Residual Income Through Sales Funnels With The Master Money Rippler

WAHOO! I had the great opportunity to be interviewed on the Chris Miles Money show once again to talk about creating residual income income through sales funnels.

Chris is such a great guy, father of 8 – ANTI financial planner and in case you didn’t know he also retired for the first time at 28 years old.
Isn’t that amazing!

We talk about funnels, what they are and some tips for creating simple ones that work.

Random side note:  One of my favorite memories from this show was when Chris was introducing me and said something to the effect of “Paul is not a poser, he’s the real deal.  We make sure not to interview posers on this show.”  ha ha..

That sentence made me laugh out loud as I realized I was grateful to not be a poser and at at the same time, hit home to me about how you have to be soooo careful about who you listen to because as Morphous told Neo in the Matrix…

In any case, here’s the show.  I hope it helps you on your path and Chris is a great guy to follow and learn from as he does a lot of stuff on financial literacy and creating cash flow AND, he also, is not a poser.  🙂  You can learn more about him here

(you can click here to learn all about the funnel builder we mention in this podcast or fill out this form to join right now if you’re ready to get started)

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