Zoegetics Reviews You Won’t Hear From Your Upline

zoegetics reviewsAll right, Zoegetics reviews here we come!

I’m so excited we’ve got other up and coming network marketing company to look at.

This company is indeed a startup company.  Zoegetics officially opened it’s doors on January 31, 2009.  They folks make their corporate home in Warner Georgia.

You’re about to get the facts you simply won’t find in other Zoegetics reviews.


Let’s talk product. Zoegetics product line has 2 categories. First, they have Zoe life, which is a powdered mix that can be put into liquids to form a health beverage that contains nutrients from over 10 different fruits and vegetables.

They also have a line of cleaning products called “zoe clean” that are intended to be made with the environment in mind.

Although I haven’t tried these products personally, I’d venture to say that they are great. It would be silly to bring a company to market with bad products.

Zoegetics reviews – COMPENSATION PLAN

Many Zoegetics reviews won’t even talk about the money. Well that’s one of the most important parts.

Zoegetics has chosen to use the most popular type of compensation plan for startup MLM companies. This plan is a mix between the binary, matrix and the unilevel.

With this comp plan, you build 2 legs, right and left. You are paid a % of matching volume, or lesser leg volume for 1 part of your residual. The other residual comes in the form of a matching bonus that’s paid out on distributors in your enrollment tree.

This plan has been used by a number of startup MLM companies but was really made famous by MonaVie.


Here is what your enroller/upline probably won’t tell you.

In order to make a significant income with Zoegetics you’ll need to build of thousands of people. You will be taught to make a list of everyone you know and call them to tell them about the exciting new opportunity with this company.

Many will say no, and of the one’s that do say yes, few of them will build much of a business.

So, you’ll be excited for a while, you’ll catch the dream of financial independence and then you’ll become frustrated because you’re not quite sure where to go for more people to talk to about your opportunity.

It’s here where you might turn to buying opportunity leads, going door to door or hanging out in malls waiting to recruit those golden contacts.

Please take my advice and don’t do those things. Save yourself the time, heartache and frustration.

You can learn to have people chasing about your business instead of the other way around. You’ll just need to gain a few marketing skills. Here are a 2 tips.

1. Target Network Marketers
– These are the best market for you because they are already sold on the concept, already in business and are extremely easy to find.
2. Advertise your ability to help them – Most network marketers are struggling to build a business. To them, their existing opportunity is really more of a problem than a solution. Understand this, they don’t want another problem. That’s all your opportunity would be to them. Advertise solutions to there problems and they will come flocking to you.

What I’ve just shared with you works. I promise!

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