The 7 Great Lies Of Success

One of the things I learned in my very first network marketing company is that beliefs can be true or false, useful or not useful AND regardless of which category they fall in – the most powerful force for shaping our lives.

In Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins, he shares 7 common beliefs he’s noticed in his study of successful people.

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He calls them ‘lies’ to imply that beliefs aren’t always ‘true’ nor do they have to be in order to help us in big ways – and furthermore to help us remember that in our pursuit of truth, it’s important to be willing to let go of beliefs from time to time. Calling them a lie – in his opinion – helps us to stay flexible.

So here are the 7 Lies Of Success. 😉

1. Everything happens for a reason and it serves me.

This belief keeps us looking for the good in EVERY situation so we can pick it up and move forward versus staying stuck in the mud.

2. There is no such thing as failure, only results.

Napoleon Hill wrote that the fear keeps us from living our best lives. What if there is no such thing as failure? Would this help in eliminating the fear? If something doesn’t exist – how can we be afraid of it?

This belief allows us to eliminate fear AND keep us focused on learning from the process so we can shape our future in better ways.

3. I’m fully responsible for everything that happens.

The great thing about taking full responsibility – is it gives us the power to change something if we don’t like it.

The bad thing about making other people responsible for the things that happen in your life is it removes the POWER to change it because it places it in the hands of others.

Responsibility can be a magic wand that you get to wave over your life to create the results you want.

And the beautiful thing about this magic wand is – everyone can have their own and use it.

4. It’s not necessary to understand everything to be able to use everything.

Imagine if you had to build an engine before being able to drive a car. That’s the approach that some people take when starting a home business. They think they have to understand it all – before they can take action and create results.

Newsflash: We’ll never understand it all so why not work with what we have and pick up new understanding along the way?

5. People are the greatest resource.

In my first network marketing company the owner told me if I wanted to be successful I needed to become a student of human nature.

I heard another 7 figure mentor say one time… “We are in the people business. When you learn to move the people – the people will move the products.”

Invest more time learning about people and less time becoming a walking encyclopedia of your products and comp plan.

6. Work is play.

Napoleon Hill wrote that one of the greatest tragedies in life is that so few people are engaged in a work they love.

Another wise mentor said “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I could have made a great income in my corporate job but I hated how it seemed to crush my soul.

I decided long ago that even if I was destined to earn less as a free man – that would be the path for me.

Find something you love that you can make a living at and GO FOR IT!

Life is way too short to be miserable for dollars.

7. There is no abiding success without commitment.

Seth Godin said ‘The long cut is the short cut.

Anthony Robbins said ‘Most people over estimate what they can accomplish in a year and totally underestimate what they can accomplish in 10.’

My first year in network marketing I made zero dollars.

10 years later – completely financially free.


So there you have it. 7 Great lies (beliefs) of success.

Do you have any you’d add to the list?

Would love to hear down below.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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