The Home Business Academy Review (PLUS BONUSES) By Paul Hutchings

In This ‘The Home Business Academy Review’ you’ll discover the most common answers to questions everyone wants to know before they join…

Quick Disclaimer: I am one of the co-founders and top affiliates of The Home Business Academy, so yes, you’ll be hearing about it from someone who knows it probably better than anyone else on the planet. Biased, (it better be), but accurate – absolutely!

Before I dig into MY thoughts & review of The Home Business Academy, let me share with you what REAL customers who have actually purchased & used our products have to say about us.

And now, from the desk of Paul Hutchings:

Hey there my friend you’re on this post because The Home Business Academy has caught your eye BUT you’re a smart person and before you join any company, you wanna make sure you know everything you need to know and have all your questions answered before you get started.

Congratulations for not being someone who just randomly joins anything and everything that comes across your path.

On this page, I’m going to give you the BEST answers to every question you could possibly have about The Home Business Academy and that’s because not only did I co-found this company, I’m also currently the #1 all time affiliate.

That gives me very unique knowledge and insight into the truthful answers you want.

If you’re like me, you don’t want some fluffy answers and information that will ‘sell‘ you on joining. You want the truth so you can make the very best decision for you, your loved ones and your future.

If that’s what you’re looking for I’d encourage you to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to this page because all your research on The Home Business Academy can end here.

My goal here is to help you get all of your questions answered (accurately and honestly) so you can make a decision to join or not.

So by the time you finish this post, you should be able to say to yourself ‘no, this isn’t for me’ and move on with your life OR say ‘YES, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I’m ready to join and get this freedom ball rolling.’

If you decide that this is the vehicle you want to use to build more freedom in your life with, and you don’t already have someone to work with to help you get started in the best way, I’m going to show you how you can qualify to work with me directly and even pick up some special bonuses I put together (The Ultimate Freedom Vault).

The first step though is to scan through this page and watch the videos and/or read the text in the posts and get answers to all of your questions.

If for some reason I happened to miss a question or piece of information that’s important you know before you join, simply send it to me via email @ [email protected] and I’ll get that question answered for you ASAP.

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Who Started The Home Business Academy?

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I think one of the most important things you can do before you start a home based business that’s residual income based, is to get to know the owners of the company or the founders of the company, if you can.

You wanna get to know their hearts and get to know their philosophy.

In the beginning stages of my journey I would join a company believing in residual income, wanting to build it and wanting to build a lifestyle of freedom.

I found things that looked good, got started and went to work.

The problem was when I eventually realized that the owners of the company didn’t have a vision that was worth my commitment.

That created a lot of problems.

Some companies went out of business on me, some companies changed the comp plan on me, and these types of things kept happening, not just to me, but to almost ALL of my friends who were also building businesses from home.

This is why it’s important to get to know the founders of a company, BEFORE you throw your heart and soul into building it.

So who started The Home Business Academy?

Paul Hutchings (Me) and Mike Hobbs (My business partner).

Here’s a picture me, my wife Corene and our 4 little boys.

This is a bit of an old picture but that’s my family.

Kayden is my oldest, he’s 16, driving now and playing varsity baseball.

Here’s a more recent pic of him and Corene.

They just won 2nd in State for Baseball! WAHOOO!

Here’s an updated pic of our other 3 boys.

I started my home business journey over 10 years ago because I wanted to be there for my family and spend as much time being a good dad and husband as I could.

We were living in a 1984 Single-wide mobile home.

You really couldn’t start out in more humble beginnings.

It’s one of the reasons that I love the home business profession, because you can start at a low spot, like I was financially and really create an amazing life for yourself.

So that’s me.

This is my business partner, Mike and his family.

Mike is one of my best friends in the world.

He’s married to his beautiful wife, Christie, and they have six beautiful children.

Mike and I actually met on a cruise back in 2012.

The picture above is us with one of our early mentors, Doc Fran. He since passed on and we really miss him because he really taught us a lot of great lessons that helped us to get where we are today.

A Little Story About Mike & I

I wanted to tell you just a quick little story about how Mike and I me because I think it plays into The Home Business Academy along with this decision that you’re looking at making for yourself and your life and maybe your family and your future.

So Mike and I had both won an all expense pay all expenses, paid cruise to The Bahamas.

It was such an amazing trip, beautiful beaches and fun on the cruise with great music, food, and all kinds of fun.

There was this one night on the cruise where we were all scheduled to go listen to this comedian.

And so my wife, Corene and I, we go sit in the audience and Mike and his wife, Christie are in the audience as well.

At this point, we knew who I knew who Mike was and he knew who I was because we’d had some interactions on the internet, but we didn’t really have a really close connection.

So there we are, sitting in this audience and the comedian comes out to make us all laugh.

We had know idea what we were in for.

The comedian starts sharing these horrendous horrendous jokes. We couldn’t even see how they were ‘jokes’ because he was disrespecting women in the most awful ways you could imagine, with his words.

I have a little bit of a checkered past, so there’s not a lot that can offend my sensibilities, but this particular comedian didn’t have any trouble with that.

My wife and I did not feel good at all.

And we looked around and didn’t quite know what to do, because the audience was crowded and we were surrounded by my sponsor, and all of these other leaders from the company.

It was a packed house and we knew that getting up and leaving was going to be incredibly awkward.

Nevertheless, it got so bad in that my wife and I decided to get the heck out of there.

And so, right in the middle of this crowded room, we stand up, walk into the front row right next to the stage where the comedian was telling these horrible, horrible jokes, and walk out.

Lo and behold, Mike and Christy were sitting in that audience as well. They too got up and walked out.

All four of us ended up in the hot tub on while everyone was everyone else was in the comedy show.

There we sat talking, beneath the stars, forming a friendship.

After that night, we started working together and we’ve been working together ever since.

That was 2012.

It’s been 10 years now and over that time I’ve gotten to know Mike really well, and he’s gotten to know me really well.

In fact, over the many events we’ve attended together over the years, we always share a room and there have been many nights that we’d stay up late into the wee hours of the morning talking about our dreams and wondering how we could serve our teams better to help them be free faster.

That has honestly, always been the topic of our conversations.

How can we serve the people around us in the best way.

Reflecting back on how we met, I think it’s so interesting that our relationship started because we shared similar values and we had similar principles.

We walked out of that comedy show because what we were hearing, wasn’t in alignment with our principles.

In our business journey, we ended up being in this one company, where were both top leaders.

We were serving on the company leadership council and a similar situation happened.

It was similar in that we had these big teams and all of a sudden, the company started doing things that were way out of alignment with our value system.

They were making promises that they weren’t following through on.

They were making business decisions that seemed to be harming our teams (the people we loved).

