Kirby Scam Or Dirt Destroying Dynamo

Is there really a Kirby Scam?  I mean, c’mon… These guys have been in business over 90 years.  Would they still be in business if they were scamming people?  But wait, there are a TON of complaints online claiming just that.  So what’s the truth?

In order to understand the real situation with all the complaints out there on the internet, we have to understand where they are coming from and the rationale behind them.

The kirby scam question can be addressed in 2 parts.

First, is the actual company that manufactures the vacuums a scam?
As I mentioned before this company has been in business for over 90 years. They are a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and they have satisfied customers across the globe.

When Kirby claims to make one of the best vacuums on the market… they mean it and they produce. Kirby = Quality and performance on many levels. When it comes to Kirby Corporate – there is absolutely no scam at play.

2nd – What about the independent distributors of Kirby?  Are they scamming people?
This is where the overwhelming majority of complaints come from. Former distributors who felt like they weren’t treated fairly in employment process and would be Kirby owners who felt like the salesmen used manipulative sales practices on them.

The reality is this, independent distributors run their business as they see fit. Could there be a Kirby Scam within the rank and file of the thousands of Kirby Reps. You bet there could. Not all people are honest and many sales people resort to less than savory practices to make a sale.

If you encounter a Kirby sales rep, remembering a few things will help you avoid being “scammed”.

  1. 1st, don’t feel sorry for the rep because they claim they need to hit some sort of sales quota. A common tactic used by dirty salesman is to play on the sympathies of the consumer. Don’t fall for it.
  2. 2nd, If you want the vaccum (which you should because it’s a great product) don’t pay the first price they ask you to pay. These vacuums are like cars, they have a high retail price with a lot of room for negotiation.

Refuse to pay the price they ask, let them call the manager, refuse again, let them call again – play this game until you find the rock bottom price.

Follow these tips and you can avoid getting hit by the “kirby Scam” that others claim to have fallen victim to.

The Kirby Vacuum is, in fact, a dirt destroying dynamo.  Happy cleaning!  🙂

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