quick research online and you discover that only 50% of people even check the promotions tab.

A full HALF of you’re new prospects won’t even SEE, let alone have the chance to go through this wonderful, auto-recruiting sequence you’ve developed.

The dreaded lead eating monster has gobbled up 1/2 half of your leads, POOF, just like that.

Worse yet, the emails that ARE making it to the inbox – are swimming in a never ending SEA Of other people’s emails…

(and some are even going to spam).

Son of a BISCUIT!.

This horrible lead eating villain MUST be slayed!

Here are a few simple things you can do.

  • Begin collecting phone numbers so you can be building a text list alongside your email list. Texts have nearly a 100% deliverability and open/read rate (MUCH better than email)
  • Add an Extra incentive for people to leave their mobile number (like a cool surprise bonus gift you can send straight to their phone.
  • Add a welcome video after they opt in with some special instructions for your new prospect to follow like…
  1. Adding your name and email to their email address book so the email Nazis won’t steal all the best emails from them and throw them in the trash without their permission.
  2. Ask them to send a text to your text subscription number to get that super cool free gift (in case they missed it on the opt in)
  3. Teach them how to shut OFF the tab view in Gmail for reason explained in point 1.

These are just a few simple things we can do to slay the dreaded lead monster.

Unfortunately, some of these things are no longer optional as this big hairy monster seems to be growing in strength and power.

Have you implemented some of these in your lead generation process or have you done other things to fight this horrific foe of freedom?

Would love to hear below.

Happy Hunting!

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