They wouldn’t listen to anything that we had to say to make things better.

And so Mike and I we had to have a hard conversation that was centered around this question..

Is this something that we can feel good about continuing to promote?

Obviously the answer was no, because we love the people that we bring into our businesses and we want to serve them well, and we want the best for everybody.

And we were now in a situation where it was no longer possible to do that.

That’s actually when Mike and I decided to start The Home Business Academy with the vision of Freedom Through Principle Centered Leadership.

As we reflected back on the many successes (and many failures) of our careers, we came to the conclusion that our successes came because we were following good principles.

And on the flip side, the incomes and companies that went bust, seemed to go bust because they FAILED to follow good principles.

If there’s one thing you can be sure of when it comes to Mike and I, it’s that we will always strive to do the right thing and follow our values, even if it’s the hard choice.

A lot of times in business, partnerships can be dangerous because a partnership is like a marriage.

If a partnership goes bad, the business goes bad.

And so sometimes there’s a little risk in taking on a partner and sometimes there’s a little risk in joining a company, that’s run by a partnership.

Because again, if that partnership sours, that can mess everything up, for your business.

But the thing that I love about my relationship with Mike is that it’s tested by time.

We’ve been working together for more than 10 years now.

Not only has it been tested by time, but it’s been tested by trial.

Our hearts have been tested together and we’ve always done the best that we could to make the right decisions, even if they were the hard decisions.

And so to me, speaking to you, looking at the home business academy, wondering who started the company, who are they, wondering whether or not you can trust them,

To me, that 10 year track record combined with the fact that I feel like I know Mike very intimately, as far as, friendships can go and I know his heart and I’ve seen his track record and I see how he shows up to serve all the time.

I see how challenges they don’t set him back. He takes a challenge and he takes it as a challenge, and he find solutions. And I just love that about Mike, and our partnership because that’s how we both work.

I feel like our partnership is the perfect partnership.

It’s a partnership made in heaven, If there is such a thing and that’s who we are.

I hope it’s been helpful for you to be able to see inside our hearts and minds a little bit so that you can make the best decision for you and your family and your future.

I did put together a very special and very valuable bonus package, called The Ultimate Freedom Vault. If you’re ready to get started with The Home Business Academy, and want to see that bonus package, I put together a free little video where I’ll show you what’s included and you can watch it now for free here.

Why Did We Start The Home Business Academy?

I never wanted to start my own company.

The soul dream of my heart has been and is, to be free and help others do the same.

Eventually, my business partner and I realized, that this would only be possible in a way we could count on long term, if we started a company.

We started The HBA out of pure necessity.

If a company already exists that fulfills the needs of the market in a great way, there’s no point in duplicating something that already exists.

Sheesh Paul, it’s not like the world is short on business opportunities.

And you’re right.

Bizopps are a dime a dozen, but what’s not – are companies that help you build residual income in a way you can be proud of, believe in heart, mind and soul, and count on to be there for you long term and treat you the way you deserve to be treated in the process.

What didn’t exist for us, were companies that paid extremely well and did business in a way where everyone benefited and no one got hurt in the process.

After giving multiple companies our hearts, only to have them crushed again and again via comp plan changes, dumb decisions and failed leadership, Mike and I had reached a point where we just couldn’t continue on, and still feel like we were in integrity with our highest values.

Could we be the change we wished to see in the home business world?

A company that truly followed the golden rule, led by example, made people and the world at large better for it’s existence?

A company that could be like an Oak Tree, standing strong and true and firm… giving people something to believe in and count on in both the sunshine and the rain?

These are the questions to which The Home Business Academy is the answer, and this is why we started The HBA.

What are The Home Business Academy Products?

One of the questions we often get is ‘what products are you selling with the home business academy’?

So in this section, I want to share with you the two most common products that people buy when they get started so that you can be super clear on exactly what it is we sell and offer to people when they get started with us.

You can get all of the content in this section by clicking play on the video below or you can continue reading down below the video…

The first product we have is a funnel builder website, builder tool called The HBA Funnel Builder.

The HBA Funnel Builder
The HBA Funnel Builder

It’s basically a tool that will allow you to create any kind of page you want to create on the internet so you or your customers can do business online in better ways.

You can even create traditional websites with our funnel builder tool.

This is actually our homepage.

The Home Business Academy Home Page (Created with The HBA Funnel Builder)

And so you see we’ve designed just a traditional web page with this funnel builder tool and we’ve done over $2 million in product sales with this exact website. We used our funnel builder tool, which is $25 a month, by the way, to create this website that has sold over $2 million worth of products.

Here’s another example of a site that was created by one of our members for a cleaning service.

Brighter Days Cleaning Website Created with The HBA Funnel Builder
Brighter Days Cleaning Site Created With The HBA Funnel Builder

Again, this whole site was created with our funnel builder tool.

Not only can you create traditional websites, you can also also create lead capture pages, so you can collect leads to build an email list and better market, whatever it is you want to sell on the internet.

You can also create sales pages with this funnel builder tool.

Example of a lead capture page created with The HBA Funnel Builder

You can even create sales pages and digital products and membership sites.

This is the back office of our company,

and we have three products here that you can see, HBA Funnel Builders Academy, HB Premium, and we also have a product called The Financial Literacy Academy.

These are all digital products that are tied to a purchase and customers can access each of these products with one login, based on their purchase history.

You can fill out these members areas and digital products with video content, PDFs or audios. You’ve got drop downs menus so that your customers can go through the content that you organize inside your products.

Of course you don’t have to build digital products or membership with this but isn’t it cool to know that you or your customers can!? (most builders with this type of functionality sell for hundreds of dollars per month and you can do what they do using The HBA Funnel builder for just $25)

You also have the ability to integrate this with all of the major autoresponder platforms so you can send emails to your prospects when they get opted into your email list.

This builder integrate with major merchants so you can create checkout pages and collect cash from people for products and services that you sell.

These are just a few of the merchants you can integrate The HBA Funnel Builder with

And so when you buy this funnel builder tool, not only do you get the tool, but you also get The Funnel Builders Academy which is like a complete online university with simple step by step videos that teach you how to use this like a wizard!

This is a pic of some of the content inside The Funnel Builders Academy which is included FREE with your purchase of The HBA Funnel Builder

So for just $25 a month, you get this powerful tool where you can create anything you want to create on the internet to do business online and a better way AND you also get access to our training product that goes with that, that teaches you exactly how to use this tool.

That’s what you get for $25 a month.

Here’s what this tool looks like from the inside.

This is what you’ll see from the editor area of The HBA Funnel Builder

You can create pages from scratch using the editor but by far, the most popular way to create the pages you want to create is by using our done for you templates.

