Rich, Healthy & Happy For 2021

Here’s my best advice to myself and to you for making this next year amazing.

Pick ONE over arching goal to strive for.

Something that would be the most useful to you and your family. Something that excites you because of what it can do for you. Set this goal in stone as your Major Definite Purpose for the year.

For me, as for probably most people – this should be a money goal.


Not because money is the be all, end all but more so because getting rich in a principle centered way can be one of the most useful things you can do to solve most of the problems you face in life. Of course, not all – but many.

Write this goal somewhere you can see it daily or multiple times daily so you can read it and preferably state it out loud to yourself consistently. This document can be a good starting point if you haven’t done something like this before.

I wrote mine on a password protected blog post because I want to be able to access it online from anywhere.

(If you don’t have a blog yet, and want one – we have an AMAZING blogging course to help you get one set up that you can access inside here in our premium membership – 7 day trial for $1)

Anyway having your purpose and reading it daily, wherever it’s at, is called watering the seed of your dream and there’s magic in doing this.

Think about what happens to a tiny little acorn when it’s watered and nourished with sunlight daily.

Magic right?

Same here.

Now that you have your goal set for the year, the next CRUCIALLY important exercise is to write down the beliefs you choose to have that will support you in the achievement of this goal.

You don’t have to write down every single belief you have – but I would write down the ones that are important to cultivate in achieving your goal.

You can write these down on the same document as you wrote your Major Definite Purpose so you can read them daily.

Beliefs determine what we see and how we act, and it’s been my experience that it’s FAR More effective to….

Chart your course with a good solid direction (a compass or Major Definite Purpose) and a set of beliefs that support that goal than it is to agonize over plans.

Plans will come and improve according to your faithfulness in your purpose and steadiness in your beliefs.

Here are some examples of belief statements that I wrote for myself to help guide me this next year.

My beliefs for 2021

I believe that getting rich in a principle centered way is the right solution for the vast majority of problems that afflict people and choose to focus my efforts there as my major purpose.

I believe that social media is BAD, enslaving and absolutely not helpful for my state of mind or my income goals and promise myself to NEVER look at social media even once this year on my phone.

If I do use social media it will be for placing of ads for my business and it will be done from a Desktop computer.

I believe that much of what goes on in the world (NEWS) and especially in politics is DESTRUCTIVE to my state of mind and happiness and make a conscious decision to avoid it at all costs.

Regardless of what’s happening in the world – true or not – the best answer for me is to prepare myself and my family in the best way by getting rich, staying healthy and keeping myself in a happy, positive and peaceful frame of mind from which I can make the best decisions – whatever comes.

I believe that people have infinite potential within them and choose to believe that everyone has what it takes to achieve their income goals because they can learn, grow, control their own minds and focus just like I’m choosing to.

I know that I cannot help everyone nor can I solve everyone’s problems and choose to focus on leading people to solve their own problems while growing my wealth in such a way as I can be in position to help those closest to me should the need arise.

I believe that I should consume content that feeds into my goals stated here on this page and avoid other content during business hours.

I believe that prayer, gratitude meditation and seeing the good in every situation can help me to be happy and peaceful.

That’s it my friend.

  1. Set one major goal.
  2. Cultivate beliefs to help you get there

These are my 2 best suggestions.

Of course staying plugged into to people and communities that support you in those 2 tips is highly recommended.

Also recommended is having a business that you LOVE that you can pay you in the most lucrative way on your way to your income goal.

If you don’t have something like already to start the New Year, I’d encourage you to consider taking a look at what we’ve created here, and considering partnering up with me for this next year.

Regardless, it’s my intention to send you content that can help you with your big goal to help you step into freedom, even faster.

All the best!

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  1. Great piece of advice that you wrote out here. Kind of similar to my own recent decisions to help me have clarity and focus each day after I follow my morning routine! Thanks for sharing your goals and plans! May 2021 bring your goal to completion and your beliefs to grow bigger than you ever imagined possible before!


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