The Ultimate Heal Worldwide Review From A Non Biased Source

Are you looking for a Heal Worldwide Review with the unbiased facts so you can get all the info you need and make a great decision about this company?

If so, keep reading.

Here are 2 reasons this post is different  and hopefully, why you might want to tune in, pay close attention and study this post with great care

  • I’ve actually had significant success in network marketing and direct sales – and have been earning a full time income from home since 2009 – and that gives me perspective that others may not have.  I even wrote a book which you can get for free here.
  • This is a very well researched post.  In fact, it contains all the relevant facts and details you can find yourself if you spend a week researching like I did… Taking the time to read this post can give you what you need to know and save you the time of searching through all the search engine results.

So let’s dig in…

A few weeks ago someone told me about the Heal Worldwide mlm and then I started to see some other people promoting it as well.  I got curious and decided to do some research and here’s what I found.

Feel free to use these links if you want to skip ahead.

Or feel free to watch the video version here..

The Company And Heal Worldwide History

Heal Worldwide seems to be a hybrid MLM / Info product marketing company founded by a family in Florida consisting of a mother, and 2 sons.

*According to the affiliate replicated back office – Heal officially became a Legal entity on June 14, 2014 and was founded by The Munson Brothers.  

Even though the company was officially founded on June 14, 2014, this seems to be more of a technical date referring to the organization of the LLC vs the beginnings of an actually company organized with products, comp plan and clear vision, etc.

All of these other details appear to have fallen into place over the last five years and are still falling into place as of the writing of this post.

Here’s a quick timeline overview of their first 5 years in business…

Heal Worldwide 2014

The very first heal video – per the company via the story line in the replicated back office, was released in July of 2014 and says nothing about any products or comp plan.  It’s a video of the founder, Stephen Munson, talking about the heart breaking death of his best friend.  In this video he encourages people to be grateful for the present moment and also suggests reading the Bible.

stephen munson heal

He also says something about “Accepting the holy spirit into my life.”

The opening line to the Heal Story begins with…

“2014 is the year the enemy wanted to bury this dream before it grew roots.”

Additionally, I’ve seen at least one company live stream that opened up with a prayer.

These facts are relevant to the over all story of Heal because they give you an insight into the culture that this company is being built upon, which seems to be one with a Christian thread.

I’m not asserting whether this is a positive or negative, just highlighting it as for many people – this could be a deal maker or a deal breaker.

Personally I think that spirituality is great and as long as it’s being sought and practiced sincerely, it can be a powerful guiding force for any organization.

Heal Worldwide In 2015

Stephen Munson describes this year as a year of a failed launch.

Here’s a short bullet point timeline described in the company back office.

*Notice, there is still no mention of products or compensation plan.

  • Jan 2015 – Ran out of money and moved to the beach
  • Feb 2015 – Homeless & Believing in my Dreams
  • April 2015 – 4 months without social media or home
  • Nov 2015 – First Big Attempt to Launch Heal    (*Notice this is over 1 year after the organization of the company as a legal entity)

Heal Worldwide In 2016

More failure, part time jobs for Stephen, and inspiration to never give up on his dreams.

Heal Worldwide 2017

This looks like the year Heal actually launched as you can start to see from proof of purchase and transactions being made from the official company platform.

stephen munson heal facebook post company launch

Vincent Webb Heal launch

Additionally, 2017 seems to the year where some of the first community gatherings took place.

heal worldwide community

Heal Worldwide 2018

This is the year that Stephen discovers a company called Apco Wordwide which would eventually become the development and manufacturing backbone for the company’s physical products.  (*more on this company later in the Heal Wordwide Products section of this post)

  • April 21, 2018 – Making a Solid Deal with APCO
  • According to the video in Replicated company back office, Stephen started this year with almost no money in his pocket and an income of around $100 per day.

Heal Worldwide 2019

  • This is the year Heal seems to be starting to gain momentum, picking up customers and reps.

As of December, 7 – 2019, the company replicated back office, they are reporting over 50,000 members.

If this number is accurate and reflects current – active – paying customers, it’s quite an accomplishment indeed.

I can’t say for certain but my suspicion is that they are including everyone who opts in for the free trial period in these numbers which would indicate that the number of actual, current paying customers would be quite a bit less.

The Facebook group they direct people to seems to include both prospects and customers/team members and as of the writing of this post has less than 6,000 members..

If you have more accurate stats to share, please post them in the comments.