We have all of these templates here that come pre-loaded with each funnel builder purchase.

HBA Funnel Builder Templates

You basically would just select the one that looks close to the way you want it to look, and it will load right up. And then you can just edit the text make it look exactly the way that you want it to look.

You get all of these templates included in that $25 monthly price.

✔All of our done for you Lead capture pages.

✔Thank you pages

✔Terms and privacy pages

✔Links pages,

✔ Book giveaway pages,

✔ Webinar pages,

✔Local business pages.

This is the easiest way to create pages with our funnel builder tool.

We have a drag and drop editor, so it’s really easy to add content to the pages that you want to create. You just click this little plus button and add a widget from our widget menu.

Here are some of the drag & drop widgets you can use in The HBA Funnel Builder

✔ We’ve got headlines that you can drag on






All of these really cool things that you can do with this funnel builder tool.

As I mentioned above, there’s also a store so you can create products in here and connect your merchant account and collect revenue from your customers.

HBA Funnel Builder Store Area

Another popular feature of The HBA funnel builder tool is appointments.

So you can actually also create appointment booking pages with this funnel builder tool, where you can have a calendar for people to book appointments with you.

So here’s a picture of my calendar.

HBA Funnel Builder Appointment Booking Calendar Example

This is all with our funnel builder tool. So my (or your) client would come to my calendar page, click on the date, select a time and BOOM they’d be booked right into your schedule.

This also integrates with Google calendar.

The other thing that’s great about The HBA Funnel Builder Is you also get a contact section where all of your leads that come through your lead capture pages are stored.

If you happen to be selling digital products your customers information will be stored in the contact section here as well.

And so you’ve got, you know, even a little CRM back here where you can click on your prospect and you can take notes on that prospect.

You can sort it, you can search it.

It’s really, really amazing.

So that’s our funnel builder tool and you get everything that I just showed you for $25 a month.

So that is the first product that is really, really popular.

The second product that people usually want to know about is HBA Premium Traffic And Conversions Academy

If you want to do business on the internet, you first need a website and a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is just an automated sales process that people can go through.

If you can imagine a funnel that you use to put oil in your car.

Prospects or leads go in the top, then your funnel walks them through the educational process, relating to your products and services.

What drops out the bottom of that funnel?

Happy customers, money in your bank account.

The next thing you need after you have your funnel, is people to that funnel.

You need to know how to GET people to the funnel (or web page) and then once they’re there you need to know how to convert those people that are coming to your website, into happy customers.

In other words, traffic and conversions.

So that leads us to our second product, which is called HBA premium traffic and conversions academy.

HBA Premium Traffic & Conversions Academy

This product outlines in step-by-step detail, the methods that my business partner and I, and other top affiliates that are associated with us in the home business academy have used to get people to our websites and convert a large number of those visitors into a happy customers and revenue.

In fact, my business partner and I we’ve been doing business on the internet for over 10 years and we have, converted millions of dollars in sales.

This is a picture of what we’ve done in The Home Business Academy Alone.

*Results not average and not meant to serve as a guarantee of income. Please see my earnings disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Prior to starting this company, my business partner, and I were top affiliates in other companies.

And we’ve been doing this stuff for over 10 years.

We’ve been helped to produce millions upon millions of dollars in sales revenue over the years.

The goal with this product was to organize everything that was in my brain and my business partner’s brain and put it in a place where others could easily learn what has helped us to do what we’ve done.

Also when we find people in the community who are having success with traffic and conversions, if they have some knowledge that we don’t have we put that in this product and organize it so that it’s easy for people to learn so our customers can go out and replicate these ideas and strategies and have success.

The other great part about our HBA premium traffic and conversions product is we also have live coaching because one of the things that we’ve noticed is that sometimes people will buy a product and maybe get stuck somewhere along the way.

We do our very best to make our products and our modules as step-by-step and as easy to follow and as easy to implement as humanly possible.

And we always want to go the extra mile to make sure that we’re there for people if they get stuck so that they know they can always get their question answered, they can always get live, help, and feedback to move them onto the next step.

And that’s why we’ve included in the premium product, a coaching section.

HBA Premium Live Coaching

We actually have a few different coaching sessions going on all throughout the week.

Two of our most popular ones are our Monday night marketing mastermind. (This is like a what’s working now webinar where we find people within our community that are having a lot of success, converting sales),

And we ask them to come and train us on what they’re doing so that we can all learn learn and a better grow own businesses.

The other thing that’s really popular is our traffic and conversions mastermind that we do every day, Monday through Friday, and it’s an hour long.

We have recordings available and we also have the ability for people to join live and the traffic and conversions a mastermind is me and my business partner, top marketers and sales, digital sales people coming together and actually doing traffic and conversions live in front of you and also being there to answer questions.

So all of that is included in HBA premium HBA premium is a monthly recurring membership of $125 and that product just like all of our other products pays 80% referral commissions.

So those are our 2 continuity products. HBA Funnel builder at $25 a month and HBA Premium at $125 a month. If you buy both products your total cost is $150 a month and you’ll earn $120 residual commissions from each customer you refer who does the same.

It only takes 2 referrals to be in profit with these 2 products in our affiliate program.

The Home Business Academy Compensation Plan Explained In Full Detail

Since I was 1 of the 2 people who created The Home Business Academy compensation plan, I believe there’s no better place to learn about it. (yes, I’m biased) 😉

My business partner, Mike and I, have been building businesses from home for over 10 years now.

We’ve built in a variety of different compensation plan structures. We’ve built in multilevel plans like binary, uni-level, mixed, matrix etc. We’ve also built in various affiliate marketing plans that have 2 or more tiers and some even with pass-ups included.

When we started The Home Business Academy, we had a simple goal, to help people be free as fast as humanly possible.

So we asked ourselves, ‘how much is the absolute maximum amount we can pay out to the affiliate to help them grow a residual income as fast as possible?’

We considered doing 100% payout with some kind of fee but we decided against that because we felt like it would be more honest and up front if we didn’t have an affiliate fee.

After a lot of brainstorming, we realized that we could implement our business model idea with an 80% payout rate, and still have enough money leftover for the company to cover hosting costs, customer service, product development and other fees associated with over head.

One day we were talking to an attorney we’d hired to help us create some content for one of our products.

This particular attorney is quite famous because he’s a best selling author and national speaker who’s been featured on various news outlets like The Wall Street Journal and

And in the course of talking to this person, we told him about our 80% payout rate. When he heard that, he said,

‘Yeah, that’s too much, You need to not do that. You can’t grow a company paying out that much money.

We knew our numbers really well, and we know our model really well and decided to continue on with our plan. It’s been a few years now since he told us that, and thankfully we’re still having massive success with this plan.

