Lesson From A Master Marketer

Don’t be afraid to Be Different.

I recently learned from master marketer Rich Schefren that “different” is better than “better” because “better” can be very hard to communicate.

“Different” is easy to communicate and easy for your market to remember.

But it’s not just different we’re after.

It’s different in a way that’s beneficial to who you’re striving to serve.

It’s one of the big reasons we put a ‘what makes us different’ section here on our new sales page.

6 thoughts on “Lesson From A Master Marketer”

  1. Love this. Short and on point! What makes us stand out, what makes us connect with and more valuable to our audience, and potential customers, over and above all others?
    We might be doing something similar to other marketers, but we have to find a way to add our own unique value to the package.

  2. I love different 😊 I was just sharing with a client today that my tribe is full of “different” people! I even wrote a blog post called “youre not weird” because so many people come to me with gifts (intuition, psychic, etc) and they don’t share them because they are afraid they’re weird or different! I say, express your beautifully authentic self!


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