That being said, it’s possible to view much of the content in the Heal worldwide company Facebook group and if you scroll the feed you can see that new members are indeed joining over the last few days so it’s clear there is definite momentum picking up.

And even if their actual numbers are a few hundred or a few thousand – it’s still a great accomplishment.

So that’s a quick timeline of the last 5 years that Heal has been a legal business entity and hopefully that gives you a quick rundown of the history up to this point.

Next I want to dive a bit deeper into The People, The Products & The Pay Play of Heal.

Before that, 2 other quick items on the foundation story of Heal that I think are good to note.

  1. Heal actually stands for Health, Entrepreneurship, Adventure and Love.  (pretty cool!)
  2. Part of the intention behind heal is really admirable.

In one video with Stephen Munson and an affiliate – Stephen asks the affiliate – “When are you going to stop promoting Crap?”

The implication here is that with many online money making systems – it’s usually all about the money and sales while actually helping people or providing real value comes in way down at the bottom of the priority list.

Stephen talks about adding substance and transformation and actually helping people in the Online Space and this is a vision I resonate with and find admirable.

So Let’s Dig A little More Into The People People helping to lead Heal worldwide?

On the company website here, you’ll find the following pictures.

I recognize Eric Sharpp and Vincent Webb and their company Simple2Advertise which has been in business for a number of years and has a good reputation.

If you checkout their website it looks like they do a lot of web development for MLM companies and judging from the Facebook post listed above, it seems this is their role with Heal.

I also found a replicated Heal page for Vincent Webb online which is an indication that he also has an affiliate position within Heal Worldwide.

The real person of interest on this list is Stephen Munson as he seems to be the real charismatic, magnetic force behind the company.

It’s hard to find much background on Stephen before just a few years ago.

Apparently he was a leader in Empower Network a few years back, as there are some pics and a video of him speaking at one of their events.

According to this article on BehindMLM, he was also a leader in DS domination.

Both of these companies are now out of business which makes the following piece on MLM Nation interesting and curious.

I doubt he’s earning residuals from Empower or DS Domination since neither one of those companies is paying commission today, but perhaps he was a six figure earner in other businesses that we’re not aware of.

In one of the promo videos on their company website he shows income proof from a CBD company and a Crypto company so maybe those companies could be what is referred to?

Regardless, there is no doubt that Stephen is a passionate, driven and charismatic leader.

Just watch a few videos of his and that’s easy to see.

And if he’s really gone from being near penniless just 2 years ago to running a the company he’s running today – that’s pretty inspiring.

He speaks of healing, transformation, prosperity, positive mental attitude and health and we all know the world could use more of that.

Paul Munson, is mentioned directly by Stephen in this video as being a founder and if you watch the video closely, you’ll see that his mother, Laren Barley, and Laine Matherne are also featured as founders as shown in the pics below.

heal worldwide founder, lauren barley


I even found a page that had David Sharpe of the former Empower Network listed as one of the Heal Co-founders so not sure where he came into the picture but he doesn’t seem to be in it now.  (*This has been confirmed via a comment at the bottom of this post via Stephen Munson.)

At the end of the day as far as Leadership goes, Stephen Munson seems to be the guy, and from what I can tell, he’s been earning money online and traveling for a few years.

He’s a charismatic guy, comes across very well on video and tells a great story.

He shows earnings screenshots of having at least a $1,000 day in the big profile profits video they have on the company website as well as lots of pics of him traveling the world.

If making money online and/or traveling the world are results you want to create in your life – he seems to be a credible teacher.

Do you have any other information or insight into Stephen’s background that readers might want to be aware of?  If so, please share in the comments below.

Ok Let’s move onto the heal worldwide products

The products consist of a mix between digital and physical products with some high ticket products and live events coming soon.

In my research I did run across some old products that apparently are no longer being marketed like Daily Boost, Body Map, and even a 30cm “shungite pyramid” (whatever that is).  These don’t seem to be anywhere in the current promo materials so we won’t dwell on them.

Heal Worldwide Digital Products

Big profile profits, 21 day challenge, Heal VIP/The Suitcase Coach and Business Class are the digital products offered by Heal Worldwide at the moment.

Big Profile Profits is a training product designed to teach you how to use your Facebook profile to generate leads and create sales into whatever business you would like to promote.

I’m personally a fan of this strategy as it’s the most low-tech newbie friendly way to generate leads and makes sales.

