2 Little Known Tweaks For Better Quality Leads…

In yesterday’s post I shared some tips on how to fight back against the dreaded lead eating monster (Gmail Promotions tab).

Today I wanted to show you a couple examples of how I implemented that.

First – I added a free gift next to the phone number field on my capture page

(which immediately increased the amount of phone numbers I’m getting for building that text list I mentioned.) YEE HAW!

In fact, over the last 100 leads I only got around 15 phone numbers

Since I added the new incentive next to the phone number field – 4 out of 5 of the last leads have left me their phone numbers.


When I first got started online back in 2009, it seemed like I could always get people on the phone when I called.

Today, it’s different.

In my home town, i get calls on my cell phone constantly from spammers.

These tricksters are so smart they can even spoof local businesses and hospitals to make it look like the calls are legit.

I’m guessing this is a big reason people, these days hate to answer the phone.

TEXTING though baby!

People DO check their text messages and so this is a GREAT way for near 100% reach.

I’m planning on using this right as the new subscriber comes through as a way to reach out and establish connection.

I’m also planning on using this to send at least a monthly – VALUE packed piece of content. The Monthly Marketing roundup or something like that – with my BEST tips for gathering and converting leads and customers.

Text the word FREEDOM to 1-833-242-6060 to subscribe and get my Free Online Recruiting Guide to see how it works.

I know, for me, I wouldn’t want to get a text every day with a new blog post or something like that… and so I think with Text lists – you have to be more careful.

Monthly or weekly – I think is the ticket.

And if you make it something super valuable – odds are they’ll love getting those texts from you.

Second – I added a video with instructions on the thank you page after opt in – teaching them how to make sure to get my stuff.

I walk them through the steps I mentioned in yesterday’s post and you can see the exact page and video here if you like.

Now, of course this won’t be perfect and it won’t fix ALL the problems – BUT – Like Ol’ Art Williams used to say…

That’s it for today!

Hope these tips were helpful as you continue the journey to generate leads and grow your residual income all the way to FREEEEEEEEDOM and beyond!

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