Our affiliates earn 80% of every qualified product sale right back to them in commissions.

Our plain is a 1 tier payout plan, which means you get paid on your personal referrals and no commissions from 2nd level on down. I’ll explain why we did that here in just a minute but but before I do that, I want to just show you the numbers.

One of the things we’re really focused on is residual income because that’s how freedom is created in life.

If you want to be free, you the thing that you want to do is build a residual income that equals or surpasses your monthly expenses.

And so with the residual portion of our our compensation plan is paid on our 2 continuity products, The HBA Funnel Builder and HBA Premium Traffic And Conversions Academy.

Here’s what the commission breakdown looks like on both of those products.

A lot of our customers buy both products because both of them make sense to own if you’re going to be doing business online.

When you refer a customer who also owns both of those, you are in $120 residual income for every customer you refer.

One of our taglines in The HBA is Freedom Faster.

The above illustration really does a great job of showing how that’s possible with what we do, because as you see, when you have

✔ five referrals on both of our residual products, you’ll earn $600 a month.

✔ When you have 10 referrals on both products, that’s $1,200 a month residual income.

✔ For most people the sweet spot is here between $2,400 and $4,800 a month, residual income and with our compensation plan, you only need 20 to 40 customers to get there.

Both Mike and I have built in various companies over the years where it took a lot more customers than this to make a lot less.

Here’s just one example:

One of the first businesses that I built from home was a network marketing company and we built a team of 600 active customers here in Idaho where I live.

That netted me $1,200 a month in residual incomes for a team of 600.

With The Home Business Academy compensation plan just 10 customers personally referred on both products would pay you $1,200 a month.

I don’t know about you, but 10 sounds a lot better to me than 600.

So that’s one of the KILLER aspects to our plan.

The other thing that’s really amazing about our compensation plan is that because we pay out such a high commission rate,

you can refer just 2 and be in profit

✔ With just one customer referral, your business is dang near free.

I don’t know of another business in the entire world where that’s possible, but it is possible with our compensation plan.

No Dumb Hoops To Jump Through

So the other couple of things I wanted to mention here, we do not have

❌ Point systems,

❌ Volume requirements,

❌ Ongoing production requirements,

❌ Any other ridiculous hoops to jump through in order to get paid.

The one exception here is you must own a product yourself to get paid on any sales you make of that product.

The main reason we did this is because we want to make sure our affiliates are trained in the best way AND be great ambassadors for our company and culture. Requiring product ownership for commission was the best way we could see to accomplish those 2 goals.

The reason we decided to skip out on all those other common compensation plan hoops is because one of the things that we experienced over the years is that there are some shenanigans that are played in the home business profession from time to time.

The Games People Play In Home Business

For example, some companies will have point systems where instead of paying you out on the revenue, you bring into the company through your production, they’ll translate that revenue into a point structure and then they’ll pay your commission based on the point structure and what a lot of people don’t realize is that they can monkey with that and they can lower the points and increase the price so that you’re actually producing more revenue for the company, but they’re paying out less and less because they’re monkeying with the point system.

So we just said, we won’t have a point system.

We’ll just eliminate it entirely because one of our values is simplicity.

Volume requirements is another one where some companies will say, in order for you to get paid the maximum commissions, you have to produce X amount every single month.

In other words, if you don’t produce in the way they require, you don’t get paid all your commissions.

We thought it would be much more fair to say instead…

If someone goes out there and does the work to gather a customer, why don’t we just pay them for the work that they did and not put these silly requirements upon them?

There’s a term in the profession called breakage.

Breakage is money money that seems like it’s supposed to be paid out to the affiliates, but because they didn’t meet the point requirement or they didn’t meet the volume requirement or they didn’t meet the status requirement or you fill in the blank, they can choose not to pay you.

So you have money that was brought to the company by an affiliate, and the company chooses to keep that money for themselves instead.

That’s called breakage and it’s not cool.

We didn’t want to do that.

We said, let’s just be fair.

Let’s just pay people as much as we can for the work that they do because they deserve it, and because we want to help them be free as fast as humanly possible.

The Powerful Leverage Points Within The Home Business Academy Compensation Plan

Because we are not a multi level plan, some people wonder where the leverage points are.

If you want to build wealth, leverage is key.

The ILLUSION of Leverage In Many Home Business Compensation Plans

One of the things that we learned in personal development as we’ve been growing over the years is that personal responsibility is SUPER Important. .

In fact, there’s a phrase often repeated in personal development that says ‘if it is to be it’s up to me‘.

A lot times what companies do in home business is preach that line and then handcuff your income to a bunch of factors that are TOTALLY outside your control.

They’ll compensation plans that are based upon not what you do, but, instead based on what a whole bunch of other people might do.

And at the end of the day, in these types of plans, you’re not in control of your income because you’re not in control of what people do or don’t do.

You’re only in control of you.

And so we wanted a compensation plan where if you wanted to increase your income, you could do it and you wouldn’t have to rely on what John did or Susie did, or Sally did, because it’s up to you.

If it is to be it’s up to me. and that’s the power of a one tier payout.

Because it’s 1 tier, we’re able to load that comp plan with 80%, the max commissions possible.

This is a good thing because if all the commissions are coming to you instead of being divided up 6 ways from Sunday and shared with people who had nothing to do with your sale, it means you can grow your income to whatever level you want to grow it to without relying on or being dependent on anyone else.

This means your income is only limited by 2 factors, your work ethic and your skill level.

Skills we can help you with. Work ethic you must bring to the game.

Ok back to the illusion of leverage in many compensation plans.

In network marketing they always have these charts in the presentations where they say this is easy, just get two who get two, who get two, who get two and, you know, on level 10 or level 12, you’re gonna be making all this money.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Well, what they don’t tell you in those presentations is that there is this principle that popped up for us in personal development and then it popped up for is in real life as we were building our businesses.

It’s called The Pareto Principle or The 80 20 Rule. It simply means that generally speaking, 20% of the people will produce 80% of the results.

If this is true and you’re building your income based on the hope that you’re gonna have an army of people who’re gonna max out the flip chart by getting 2 who get 2 who get 2, you could be setting yourself up for MAJOR disappointment.

But if all of your income is in your hands, You don’t have to be held hostage to the 80% who might not do much because you can choose to be in the 20% that produces the results and that puts your income back in your hands.

How To Get 5 Years Of Residuals Each And EVERY Month Your Customer Stays Active

One form of leverage with The Home Business Academy Compensation Plan is that you’re going to earn a lot more income on that initial sale, and every sale thereafter.

That’s a leverage point, right? (The ability to do more with less)

So how does that play out with our compensation plan?