This products consists of 7 videos…

  1. Making the million dollar brand
  2. FB Content Blueprint (4 specific types of posts to make on your wall for maximum engagement)
  3. Attracting Buyers
  4. Messenger Method (Scripts to use in messenger for conversations, invitations and closing)
  5. Daily Residual Routine  (gotta love the word Residual inserted here)  🙂  I’m a sucker for residual income…
  6. Profitable Live streams
  7. Cash flow follow up

All of these are great topics and as someone who has used social media to generate quite a few leads and sales I can see that Stephen knows what he’s talking about here and can imagine the content in this product is good.

This product is listed for a one time payment of $199.

The 21 day challenge is Heal Worldwide’s 2nd digital product and is also created and administered by Stephen Munson.

It’s a 21 day coaching program where you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Mr. Munson via a digital online app.

In the video he states that this program is for pretty much anyone and everyone who wants more out of life.

In addition to the daily lessons, 21 day challenge participants will have the opportunity to submit a testimonial video for Stephen and be entered in a drawing or some sort of contest for a chance to go to Hawaii.

This product is $397 one time.

Heal VIP / AKA Suitcase Coach

This is what’s listed on the checkout page for the $49 membership (if you lock in your spot before the 24 hour clock hits zero)… then it apparently goes up to $97 a month…

If you have purchased this product yourself, would love to hear more about your experience below.

From looking at the list above – it’s kind of hard, for me, to see what the actual product is… Guessing the mastermind calls….and the system (office and replicated web pages)… ?

Would love to hear more down below from people who have bought this.

July 2020 Heal Digital Product Update 

When I originally wrote this review back in December of 2019, Business Class was an upcoming idea and there was no mention of Fitness on Demand. 

As of July 2020, these are full fledged products and available for purchase now in the Heal Digital product lineup.

Fitness on demand is a digital library of 500 + exercise classes.

The price options are listed below.



Business Class

Business Class, looks now to be on official product which it wasn’t back when I initially wrote this review so let’s look at that for a moment.

It’s a digital product from some of the top leaders in heal covering the following topics.

It’s a one time purchase product that you can buy for $997.

Heal Worldwide Physical Products 

Heal has partnered with a company based in Bankok Thailand called  Asian Phytoceuticals with a distribution agreement for their products.

Asian Phytoceaticals (or APCO) has roots dating back to some scientists who got together in 1977 to “investigate the possibility of isolating the biologically-active substances from mangosteen.”

It turned into an official cosmetic company called Natural Cosmetic Research Co.Ltd in 1988 and in 2005 the name was changed to it’s current name of Asian Phytoceuticals or “APCO”.  You can learn more about the history of this company here.

In any case, there are 4 main products being distributed here by Heal Worldwide.

  1. TH Plus – which is marketed as a natural way to increase your body’s immune system retails for $69.99, comes with 60 capsules and has a 15% discount for auto ship.
  2. BIM.A – which is also marketed as containing ingredients that “may help support of reactive immune systems to help balance and support immune system response.”  *Same price as TH plus.
  3. BIM.D – which is also marketed as containing ingredients that “may help support of reactive immune systems to help balance and support immune system response.”  *Same price as TH plus and BIM.A

*I don’t see any clear difference in benefits in the above 3 products from reading the website.  They do have some varying ingredients but all purport to boost the immune system.

4. BIM.E is the 4th product and is different from the first 3 in that it claims it can “Give your eyes an Immune System Boost!  Feeling Great, Seeing Great and Being Great.” *Same price as above.

There are not many testimonials available online for these products but I did manage to find a few.

Side noteStephen Munson commented down below to let me know that they removed most of the online testimonials for the health products in an effort to be more compliant with health claim regulations. **

That being said, here are the testimonials I was able to find.

First of course is from Stephen Munson himself…

These 3 were on Amazon (amazon has a page for TH plus but shows the product as unavailable)

There are also these 4 testimonials on TH Plus found on the Asian Phyto-ceuticals website.

July 2020 Heal Digital Product Update 

As of July 2020 it looks like Heal has added some more physical products.

They still offer the immune support products listed above and now they also have added 3 new products/categories.

  1. EMF Protection Kit
  2. LIV Plus
  3. Pet Health

EMF Protection Kit 

5G has been a fairly controversial topic and there are many who believe it’s dangerous.  Heal has a video on their website showing some seemingly credible people talking about the dangers of it and that EMF radiation was shown by a 14 year long government study to cause cancer in mice.

Elon Musk (Genius electrical & mechanical engineer) was asked on twitter if the thought 5G was dangerous and he said “no”.

It’s hard to know who to believe on this topic.

Regardless, devices to that protect from potential threats in this area can be hot sellers and that’s what this product is all about.

