Mona Vie Scam Or Not? You Need To Know The Truth.

Mona vie scam, pyramid scam, ponzi scam… It doesn’t matter the flavor.  No one likes to be ripped off.   And lets be honest, people get scammed every day.  You’re smart to be doing your research.

You are obviously someone that would like to make a better life.  You’d like some extra income for your family so you can pay off some debts, take that vacation you’ve always wanted or even maybe quit that nasty job.

I don’t blame you.  I know exactly how you feel.  The good news is this, with the right company, network marketing can provide all of that and much more.  I know this firsthand because I’ve experienced it for myself.

But, you’ve got to make sure you pick the right project, which brings us back to the mona vie scam question.

First of all, what is a scam?  A scam is basically when someone makes promises that are not true and is able to get your money in the process.

In order to find out if a mona vie scam exists.. we have to take a look at the promises made by the company.

The Mona Vie Juice Is Good For Your Health
Monavie makes a functional health beverage that contains 19 different fruits. The “Jewel” of the juice is made from the acai berry which is harvested from the Amazon Jungle.

Monavie has doctors and scientists that verify the positive health benefits of the juice.

Let’s be honest though. Do we really need doctors and scientists to tell us that fruits are good for our health?

Wise men and women have known throughout time that God put fruits and vegetables on the earth for out benefit.

Will Mona vie scam you with their product?

If you would like to add nutrition dense fruits to your diet, a functional health beverage like monavie is a great way to do that with ease and convenience.

You Can Make A Lot Of Money With The Business
This is an area where people might really feel like a Mona Vie Scam exists. Let’s take a look and see if Monavie has done anything wrong here.

In addition to the Monavie Juice, everyone has the opportunity to become an independent distributor for this company.

When Monavie reps are showing the income potential to prospective business partners, sometimes confusion arises.

Can you make ridiculous amounts of money with Monavie? Absolutely! Will everyone that builds a business become rich? No!

In network marketing there is a very high failure rate. Many experts say it’s as high as 97%. Guess what though? Traditional business failure rates are just as high.

The fact is, business is hard. It takes talent, skill and perseverance to succeed. That is why most people fail.

To prevent the idea of a mona vie scam being perpetuated in this area, the company publishes an annual income statistics sheet so people can have the facts.  I would take a look at this document if I were you.

There is no such thing as a mona vie scam.

Monavie is a great company that’s had huge success in it’s short 5 year history.

To be successful with this company and make a ton of money, you’ll need to commit yourself to learning 2 things.

1. Leadership
2. Marketing

If you are able to connect with and influence mass numbers of people, you’ll rise to the top of the Mona Vie comp plan in no time.

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4 thoughts on “Mona Vie Scam Or Not? You Need To Know The Truth.”

  1. What’s thrilling is that their product does work and delivers
    some amazing results. As way as their items go, they marketplace numerous science based mostly nutraceuticals that are created to assist in your
    total wellness and properly becoming. You must know what to choose
    in obtaining your goals.

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  3. There is no such thing as a Mona Vie scam.<–yes it is a scam. Team and Mona Vie offers nothing but empty promises, there so-called "opportunity" is nothing but a load of heaping bullhockey?Orrin and Chris are nothing but liers, cheaters and charlatans?there no better then Bernie Madoff?I hope the the FTC and the IRS goes after them?cause when they do I won't feel one bit sorry for them..


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