My Key Takeaways From A Life Time Of Riches, An Authorized Biography Of Napoleon Hill

Over my journey in business, I’ve occasionally run into critics of one of my great mentors, Napoleon Hill.

A few days ago, I ran into another.

It caused me remember a book, A Life Of Riches, A biography that was authorized by The Napoleon Hill Foundation.

I’d sort of avoided this book, in part, because I knew it potentially contained some things that were ‘less than flattering‘ about a man, who’s work I’d come to admire so much.

This last week I bought the book and went through it.

Here’s what I learned, combined with one of my best pieces of advice to myself,

…on where and how to build a strong and vibrant faith that can be shielded and protected from the storms of doubt that may beset us all, from time to time.

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