I’ve built in compensation plans where I’ve earned as little as $2 residual for a customer referral.

In The Academy, I earn $120 residual for a customer referral.

If you pull out your calculator and take $120 and divide it by $2, you’ll see that you’ll come up with the number 60.

That means that in a program where I’m earning $2, residual, that customer would have to remain active for 60 months.

How long is that?

That’s five years for me to finally get that $120 back in my pocket.

Compare that to referring just one person to the academy and making five years worth of residual in month one.

And as long as that customer stays active, the next month, I earn another five years with worth of residual and the next month, another five years’ worth of residual, and on and on and on.

That’s a leverage point.

The Leveraging Power Of Residual Income

That customer could remain a customer for the next 12 months or longer, and that means you’re applying leverage because you’re getting paid again and again, and again, and again, and again, and again for work you did once.

Another leverage point.

The Magic Of Leveraging Systems

I once had a mentor who taught me that there’s only a few things that make money.

  1. Money at work
  2. People at work
  3. Systems at work.

We leverage systems inside The Home Business Academy

This means that rather than you having to learn how to be a super dooper sales person and design killer high converting funnels, you can use what other smart marketers have already created for you and take a HUGE shortcut.

Now, if you want to learn that all that sooper dooper stuff, we teach it, and we give you the tools to be able to do it, but not everyone wants to do that, and not everyone has the skill, at least in the beginning to do it well.

And so in the academy, we have very talented marketers, who have produced amazing results in many different businesses.

Those talented marketers love our vision and community so much that they have volunteered to create the sales messages and funnels so that you can leverage their skills and grow your income without having to be ‘The Guy‘ or ‘The Gal‘ who knows it all.

This is yet another leverage point you can profit from inside The Home Business Academy.

The ASTOUNDING Leverage Power Of The Internet

Here’s the last leverage point I’ll highlight within The Home Business Academy.

We love the internet.

We’ve been building businesses on the internet for a long time now, and we are PROS at using it for mass leverage.

Here are some things the internet makes possible that most people are TOTALLY missing out on.

The internet makes it possible to…

✔ Send out an email and connect with thousands of people and have thousands of people. look at your sales message with one email and the click of a button.

That’s a leverage point.

✔ You could create a YouTube video that plays on YouTube over and over and over while you’re sleeping, while you’re on vacation with your family while you’re out doing whatever it is that you want to do, that video can be on YouTube and interested, prospects can be finding that video, watching that video and joining you in your business and giving you money while you’re not even there physically in the sales equation.

Yet ANOTHER, MASSIVE Leverage point.

The Home Business Academy Compensation Plan In A Nutshell

To recap and wrap up,

✔ 80% Commissions on every personal customer referral direct to you.

✔ Commissions paid weekly

✔ No complicated hoops or gotchyas to get paid all the money you deserve

✔ Multiple MASSIVE Leverage points

✔ Full control over your income so you’re not dependent on ANYONE else

✔ A commitment, in writing, from the owners to NEVER, EVER, EVER change the compensation plan

✔ The ability to refer 1 customer and have your business and products nearly FREE

✔ The ability to refer just 2 customer and be in positive, passive, cash flow

✔ The ability to grow a monthly income faster, and with less work than any other plan I’ve seen in my over 10 years of professionally building businesses from home full time.

If you’re reading these things and saying to yourself, like one of my new business partners recently said…

‘This is the BEST thing I’ve seen in a LOOOOONG Time’

Then I’d love to encourage you to click this link right now, fill out the form and get started with me A.S.A.P.

You can also click this link and see the MASSIVE bonus vault of money making goodies I put together for you when you join.

How Much Does It Cost To Join The Home Business Academy Via The All In One Business?

There are different way to join The Home Business Academy, but in my opinion, the very BEST way to join is via our All In One $25 Business Offer.

If you join this way, here is the cost breakdown.

$25 To Start

2 week free trial to premium.

This makes it so you can join and get both of our core continuity products for just $25 for the first 2 weeks.

If you decide you love premium, like most of our other members, you’ll be billed for that automatically 2 weeks from your purchase date.

The cost on that is $125 a month and it pays $100 residual for each customer you gather.

If you decide that product is not for you, you can simply email support@TheHomeBusinessAcademy and they will make sure you’re not billed for that 2nd product and you’ll remain on the $25 per month membership level.

Are There Any Other Costs To Joining The Home Business Academy?

~This is one comment I got from a member who went through my private bonus package for people who join me in HBA.

Additional Costs

The answer is it depends.

And what does it depend on?

Well, if you’ve already been doing some online marketing, there are a couple of things that are really helpful in building an online marketing business.

For example, a domain name.

If you already have a domain name, you don’t need to buy another one, after you join The HBA, so that’s one reason it depends.

If you don’t have a domain name, we can help you get a domain name for right around $12 bucks a year.

So that would be one cost that you might want to consider.

Another thing that’s super helpful to building an online marketing business is an auto responder for collecting leads and sending emails.

So again, if you already have an autoresponder, this would not be an additional cost.

If you don’t yet, have an auto-responder, it would.

There are two really popular autoresponders on the market that offer free versions of their products for up to 500 leads.

And if you want to get the paid version of those auto responders, it’s around $15 a month.

Both of these also have affiliate programs. So they’ll pay right your around $5 residual per month when you refer your team members to those auto responders (we help you do this inside our membership).

Are there any other costs to joining The Home Business Academy beyond the domain and the autoresponder?

Once again, it depends.

Mike and I are really good at using free marketing methods.

Most of the success we’ve created was achieved using using free marketing methods.

So you can get started with us, and if you are teachable and willing to work, we can show you how to make this business work with no additional advertising/marketing costs.

That being said, it’s good to note that some people like to use paid advertising as part of their marketing.

There’s no way for me to tell you what these costs might be, because platforms vary.

If you’re good at paid advertising, the goal is to invest $5 in paid advertising and get a $10 return.

When this is happening, you could potentially be spending a lot of money on paid advertising because you’re making more money than you’re spending.

I hope you see why it’s impossible for me to include these exact costs in this post.

The other thing about costs and marketing is that there is a never ending list of tools and doodads & resources you can buy to do different types of things in your marketing.

We don’t really recommend these types of things after you join, that being said, we’re always students and we’re always testing things to see if we can find products & services that are actually valuable and useful for marketing, lead gen & building a business from home.

Many of our affiliates are also testing things like this.

If we find something that’s great, and we test it and it’s really good and useful, we may tell you about it to help make your business a little bit easier or more effective.

Once again though, these types of things are all optional, extra, and there’s no way for me to put a price or a cost on all of this kind of stuff.

So the bottom line is, after you join the home business academy, what can you expect in additional costs from things that we will recommend?

