How To Get People To Buy – Step 7 – Foretelling The Future


Hey there my friend!

This is Paul Hutchings and I’m super excited that you’re here becase in this post, you’re gonna learn Step #7 of the Influence Formula.

And if you’re memorizing these with me now,

…as you continue to read my blog posts, one of the cool things you’ll notice is you’re automatically becoming more influential.

So quick recap; we’re on step 7, what are the first 6?

And again, repetition is the mother of skill that’s why I keep on repeating these. 

And I hope you’re writing these down and I hope you’re memorizing them and I hope that you’re using them in your life so you can

…influence even more people to do great things, 

—————–>influence even more people to achieve new heights of greatness and win freedom and whatever else you’re influencing people to do.

Step 1: Get attention

Step 2: Get rapport

Step 3: Get credibility

Step 4: Target a problem

Step 5: Explain the solution

Step 6: Explain benefits

If you want clarification on any of those, you can browse my other posts this blog.

Today is going to be step 7 which is Set Expectations.

What are expectations?

Expectations are super important, why?

First, we want to be honest with people, so it’s important we let people know what they can expect from us – for honesty sake.

Second, it’s important we set expectations, so that people are not expecting some pie in the sky,

…and then when they step into reality after making the decisions to get started with you and your business, they’re not disappointed. 

They know what they’re getting themselves into.

Setting expectations is really helpful for building a stable team organization that thrives on trust.

The 3rd reason why you want to set expectations is you also want to make sure that you’re not committing yourself to do something that you’re not willing to do.

Let me give you a quick example.

One of my friends I was talking to the other day was at a meeting with a friend of his, who’s at the front of the room doing the meeting, giving the presentation. 

At the end of the meeting, he gave his cell phone number out to everyone in the room. 

And my friend Dave, after the meeting, was like “Dude you should have not done that.

There are like hundreds of people in the room.”

The next day, his phone’s ringing off the hook. 

People are asking “Hey can you help me set up my website? Can you help me with this? Can you help me with that?”


In hindsight, had my friend who was doing the presentation set expectations properly,  he could have said,

….”Here’s my phone number but here’s also what you can expect;

  • do not call me for technical support. That’s not my job. We have customer service for that. 
  • Do not call me for questions that you can find answers to on our website.
  • Do not call me if you can Google something and get an answer for. 
  • Don’t call me for those things. 
  • Here are at times when it is appropriate to you use my phone number.”

And then give them the times when they can use it.

That’s setting expectations.

So what are other examples of some other expectations we can set in our business?

When we’re presenting to prospects, we can give them the right expectations by letting them know what they can expect when they join.

Giving a proper income disclaimer is one.

In my business we always tell people to look at the income disclaimer.

And that lets them know the truth!

Which is, not everybody makes money.

And not everybody is super successful with the business. 

And that’s just the truth.

At the same time, it sort of leads them to another expectation which is results are not guaranteed, they are earned.

And really, this is the truth in all aspects of generating income – aside from government welfare and ponzi schemes.  

The only guarantee you have in business, is YOURSELF.

You can guarantee your success even though I can’t.  

Does that make sense? 

Here’s what I like to tell people…

You can expect that when you join my team,

…and when you get good at marketing and,

…………….when you’re good at business, you can expect that you will get paid (Handsomely) for the results that you produce.

You can expect that when you learn how to produce those same results in the smaller amount of time,

You’ll make more income with less of a time commitment.

You can also expect that if it takes you longer to produce results, you’re going to have to put in more time.

That’s one of the things that I love about this business is we own our results.

We get paid for results.

So if we can get the results in less time, we can make more money with less time invested.

We can have more freedom.

Like this morning, I am going to work for a couple of hours and then I’m done for the day.

Because I’ve learned over time how to produce results and that frees up the rest of my day.

So it’s good to give people those types of expectations.

It’s also good to give people expectations regarding your time.


Time is the most valuable asset we have, isn’t it? 

I mean, once it’s gone – we cannot get it back.

It’s important that people know, what they can expect in regard to your time when they join your team.

Sometimes when people join,

…they expect that their sponsor will available 24/7 like a doctor running around with a pager on his or her belt,

………….just waiting for the next order or set of instructions to send them running back into the hospital.  