For the prices listed below you can buy a sticker or (stickers) to put on your electronic devices to protect yourself from EMF contamination the company claims.

I can’t seem to find any real science or credible sources backing this particular product (not even on their website) so definitely use at your own risk or take comfort in the 30 day money back guarantee.

LIV Plus 

This is another Immune booster product from the Asian Phytoceuticals company that partnered with Heal that claims to

  • Increase CD4 naturally and safely.
  • Stimulates Th1, Th9 and Th17 that can lead to a strong and balanced Immune system.
  • Prevention and support for the opportunistic infection symptoms by boosting your immune system.
  • Reduce the side effects of other harmful approaches.
  • Improves your quality of life, enabling you to LIVE stronger, better, longer.

How this is different from the other immune boosters above and whether or not this product would produce different results is hard to say from the description.

Pet Health

Looks like ‘Immune support’ is the thing for Heal to focus on as their Pet product is… (Drumroll please… )

“An immune booster supplement for dogs, cats & horses.”

It’s called KTC Plus and retails for $58.99 and comes with 50 Capsules.

This product is also manufactured by Asian Phytoceuticals.

The usage scale on the website shows the following dosage guide..

1 capsule per day if body weight less than 20lbs
2 capsules per day if body weight less than 40lbs
3 capsules per day if body weight less than 60lbs
4 capsules per day if body weight less than 80lbs

Here is the product label

The average weight of a horse can range from 840 to 2,200 pounds so I’m not sure how many people will be feeding this stuff to their horses but as that could get fairly expensive but hey, different strokes for different folks right?

Heal Worldwide Logo Gear And Apparel 

They currently have hats and shirts available with the Heal logo that people can purchase from the website.  I heard Stephen Munson say in a livestream that affiliates would be paid a percentage of sales from the logo gear although it wouldn’t be much.  If true, it’s cool as most companies do not pay commission on items like this as the margins are so small it’s usually not worth the hassle.

Upcoming higher ticket products and Event Ticket Sales 

I watched a live stream with Mr. Munson where I heard him say they are planning live events wherein reps will be able to earn commissions from ticket sales. He mentioned having lower price tickets and higher price tickets for “Business Class”.

I also watched a you tube video from one of their promoters talking about upcoming high ticket sales.

Then on Facebook the other day, I saw one of their leaders make a post with the following.

This is fine for people who like high ticket, there certainly are people who do.

If you would prefer that your contacts, customers and distributors not be sold high ticket products – Then this is definitely something to be aware of and Heal Worldwide may not be the company for you.

How Does The Heal Worldwide Compensation Plan Work?

*Be sure to get to the bottom to see the heal compensation plan updates for 2020…

Here is the official PDF on the Heal Comp Plan from the Discover Heal Back office…

From some old blog posts I found it seems that the comp plan used to include multi – tier payouts but from what I can see on this PDF and from what I gathered from talking to a friend who is a distributor of Heal, the current plan is all 1 tier (you only get paid from your personal referrals) with the exception of the the power line that pays 10 levels deep which would appear to be the only ‘multi level’ part of this pay plan.

If you’re like most people, the information on the PDF can be pretty confusing so let’s dive into each of these and see if we can explain each part so it’s understandable.

1 – Coach VIP – 33% 

This is what you earn on the monthly VIP subscription membership that retails for $99, but that you can get for $49 if you pay to upgrade within their timed discount window.

This means you’ll earn a minimum of $16.17 per customer that you directly sponsor into this membership on a recurring monthly basis as long as the customer stays active.

2 – Power Line – 10% 

This is 10% of the Heal VIP members that come in in some sort of a straight line below you.

These commissions are paid on the VIP members and also the digital product purchases.

If someone in your straight line purchased one of these products and you don’t own the product they bought, you will receive a “You lost a commission email” at which point you have 24 hours to buy the product and still receive the commission.

If you don’t buy the product, you won’t miss out on all future commissions – just the commission for that month (which if it was a digital product sale, would be all there was to pay).

If you missed out on a VIP purchase but upgrade before the next month – you’ll qualify to earn the commission from that subsequent and following months.

Would love to see someone do an ex-plainer of how exactly who gets placed in your straight line.

Do people your sponsor enrolls go beneath you?

Do people your down line enroll go beneath you in this straight line?

Do people enrolled from outside your up-line and/or down line go beneath you?

Sorry for the questions versus answers here but I couldn’t find any specifics anywhere so if you happen to know, please share in the comments and I will update this section of the post.

