Enagic Success Tips

Enagic is a top notch organization.

They produce products you can be proud of and pay their top reps well too. Another good point is that they have proven themselves over a lot of years. If you make a decision to give some time to this company, they will be around to sustain you long into the future.

Please know that there is much more to making money with a network marketing enterprise than a good corporate team, good products and a good pay plan. I want to give you those keys.

Enagic is a multi level marketing company. In mlm, you get compensated for recruiting distributors and customers and then by training them to do the same.

To be successful with this business model, there are a few essential areas that cannot be ignored.

Your Capacity To Persuade People To Join Enagic Is Priority #1

Leadership guru, John Maxwell, has said that “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” How is this accomplished? Well, you need to be looked upon as someone that has value to provide. If individuals think you can help them get what they want by giving them value, you’ll have sway over them. They need to trust you and your advice.

A few people are blessed naturally with leadership abilities. Fortunately, all of us have the capacity to become great leaders. You simply need to learn and do. As you learn and do, you gain expertise and experience that gives you value that you can impart to others.

This doesn’t happen immediately. Don’t let that discourage you.

Odds are you have some kind of knowledge that others do not have. This means that no matter who you are or where your talents lie, you can influence somebody right now.

As you are gaining leadership skills, you start acting straight away because there are those folks out there that you can influence now. Then as your leadership grows, the numbers of people you persuade grows with it.


Ok… first we talked about learning to be of value to others. The most ignored aspect in Enagic is the fact that you can use professional marketing strategies to broadcast your value to the masses.

Every network marketing business goes through a few phases of development. Stage 1 is, making a list of your warm market contacts. This will hopefully allow you to gather a core team.

Next, is direct marketing. This is where you utilize 21st century tools, advertising and copy writing to connect with mass numbers of people to inform them of the value you provide.

Direct marketing is used by 90% of successful businesses, but is often completely ignored in mlm. Most reps stay in phase 1 for years which inevitably leads to frustration. They run through the people they personally know and then either continue to hound those people they’ve already contacted or beat their heads against the wall with ludicrous sales tactics like cold calling leads or going door to door.

I understand what it’s like being stuck in stage 1 and it’s very depressing.   Direct marketing brings clients to you. This means you don’t have to worry about always mixing business with your personal life. Stressing about who your next customer or distributor will be.

If you learn how to market, you’ll never run out of people to talk to. You retire from being the hunter and become the hunted.

I know for a fact, big hitters in Enagic, use these 2 strategies to grow their businesses to incredible heights.

Click here for my free video training series that shows you how I’ve been a top earner and leadership council member in my last 2 companies.

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