Waiora, The Facts.

Are you looking at Waiora? With so many network marketing companies competing for your commitment as a business builder, sometimes it’s hard to separate the fact from fiction.

Making a decision to partner up with a company and invest years of your life, should not be taken lightly.  If you are looking at investing a significant amount of time with this company, this article will give you the facts you’ll need to make a sharp, effective decision.

Waiora Products

Waiora manufactures over 30 products that are designed with the “healthy aging” philosophy in mind. Their target market is the baby boom generation. This is clearly stated on the company website and in much of their literature.

The first question we need to answer is this. Is there a market for these products. With the largest segment of our population at or entering retirement the clear answer is “yes”. Not only is the baby boom generation that largest segment, it’s estimated that they control 75% of our nations wealth.

Do they want to stay healthy? Yes! Do they want to look young? Yes!

One account reported that in this companies short, five year history, they have already generated over $130 million in revenue. This would also be a clear indicator of good market demand for these products.

Waiora Leaders

Oftentimes, good products have gone by the wayside because the people in control did not know what they were doing. It’s important that the management team be both talented and experienced.

I would not want to stake the income of my family gambling with a bunch of rookies.

Fortunately for Waiora, you don’t need to worry about that.  Stanley J. Cherelstein is the current CEO for this company. Stanley has a great background in business. Mr. Cherelstein is the past president and COO for another very profitable network marketing firm, Unicity, Inc.

Unicity is a 300 million per year enterprise. Stanley is no spring chicken when it comes to driving a large and profitable ship.

Mr. Cherelstein has also selected a group of talented, seasoned leaders to join his management team.

Waiora Compensation Plan

OK, now the fun part. Most people get really excited on this topic. How do you get paid as a distributor?

The Waiora compensation plan is a 9 level unilevel.

This means that you can go as wide as you want with your personally sponsored reps. Every new rep you enroll can start a new line on your first generation.

If you sponsored 100 reps, you could potentiality have 100 spots wide on your first generation. You get paid 9 levels down with varying rates on each level.

People can become distributors for as little as $29.95 with a $15 per year annual renewal. This allows folks to order the products at the wholesale price without being on an auto ship. That’s a nice feature.

To qualify for the Waiora compensation plan you need to be purchasing at least $100 worth of product every month. Waiora also has a $200 autoship for folks that are really aggressive.

There is also what’s known as a premier package, which is a $1,500 dollar starter package that puts you on the pacesetter program.  If this was the only starter pack, I would say be careful because $1,500 in inventory won’t be right for everyone, but fortunately Wiaora has other options to fit market needs.


Wiaora has good products, talented management, decent compensation and a solid 5 year track record in the marketplace.

All of these things are good, but if you really want to make a lot of money with Waiora, you’ll need to learn how to reach mass numbers of people that want what you have to offer.

The internet makes it possible for you to connect with a huge number of targeted, Waiora hungry prospects almost on auto-pilot.

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