  1. A domain name, roughly 12 bucks a year (this also includes a business email address and inbox which is really important for helping your emails to get delivered to your prospects.
  2. And then potentially an autoresponder $15 a month, max, unless one of the free versions of those two popular autoresponders work for you.

Bottom line, the additional costs are minimal and shouldn’t be prohibitive if you’re willing to work and you’re willing to learn.

Couple other things to think about in relation to additional costs…

A traditional business is going to cost you a fortune to start.

You’ve got cost of real estate (purchase or rent), you’ve got inventory, you’ve got employees, you’ve got tons of overhead.

This is super expensive.

So The Home Business Academy is a TINY FRACTION of what it would cost to start a traditional business like that.


Successful business owners look at expenses more like investments because they are used to help them build an income.

This, depending upon what your experience has been up to this point in time, might be a little bit of a shift in thinking for you, but the truth is…

If you want to build a profitable, thriving, freedom based business, there will be a few little expenses along the way, but the reward on the other side of those little, teeny tiny expenses are usually totally worth it.

How Does The Home Business Academy Pay Commissions To Affiliates?

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When I follow the training and gather some customers, how will I get paid my HBA Affiliate commissions?

This is a great, great, great question.

We use an Global eWallet system at HBA that gives you multiple options for getting the money into your bank account.

  • Direct bank deposit
  • Pre paid debit card
  • Paper check
  • Bitcoin

My favorite way, and the one I personally use is direct deposit right into my bank account.

There’s a setting in the eWallet system where you can allow the money to accumulate in the eWallet until you make a manual transfer into your bank account.

You can also set it to automatically take the money from the eWallet, whenever you get a deposit, and put it right into your bank account. (This is my favorite)

Another option is a prepaid card where you can actually have a little card with a visa / MasterCard logo on it that we load up each week when we pay your affiliate commissions.

You can use the funds out of that prepaid card in whichever way that you wish to use them.

Some places in the world, like the USA for example, also have a paper check option.

If this option is available where you live you can literally have a paper check sent right to your mailbox every week when your commissions are paid.

Some people like this for visualization purposes.

We also have the ability to pay out in Bitcoin.

So if that’s something that interests you, you would set up an account at a, an exchange, and we could pay your commissions via Bitcoin into your exchange on a weekly basis.

And then you can do whatever you want to do with those funds.

When Does The Home Business Academy Pay Affiliate Commissions?

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At the HBA we pay once per week, each and every Thursday, which means for many affiliates, they’ll see the commissions deposited into their bank accounts on Friday.

There is a 7 day hold from when you make a sale (this is to allow some time for the 3 day refund period to pass) and so the way it works is…

You make a sale, 7 days go by, and you’re commission is processed the first Thursday after that 7 day hold.

The bottom line is that once you get rolling, you can expect to be paid once per week.

Shout out to one of our long time HBA Affiliates, Trisha Smith who recommended that we pay weekly.

When we first started, we paid once per month but Trisha suggested that a weekly payout would be much more attractive to affiliates, and we agree!

Being able to get paid quickly from point of sale is definitely something that’s attractive and thankfully, we were able to implement this payout time frame and have been successfully paying weekly commissions now, for the past few years.

How Much Time Does It Take To Build The Home Business Academy Affiliate Business

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Another really common question people have is ‘how much time will it take to reach my income goal with HBA?

The best and most honest way to answer that question is to share something I learned from one of my early millionaire mentors.

Here’s what he told me, Paul…

You don’t get paid for the time, you get paid for the value.

Jim Rohn

In other words, a company doesn’t hire you because they want your time.

Yeah, they may pay you by the hour, but what they really want is the value that you can put into that hour.

And in this business, the home business academy, it’s the same. You don’t get paid for the time you get paid for the value.

So what exactly does that mean?

It means that when you produce sales, you can get paid very well.

Now how much time does that take?

It depends.

The reason it depends is because, everyone’s skill level is different.

This is one of the BIG benefits of entrepreneurship.

If you can become more valuable, you can pack more value into smaller and smaller and smaller amounts of time.

And because you’re getting paid on the value, not the time, you can earn a lot of income for a little time (when your economic value is high).


This last week I talked to a lady who gave me a phone call.

She actually called and left me a voice message so I picked up the phone and I called her back.

We had a 20 minute phone conversation in which I invited her to look at what we’re doing in the academy.

She said she was going to look, and I said, ‘is it okay if I call you after you watch and see if you have any questions?’

She said, yeah, that’s great.

So the initial call was about 15 minutes.

Then when I called her back, we had another five or 10 minute conversation.

And when I called her back, it was really funny because when I asked her if she’d had a chance to look at the material, she said…

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

I said, ‘really?’

And she said, ‘yes, I want to be a freedom Crusader!’

She got started, bought all our products and I got paid a $420 up front commissions while increasing my monthly residual income by $120 per month.

All with about 30 minutes of my time.

I’ve been doing this a while so I have some developed some skills that make this possible.

‘Paul, that’s great but I’m new… how much time per day will it actually take for me to see some success with this business?’ (I hear you saying)

You can get started working this business on a very, very part-time basis, and if you are willing to be consistent and committed, I believe you can grow a great income with a small commitment of time, as long as it’s consistent.

With maybe 30 minutes a day or every other day or a little bit of time every week consistently over time, you can see amazing results with this business.

Will The Home Business Academy Work For Me?

If You’re Thinking About Joining, You Owe It To Yourself To See This AMAZING Bonus Package (Worth Thousands Of Dollars) Before You Join

Lots of people see what we’re doing in HBA and say, ‘that looks amazing and I can see lots of people having success but I really wanna know,

Will The Home Business Academy Work For Me?’

Here are my most honest and sincere thoughts as to whether or not this will work for you.

One of our favorite things to do in the academy is talk about principles.

In fact, our vision is freedom through principle centered leadership.

The reason I love talking about principles and the reason that this actually relates to this question is that Stephen Covey in his book, the seven habits of highly effective people gives us a definition of a principle.

This is what he says.

If a principle is a true principle, it will work just the same for Paul as it will for Mike, as it will for Susie, as it will for (insert your name).

In the academy, we teach principles behind what we do & why we do them because we know that if it’s a real principle and you apply it in the right way, you can get the exact result or a similar result that anyone else is getting.

This is really exciting because I think it speaks to the question, Will this work for me?

The answer is if you are willing to learn the principles and apply them.

I believe there are only 2 requirements for success with out company..

Number 1) Are you willing to learn what we can teach you?

And number 2) are you willing to work?

Here’s where the bad news comes.

Yes, it does take work.

