Global Information Network Scam

Shhh… Listen…. Skull and Bones, The Illuminati, The Freemasons and The Bilderberg Group.  You are about to learn the secrets.  Or… Could there be a Global Information Network Scam?

Who hasn’t heard about the various secret societies that have existed throughout the world and been intrigued, mystified and captivated by the unknown?  It’s human nature to desire to uncover the “secrets” and gain access to the “hidden”.  Global information network seeks to capitalize on this natural desire of mankind by granting the common man/woman access to privileged information that until now, was only known to the nobility of the world.

So why do some critics claim there is a “Global Information Network Scam?  Well, there are a 2 reasons that you should be aware of.

First, Kevin Trudeau is involved.  Kevin is a very controversial figure and many people just don’t like him.  One thing you cannot deny is the fact that Kevin is an incredibly successful marketer/salesman/moneymaker.  He is a nationally known author, TV info-mercial marketer and syndicated radio host.  It’s pretty obvious that controversy sells.  I would not conclude that there is a Global Information Network Scam simply because Kevin Trudeau is involved.  In fact, it’s apparent that (though he may be wrong on some things) he does know quite a bit , and if anything,  It would be good to take some notes and learn from his positive aspects.

The 2nd reason that skeptics cry “scam” is the fact that the Global Information Network is pretty secretive about what it is you actually get for your $1,000 membership.  You’re told that you will gain access to hidden knowledge that will virtually guarantee your success in business, health and social circles but they don’t tell you exactly what that information consists of.   This doesn’t mean there’s a scam.  For all we know… all of that might be true.  Secrecy does not equal scam.

It’s important to note that most of the critics have never actually utilized the membership.  On the flip side, those that have used the membership generally have very positive things to say about the education they received within the Global Information Network.

Based on the poor arguments used by critics and the positive things the members have had to say about the organization, I would have to conclude that there is no Global Information Network Scam.  If you’re looking at joining this network, I would encourage you to due your due diligence by speaking at length with an existing member before making your decision.  In addition, I would encourage you to use money that you’re OK with “investing”.  This means that the money you use  hopefully, will produce a return but wouldn’t ruin you if it turned out to be a loss.

And later on… if you don’t mind, leave a message to this post and let me know what the Illuminati has to say.  😉

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