#3 – Digital Products – 33%

This is pretty straight forward.  For every digital product you sell you’ll be paid 33%.

So for the Big Profile Profits course which is $199 you would earn $65.67 per sale and for the 21 day challenge which sells for $397 you would earn $131.01 per sale.

This percentage would apply to the higher ticket digital products as well it seems.

#4 – Tangible Products – 20% 

I’m assuming this would refer to the immune supplement products referred to above from Apco Worldwide and if so, you would earn roughly $11.89 per retail sale and $10 per wholesale sale.

Again, i’m still wondering…

Is the only multi-level part of Heal Worldwide the power line or do they pay mult-tiered commissions on these physical products as well?

It would seem from the 20% payout that these tangible products are a 1 tier payout.

If you know the answer to this question, please let me know in the comments below.

#5 Heal Apparel – 20% 

As mentioned earlier, this would not amount to much money but is still cool they are paying on the apparel portion since most companies do not.

Heal Compensation Plan Updates For 2020

2nd tier Sales

Before, heal was a 1 tier payout meaning you only earned from your personal sales, now it’s 2 tier meaning you earn from your personal referrals and THEIR sales also.

Tribe Money 

*The following updates come from a comp plan video found from one of Heal’s top leaders in January of 2020.

This is what was originally the power line but has been changed to be called “Tribe Money”.

From the new heal comp plan doc is says, “10, 1% bonuses to help you boost initial growth.

The payout percentage or structure did not change – pretty much just  the name changed.

(10 levels deep of power line – the next 10 who join the company after you, whether you sponsored them or not, you earn a commission from).

6 Ranks Added along with varying payout rates 

All the above original payout rates apply to the first rank (Passenger), only now you increase in rank based on number or VIP members you refer.

After you sponsor 5 VIP’s you advance to (Pioneer) where you start to earn 2% on your second level.

15 personals takes you to (explorer) where you get 5% on your second level.

40 personals takes you to (Adventurer) where you get 10% on your 2nd level.

100 Personal’s takes you to (Nomad) where you’ll still get 10% on level 2 but now you’ll increase your personal commissions to 40% instead of 33%.

And finally 500 personal’s takes you to (World Traveler) where you’ll get 45% on personals and 12% on level 2 VIP’s.

All of these commissions apply to digital product sales and not physical product sales…

All of this  being said,  when I log into the heal back office in July of 2020.. I see this video with Stephen Munson explaining what appear to be different payouts with different ranks.

**Side note:  The Green $7 to $14 introduces a new product that changes every month called a front end offer.


In this example you would earn $5 for every shirt you sold.

#6 Events  – 15 – 50% 

It’s apparent this company is planning for events to be a big part of their growth strategy which is not surprising as many companies use events as a way to train, inspire and keep groups of people together.

Most companies however, will sell tickets and not pay commissions.

This is in part, because typically events for companies in MLM/Direct sales are not necessarily designed to function as profit centers for the company – but instead built in as part of the support structure for the organization.

Some companies do use events as part of the profit strategy and it appears that since Heal is paying commissions on ticket sales, events will be a part of the profit strategy of the company and they will be sharing the profits with affiliates.

Heal Worldwide Frequently Asked Questions

Is Heal Worldwide A Scam?

A common question people ask about companies like this is are they a scam?

Since everyone has their own definition this is an impossible question to answer for everyone.

Some people think that if they join a business opportunity and don’t make money, they got scammed.

Here’s my take.

If a fair exchange has taken place, this is honest business.

If you have a product or service that helps people and people pay you money for that product or service – this is a legitimate business.

Heal worldwide seems to have very legitimate digital, physical and event products and as long as they are being open and honest about the value offered – people have the right to part with their dollars for these products and services.

In my opinion, Heal worldwide is definitely not a scam.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Heal Worldwide?

Since Heal Worldwide has multiple products, how much it costs totally depends on which products you buy.

At this moment in time, the lowest price you’ll pay to get started is $49 dollars per month on their entry level VIP membership, if you join within the 24 hour time window of opting in.

This company does have and promote an “all in” culture which means the celebrate, promote and recognize people who go all in – meaning buy all the products.

Since they have high ticket products on the horizon, joining heal worldwide could easily cost someone from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Is Heal Worldwide A Pyramid Scheme?

Of course the answer to this question depends 100% on how you define “Pyramid Scheme.”

My definition of Pyramid Scheme would include the following.