Hey, Listen!

That’s not why we get on network marketing!

That’s not why we get in home business.

We get in business to be free!

So it doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to talk about freedom and then say,

“I’m gonna walk around all day with my phone on. 

I am going to answer every single phone call that comes in – even if I’m eating dinner with my family.”

For example, one of the other leaders in my company, he tells people,

“I will answer your phone; I will answer the phone when you call me.

However, you’ve only got 60 seconds.”


And my friend Mike once told me that one time he called this leader. 

They were preparing for this presentation that they were gonna be doing at one of our events.

He got on the phone and this guy had a timer and in 60 seconds he’s like,

“Alright sounds good. Go for it. Will talk to you later.”

He literally times all of his phone calls. 

Foretelling The Future

That’s the time expectation that this leader set up in his business.

What Do I Do With My Personal One On One Time? 

Great question!

For me, my personal time, I’ve actually set up an hour a day,

…60 minutes that I make myself available to connect with prospects and also connect with team members who might need a little assistance.

Assistance that they haven’t been able to find either in our products, in the Facebook group, on Google, on YouTube.

Sometimes you get stuck and sometimes you need a little mentoring.

Totally cool.

As long as you’re moving forward, and taking action – I’m here for that. 

So I have an hour a day that I dedicate to that.

So you can expect when you join my team that you will not be just like, left in the abyss of internet marketing where your sponsor goes into the witness protection program.  

Another thing you can expect from me… (and when you can offer this to your prospects too – it’s HUGE

You can bank on the fact that I’m going to be here to support you. 

I’m not going ANYWHERE!

And how can you be sure?

Well, you know, if you followed me at all that I’ve been in the Home business profession since 2005.

Nine years!

That’s a pretty good track record of knowing that somebody will be there to support you for the long hall.

I’ve been hosting a morning conference call. 

The Think and Grow Rich Call, Monday through Friday, every day for almost five years now.

Training myself and training my team and training teams of teams of other teams – outside of my company.

You can expect that I’m going to be committed and loyal and dedicated. 

Here’s something my mentor says – that I love and have adopted as my own…

If we’re not still working together 5 years from now, you can guarantee it won’t be because I left you.  

How cool is it to have a sponsor like that!?  😉  

Expectations are super important. 

When targeting problems and explaining solutions,

…we want to let people know what they can expect when they decide to make new and powerful decisions and get started and moving forward in business.

That’s step number 7 in the Influence Formula.

Play around with that & I bet you’ll be amazed at the types of people you begin to attract to your business.  

See you on the next post – we’re going to be on step 8 of the Influence / Sales Formula.

What kind of expectations do you set in your business?  Would love to hear down below.


15 thoughts on “How To Get People To Buy – Step 7 – Foretelling The Future”

  1. This is amazing content Paul. Earlier this year I made the study of influence as a major part of my personal development routine. Managing the expectations of yourself and of others is important for time management and for success growth.

    • Thanks Yvar!

      Appreciate the great feedback and BIG kudos to you for your studies on influence.

      Managing expectations is definitely something I’m working on getting better at. Lots of room for improvement – but hey – life would be pretty boring withouth room for improvement right?

      Appreciate you!


  2. I own a pest control business. When I started changing just one thing….expectations, I truly began to get more sales. One friend even laughed and said that I was closing with expectations from the first words out of my mouth. Not sure she meant it as a compliment, but considering that was what I was trying to do, I took it as a compliment… LOL

    • ha ha.

      That’s awesome Stephanie..

      Thanks so much for sharing your results AND thanks for spreading the freedom message along with eliminating nasty pests of the world. 🙂


  3. Paul, this is an awesome post. I enjoyed going through your video and content too. Absolutely powerful presentation on expectations. Thanks a lot for sharing this great value. Many Blessings.

  4. Hey Debra,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    I really appreciate the feedback and boy – Did I EVER get started with false expectations too.

    ha ha..

    We live and we learn and hopefully make the road a little easier to follow for the next batch of freedom fighters.

    Talk soon!


  5. I really enjoyed this post, Paul! So many people get into business with false expectations… I know I did over 20 years ago when I began my journey in Network Marketing. Ha-ha. Thanks for being honest and providing the pattern for realistic expectations!


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