Waiora Scam Or Legitimate Business Opportunity

Waiora Scam? Waiora Scam is searched for on the internet about 1,000 times per month.

You’re definitely not the only one wondering whether this company is a rip-off or a legitimate business opportunity.  This article will answer your questions.

First, in order to answer this question in the best possible manner, we have to understand what a scam really is.


Look up any definition on “scam” and you’ll find that a scam is when you are promised something in exchange for money, your money is taken, and the promises are left unfulfilled.  Basically a scam is an unfulfilled promise.


1st we have to look at the promises made to consumers and then determine whether or not those promises have been unfulfilled.

Waiora manufactures wellness products and ships them to customers all over the world.  This company promises to deliver “healthy aging products.”  In return for the delivery of these products, Waiora gets money from the client.

No company will be 100% perfect in the delivery of products, but Waiora does an excellent job in this area.  If, by chance, products are lost or damaged, Waiora will replace them or give the customer a refund.

Does Waiora cheat people by promising products they can’t deliver?  Definitely not, when you look at it like this.  They strive diligently to deliver quality products, on time.

Do Reps Push Forth A Waiora Scam?

Now, how about the promises of riches by building the business.  Could this be a Waiora scam?

The company makes no direct income claims as to what will be made by anyone.  They are very careful in this area, because income is totally dependent on individual efforts and skills.

If they did make promises of riches and were not able to deliver, well, that would definitely qualify as an unfulfilled promise and might turn into a waiora scam.

However, this is not the case as the company makes no income promises.  As a matter of fact, Waiora makes it very clear that earnings are based upon individual efforts and talents.

Now, Waiora has thousands of customers/distributors.  Is it possible that 1 of these people, somewhere along the line made a claim that was not true?  Absolutely!

Some distributors may tell innocent people that “all you have to do is tell a few people about this and you’ll be rich!”  Many might construe this as a Waiora scam because; obviously there is much, much more to success in network marketing than telling a few friends and family about your biz opp.

In reality, this is not the companies fault and the blame should not be placed on them entirely.  Some distributors might perpetuate the idea of a Waiora scam by intentionally misleading people in order get sign ups but this type of behavior is few and far between.

Most distributors that spread these untruths of using word of mouth marketing to make millions overnight are doing so out of ignorance.  The vast majority of people buy into the idea that you tell a few, and they tell a few and wallah, you’re wealthy.

My friends, does Waiora scam people?  No, absolutely not!  Do they have a few misguided distributors?  Yes.

The good news is this.  Wealth with Waira is possible if you know how to market to the right  targeted, qualified prospects who want what you have.

To find out how you can do this from the comfort of your own home and potentially explode your network marketing business…

No waiora scam my friend!

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