  • Money changing hands with no actual product or service provided
  • Money from later ‘investors’ being used to provide returns to earlier ‘investors’

It seems to me that since heal world provides actual digital and physical products in return for dollars received from customers, they pass the first point.

Also, since Heal Worldwide is really not an ‘investment’ but rather a business – no one should be joining with the expectation of earning investment returns without any effort.

The little bit of grey area here is the straight line part of the plan where they sort of promote that you can earn money from people in your straight line simply by getting started.  I think this could have the tendency of blurring the lines a little, nonetheless, the returns on this straight line appear to be very small.

Bottom line – as long as people look at this as a business – meaning you get paid for what you and your team produces, I would say they pass the 2nd point on my pyramid test as well.

In short, Heal Worldwide does not appear to be a pyramid scheme.

*Do you have any other questions on Heal Worldwide that were not addressed in this post?  Please post them in the comment section below and I’ll get them added.

Final Thoughts on Heal Worldwide

Any time a group of people get together on a mission to uplift and inspire those around them, I’m impressed.

I admire Stephen Munson’s leadership, his confidence and his willingness to put himself and his vision out there to help those around him.

I think Heal Worldwide is a great company that seems to be giving a lot of people hope and inspiration along with an opportunity to change their lives for the better and to that I say,

“Well done and keep up the great work!”

If you’re vibe resonates with this tribe, I would say find a great sponsor to partner up with and go to work.

But that’s just me.

The real question is what do YOU think about this company?

I and many other readers would LOVE to hear down below.

12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Heal Worldwide Review From A Non Biased Source”

  1. Love the amazing guide, keep up the good work. I actually bought Fb course which I learned alot unlike other that push people in the company just for their own benefits.

    • That’s fantastic! So happy to hear that Louis.. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a great comment… I did put a lot into this post and thrilled to hear you got some value from it. Very much appreciated!

  2. I’ve read some reviews about Heal Worldwide but this post is by far the most detailed and the most informative blog. Thanks for the ideas about this business. Have a great day!

  3. Great work Paul! I admire the fact you took the time to dive in and give all this insight to others. This must of took some serious time.

    To clear up a few things: Laine Matherne is a close friend, adopted brother and has been a leader with Heal since 2016. I worked for Dave Sharpe in 2013 and he is not a part of Heal.

    We removed all testimonials and even scientific descriptions of the plant-based immune system products. We did have 500+ testimonials and we wanted to avoid any potential scrutiny or violations of health claims. The product is great and backed by 40 years of science and laws on claims are strict so better safe than sorry.

    Overall I am impressed that you spent the time to give an honest review of Heal.

    • Hey Stephen,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a great comment.

      This post DID take me a long time.. ha ha.. I really wanted to make it super comprehensive and as accurate as possible and I truly was (and am) inspired by your leadership and what your building with your company.. HUGE congratz on all your success thus far.

      Thanks also very much for the clarifications.. I’ll get those updated in my post…

      The removal of the testimonials for the health products makes total sense.. sounds like a smart move..

      Thanks again and all the best for a prosperous and impactful 2020.

  4. Wow Paul – I definitely have to agree with Amy. This was by far the BEST review I have ever read about anything. Seriously!! Amazing and very detailed. You have answered practically every question one may have with this company. I think I have seen only one ad regarding Heal, but never checked it out – so this was the perfect way. I remember Dave Sharp from EN. You mentioned that he doesn’t seen involved with Heal any more? I do like the heart and vibe of the company and what HEAL actually stands for. Pretty impressive. You did a fab job on explaining the compensation plan because looking at that diagram, by head started to spin.

    As aside, have you done a review about “onlinebusinessbuilderchallenge”?

    Thanks again Paul. 🙂

    • WAHOOO! ha ha.. Thanks so much LT. I really appreciate that… I decided to pour a lot of time and attention and research into this post so to get that feedback makes me say… YIPPPPPPEEEEEE!

      Yes that’s right.. I don’t think Dave Sharp is involved with Heal anymore..I don’t see him on any of the recent literature and just found that one image from way back… Also read that Stephen was some sort of assistant to Dave Sharp back in EN days so there must be some connection there.

      I have not heard of “OnlineBusinessBuilderChallenge” < - something I should look into? Thanks again LT! Sure appreciate our connection and appreciate the great feedback.

      • Yes, you really took a lot of time to write this post and did a lot of research. I am sure those looking to learn about HEAL is grateful for this awesome and powerful review. One thing I am thankful for with affiliate marketing, particular HBA – its just plain simple. No complicated compensation plans, levels, etc. I prefer to keep things simple.


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