Affiliate marketing any good? Yes, but only if you…

So, you’re sitting there at home on your computer wondering “is affiliate marketing any good?”

You want to make money right?  You know that the internet has the power to connect you with people all over the world.  You think, there’s got to be a way to make some cash online.

Well my friend, you are right.  Affiliate marketingg can give you everything you want, and more, if a few simple conditions are met. read more

Juice Plus Scam Revealed

Some people have expressed concern that there may be a Juice plus scam.  You’re about to get the truth on this company/opportunity.

Is the Juice Plus product really magical?

Will it heal terminal illnesses? Will it instantly shave 20 years off of your life and make you young and healthy again? Most likely no.

However, will it contribute to your health? Let’s think about it.

Juice plus markets products that contain extracts from 17 fruits and vegetables. read more