The Problem With Forgiveness

Forgiveness is usually viewed as a powerful and important principle, and it is, sometimes. Other times, maybe not so much. This is a take on forgiveness that may empower you to show up in life and business in a new and better way.

8 thoughts on “The Problem With Forgiveness”

  1. Just catching up on emails that I have been storing while I work.

    I love your message, vulnerability, humbleness, and honesty 🙏

    I appreciate your consistency and heart 💖

    I love you Paul 😍

  2. Absolutely, forgiveness is for us. God puts HIS forgiveness into our heart, we don’t have to work for it. When we struggle, we aren’t forgiving correctly.
    In God, forgiveness is not a struggle. It has taken me a long time to learn this, still working on it, but I have come a long way. The Bible says we need to always forgive. God makes forgiveness easy, it is us who makes it hard. We get the emotions involved, God doesn’t. All we have to do is repent & say I forgive & mean it. I still struggle with making forgiveness a feeling, but making progress. It is an action. GOD puts His forgiveness in our heart when we ask Him to. Some Christians put too much weight on sin. Anything we do wrong is sin, BUT……. WHEN we ask forgiveness, God takes the sin we did away as far as the East is from the West. The East & West do NOT connect so God sees our sin as gone, when we say we are sorry & ask forgiveness. It no longer exists in Too many people see God as a firm God. He is the total opposite. We are much harder on ourselves than God will ever be.

    • Great thoughts Patricia! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment. Super thankful! Love what you wrote and my FAVORITE part is “It’s easy”! 🙂 We can literally just let it go and move on in a more powerful way and you’re so right, we are the ones who sometimes make this much harder than it needs to be. Thank you so much!

  3. Wow , great video very nice testimony some related sir Paul thank you so much inspiring story blessed day ahead and God bless and your family.

    All the best


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