If you’re looking for a push button, do no work, add no value, don’t do anything type of a business, I will say good luck finding such a thing.

There are a lot of people who talk about this kind of thing, but actually finding something like it, that actually plays out in real life….

I’ve never seen it.

One of my mentors, Art Williams, he used to say anything great in life, anything worth doing in life, Is going to require work and that’s okay.

Because if you’re willing to work and learn and apply in your work, what you’re learning, there are so many rewards to be found along the journey.

So those are the two, I think, big requirements to consider when asking yourself the question of whether or not this work for you.

One other thing I might say is that it’s helpful if you’re a person of average intelligence.

Why do I say average intelligence?

Napoleon Hill in his great book Think And Grow Rich, lists 30 major causes of failure.

And he says in that book that only one of the 30 causes of failure is difficult to overcome, and that is deficiency in brain power.

I translate this to mean that you have to be a person of average intelligence to have the highest chance of success.

,We’re not going to be telling people who have a severe mental handicap that they can join us and be really successful with our business because they have a legitimate handicap that might make that much more difficult.

But if you are a person of at least average intelligence and you’re willing to learn and you’re willing to work, I believe this absolutely can work for you.

How Will I Get Leads If I Decide To Join The HBA?

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Another big question is ‘if I decide to join and get started with you guys, how am I going to find people to join my business. In other words, how will I get leads?

This is SUCH a great question because leads are the lifeblood of any business.

You need customers to be able to grow your income in any business model and that’s 100% true with The Home Business Academy too.

The GREAT news with us, which is not the same with all other companies, is that one of our products, HBA premium traffic and conversions academy is the answer to that question.

Inside HBA premium, we have modules on all of the things that my business partner, Mike and I have done to generate tens of thousands of leads on the internet and convert them into sales in many different businesses over the years.

Those modules are step-by-step, and effective.

And another thing, we don’t just preach.

We also show you live, daily what we’re doing to find leads and convert sales, right before your very eyes, via out live daily coaching mastermind sessions.

The other thing that’s really great about our community is because we are a marketing community and we have over 2,000 active members, our network is huge.

We constantly have a lot of different leaders out there testing different things different things.

When they find a great lead source or a great new conversion strategy, they bring it to the community and teach it, so everyone benefits.

The Hidden Truth About Leads

Leads are everywhere.

The thing is most people don’t have the eyes to see them.

Usually this is because they haven’t been trained properly yet.

If you join The Home Business Academy, take it seriously and become a real student and practitioner, you can have PLENTY of leads for your HBA business AND have a skill that will equip you to have unlimited leads for ANYTHING else you promote now or for the rest of your life.

How much is that worth?

What Kind Of Help Can I Expect After I Join The Home Business Academy?

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I’ve been in different types of internet marketing businesses over the years where I got in, I got to work and then I ran into something that I needed help with and there was no help for me.

In fact, I remember one time, where I ran into a very unique challenge and I needed some advice from the owners of the system.

I tracked down their phone number, called them, left them messages, tried to reach out to them in whatever way that I could, because I TRULY needed their help.

They never got back to me and it left me feeling lost, alone and confused.

When Mike and I started this company, part of the vision was that we would be the change we wish to see in the home business world.

That meant, in part, that we would create a community where, what happened to me, would never happened to people inside our company.

We do everything we possibly can to be there and support you on the other side, if you decide to get started with us.

Check out this image of all the live events we do on a weekly basis.

How many companies do you know of, where the owners of the company show up live, for 11 hours, every single week to be there to teach and support you?

I only know of one, and that’s The HBA.

It’s because that’s how we would wish to be treated.

We like to follow the golden rule inside The Home Business Academy.

If money is all you have in your paycheck at the end of the week, you have been grossly underpaid.

~Napoleon Hill

In our community, we promote and think about this concept called soul pay.

Soul Pay is just where you do something to help someone whether or not that added extra income into your bank account, because there are spiritual rewards in doing that.

It makes you feel good.

When you lay your head down on your pillow at the end of the day, and you know you’ve helped somebody, you just feel good about yourself.

So will you get help if you decide to join?

More help than anywhere else I know of on the face of the planet.

Is The Home Business Academy Debt Free?

-Josh Schonert regarding my Ultimate Freedom Vault Bonus Package

Yes, The Home Business Academy is 100% Debt Free and has been since we started the company in 2016.

We encourage people to live conservatively, pay off debt ASAP, save and invest.

This is an important part the freedom formula and we always strive to live by example in everything we ask others to do.

What Makes The HBA Different From Any Other Home Business I Could Join?

Let me just start by saying I NEVER wanted to start a company.

There is NO way we EVER would have done it, UNLESS we saw a NEED for something we could create that wasn’t already in existence.

So is The Home Business Academy different from everything else that’s on the market?

It better be, otherwise we’ve wasted our time.

So just what are those differences?

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is everything to us.

That starts with our vision of freedom through principle centered leadership.

Everything we do is evaluated through that lens.

Next are are values, or as we like to call them – Our Freedom Crusaders Manifesto.

A lot of companies, will list a vision and values because they sound nice.

For some companies, those are really just empty words.

With us at the home business academy, they are not empty words, they’re literally everything.

They describe where we’re going, what we think about everyday, how we do business and how we treat people.

Personal character is really important.

We believe that character in a company is also really, really important.

A company is just a group of people and if you have a group of people with strong character, then you have a company with strong character.

What we really want to do here is build something to be proud of, and make our lives matter.

This all provides a core foundation that seems to make us pretty different here at the home business academy.

Here are a few more key differences…

We’re committed to never changing the compensation plan.

That is not true of a lot of home businesses out there.

We think this is important because if you’re going to join a company with the plan of building a residual income, implied in that decision is that there will be a residual income and implied in that is that the company is giving you material facts that you can count on for the future.

Unfortunately, what some companies do is lure you in with those ‘facts’ and details about the comp plan, but then change them all down the road.

  • They’ll lower the payout rate.
  • They’ll move money around.
  • They’ll ad quotas
  • They’ll throw in the towel and go out of business

It’s truly heart breaking because affiliates and reps get hurt when this happens.

When you decide to build a residual income, you’re not just making a decision for today, you’re making a decision for your future.

And you’re making that decision based on the facts at hand.

And the compensation plan is one of the most important facts at hand with which you make this decision.

To us, this is almost holy and sacred.

If you believe that humans are spiritual beings, then you really can make a great argument as to how contracts and agreements between humans should be honored from a spiritual level type commitment.

So that is something I think that’s really different about us.

We’ve had it happen to us and we never ever liked it, it always felt terribly unfair, awful and soul-crushing.


I’m not gonna sit here and write that we’re the only honest game in town, but we do value truth as a very high priority.

