MLM Genealogy Leads – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

MLM genealogy leads are a lead source that many MLM reps turn to after running out of people to talk to.

There are a few different types of leads on the market.  Before you turn to using leads to build your business, you really should do some basic research. Here’s what you can expect with genealogy leads.


MLM genealogy leads are very targeted. These leads contain contact information of individuals that, at some point, were involved in network marketing.

If you have studied marketing at all, you know that your best target market consists of people that are either currently buying or have at some point in that past, purchased whatever it is you are selling.

In network marketing, you are obviously selling a business opportunity. So, it makes perfect sense that you would go after people that have purchased one in the past.

This is a big advantage to this kind of lead source.


The bad part to these leads is that fact much of the information is out of date. You’ll get tons of contacts with bad phone numbers.

You can spend hours and hours sorting and sifting through these leads just to finally connect with someone on the phone.

Here is a big tip to get around all that hassle. If you are set on using mlm genealogy leads, definitely invest in some sort of auto dialing system.

You can actually plug the entire list into a piece of software that will dial the numbers for you, leave pre-recorded messages, and connect you to the ones that have live bodies on the other end of the line.

In reality, this is the only way to go, if you’re going to use this type of lead list to build your mlm business.

This will allow you to leverage your time and that’s really what we are all after isn’t it? We want to get the maximum results for the least amount of time invested. That is where true financial freedom comes from.

So… Let technology go to work for you my friend.


So, there is an ugly side to mlm genealogy leads too ya know. With these leads, you are still the hunter. You are still calling, pitching and persuading folks to bite on your opportunity.

One of the biggest marketing lessons I ever learned is this. A prospect that comes to you is infinitely more qualified than a prospect that you seek out on your own.

With MLM genealogy leads, you are still chasing business.

This is ok if you are geared up for all the time and effort it will take to sort, sift and sell.

It’s really quite a shame that so many people invest so much time chasing prospects, when technology today makes it so easy for marketers to tap into groups of people that are already looking for opportunities and products to buy.

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  1. I struggled for so long in my MLM business because I lacked real marketing training the works in the 21st century. Not any more (thanks to you Paul). I really appreciate all you’ve done to help me grow my business.


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