We would rather tell the truth, even if it means making less money.

We have experienced companies lying to us to try to get us to do something or believe something that was in alignment with some hidden agenda the company had.

Didn’t feel great.

In my experience, successfully building a home-based business, at least the way that I’ve done it, is about helping people get the details that they need to make the decision that’s best for them.

It’s not about saying something that will lure them in with dishonesty, so that they’ll make a decision that you wanted them to make.

At the end of the day, they’re going to find out, when they joined the company, If you told them a lie.

They will find out and you may have made a commission now, but you’ve sacrificed freedom in the future.

One of the things that I tell my kids all the time is that my most valuable business asset is trust.

It’s the trust that I’ve developed with the people I have relationships with.

It’s the trust that I have developed with my customers and my affiliates, and I will not damage that trust.

I tell my kids, you never want to damage your trust because if people trust you, it’s worth so much.

If they trust you, then when you tell them that you found something good that can help their life, they’ll buy, and that is worth so much income down the road.

My business partner, Mike believes this way also.

We believe in simplicity

There are some people that build internet marketing businesses in all kinds of very complex ways.

I remember one time watching a person with a whiteboard detailing, their funnel process, and the board was covered with all kinds of circles and lines and diagrams, all sketched out on this white board.

Just looking at it made my head hurt. 🤯

That’s not how I want to build my business.

So even though we’re an internet marketing company, we value simplicity.

All of our teachings are based on simplicity and effectiveness.

Digital Products And Unusually High Payout Rate For Affiliates

Some reviews of The Home Business Academy assert that our 80% commission rate is the most important things about our company.

Notice where I’m putting this on the list of what makes us different?

Yes, it does make us different, and it is important BUT, there’s so much more.

That being said, it is pretty cool to realize that because all of our products are digital, there is no (or very little) cost of replication.

This combined with hearts to TRULY help people, means we have the ability to pay out the 80% commission that we do.

A simple way to think a bout this is to imagine writing a digital book.

Selling this book 5 times would cost the same amount as selling it a million times.

It’s the same book, but because it’s digital, you can sell that thing to infinity and have your profits be the only thing that goes up.

This is the power of digital products and it’s exciting!

‘But Gee Paul, there are other companies that sell digital products!’

Yes, that’s right there are but at The Home Business Academy, we offer digital products with a soul.

This just means we care about people.

We’re not just out there to make a quick dollar.

We really are here to serve people, have quality products that deliver real value and make a real difference in the world.

And I know for sure that not every digital marketing company can say that.

Right Now, Up Front, Today Income While You’re Building Long Term Residual Income

Because we pay 80%, and pay commissions weakly, you can earn a pretty amazing right now right now income without having to wait three to five years for the ‘residuals’ to kick in.

One all in referral at HBA = $420 in commissions right now PLUS $120 monthly residual each and every month forever as long as your customers stays active.

5 of those in month one and you’ve earned over $2,000!

10 of those in a month one and you’re over $4,000.

I’ve been in companies where I earned almost nothing for my sales because they said, it’s all about the long term residuals!

Those were a grind!

And then I’ve been in companies where you earned big up front commissions but the residuals were TINY or non existent.

That’s more like a sales job. Wealthy win you’re winnin’ and broke when you’re not.

HBA Truly provides the best of both worlds.

We Empower Freedom From Business Side AND Product Side

What I mean by that is this is that some companies will have products that are maybe health products, for example, and then they’ve got a business opportunity attached to that.

And so if you’ve got a business like that, you’re empowering freedom from the business side, but your products are empowering health.

What makes our products and company a little bit different is we’re empowering freedom from both product and affiliate sides.

So people can look at our affiliate opportunity and if they want to create a life of freedom, they can build an affiliate income with us.

But the unique thing is our products can empower anyone building any home-based business to grow that home-based business in a faster, more efficient way, AND stack up some faster residuals at the same time.

This makes it so, every person in the world who has a home-based business is a candidate for our products, and that is a really, really awesome thing that I love.

I love the fact that when I connect with someone who is building a network marketing business or another affiliate marketing business that they love, I can still serve them with what we have.

And that allows us to open up our market to a much wider base.

I think that’s really powerful to be able to do that.

Using & Promoting Our Products Helps To Feed Starving Kids Throughout The World

At The Home Business Academy, we believe in capitalism tempered with the Golden Rule.

We love capitalism.

We love entrepreneurship.

We love developing ourselves and growing our income.

We love maximizing our individual potential.

And while we’re doing that, we also love the idea that as we’re doing all that, we also have the opportunity to take some of what we are gathering in and send it to a worthy cause.

So, we donate to an organization called Feed My Starving Children.

Every dollar we bring in as affiliates, sends a small portion to this great organization.

This means that as we’re all growing our incomes and selling products and adding value to the world with what we do here, we are literally feeding starving children at the same time.

The sense of contribution, meaning and value we all get from this is hard to put into words.

As of writing this post, we have helped to provide over 200,000 meals to kids in need throughout the world.

I can’t find a big enough heart emoji for this, but here’s one anyway. ❤️

We Are Not Suits ❌🤵❌

Some home-based business opportunities are run by executives in suits and high-powered offices in big office buildings downtown.

They’ve got high-powered executive teams, with fancy degrees and corporate bios.

This is not us.

We’re a rag tag group of heart centered, down to earth freedom crusaders.

We run a ship that is lean and mean and we keep our expenses low so we can give back more to affiliates and our community charity.

Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margarete Meade

One of my mentors, Art Williams started an insurance company called AL Williams that ended up dwarfing, in size, companies run by people in suits that had been in business for over a hundred years.

AL Williams was built by firemen, teachers, & high school football coaches.

It didn’t matter that they didn’t have fancy degrees, came from the wrong side of the tracks or talked funny.

They had a dream, they were willing to work and they loved people.

With those things, and those things alone, they won, and won big!

That’s a great description of who we are and the mission that we’re on.

The Home Business Academy Review Summary & Conclusions

As you can hopefully see from this post, The Home Business Academy has valuable high demand products the can help anyone in any business learn how to better use the power of the internet to sell more, earn more income and leverage time with ANYTHING you’re selling.

With over 2 million dollars in product sales, these products are proven in the market place which is a big plus if you want to eliminate the guesswork and just jump straight to selling something you know people will love.

The compensation plan is simple, pays extremely well and makes it possible to build a residual income faster than anything else on the planet (if you’re willing to learn and work).

The founders have a long track record you can trust combined with a great reputation in the market which means odds are extremely high this is something you can count on long term.

If you want to check out the AMAZING surprise bonuses you get when you join directly with me, you can put in your contact info in right here on this page to take a peek.

Thanks so much for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams!

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