The Magic Door & Calling All My Peeps

I just finished jumping on my mini trampoline outside.

Yes, I know it’s only 23°F here in Idaho, but don’t worry – I was wearing long johns underneath my Gym Shorts (what a sight! ha ha) and you’d be surprised how warm you can be when you’re exercising and thinking about your goals and dreams in life.

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Any who, I wanted to write a quick post to share a few things I’ve been learning on my recent life journey that might be of benefit to you.

First, the magic door.

Yesterday morning, in the midst of my daily getting started session, I was visualizing my happy family and wondering what I could do to improve.

I was staring at picture of my beautiful wife and remembered a wish she’s had for some time now – That I would replace the exterior door on our garage.

I’ve had my mind focused on other things and put that off much longer than I should have.

So, I started researching online – planned out the job and loaded the boys in the truck for a trip to home depot.

Aside from a small problem of the door frame of my garage being a tad to small (which my brother in law helped me to overcome) the door was installed by about 7 PM last night.

So there I was this morning thinking about how the idea popped into my mind yesterday morning, and now, today – something new and exciting has manifested.


There is such power in having a strong morning routine.

The day will either take you – or – you will take the day.

A good morning ritual sets you up so you’ll be ready to take the day and make it produce what YOU want it to produce.

I’ve been using an AMAZING app my friend Brandon is developing to help me with my morning routine (it’s not ready to share yet – so I can’t give you the deets) but I can tell you a few things it’s helping me with…

  • Stretching
  • A few minutes for meditation or prayer (i’m finding that even just 5 minutes is AWESOME)
  • Visualize and Affirmations (a dream board is great for help with this)
  • Exercise (my friend Brandon says that even 60 seconds of jumping jacks will bump up your energy significantly) Anthony Robbins is a big fan of jumping on mini trampoline and the little research I did on it seems to confirm a lot of the benefits. I mean c’mon – how easy is that? Easy and fun!
  • Reading (just 5 to 10 minutes reading something in an area you want to improve can make a massive difference in your life over time)
  • Scribing – ‘In the beginning was the word… ‘ Journaling can help you track your progress, find specific areas for improvement, discover great questions you can ask that can help lead you to specific answers for your journey, and really stay motivated. The best book you’ll ever read is the book of your own life – and journaling helps you to be a student of this greatest book.
  • Gratitude – Make a list of 10 things you’re thankful for. Rhonda Byrne in The Magic teaches to reflect on each item on your list and say to yourself ‘thank you, thank you, thank you‘ – I find this to be very powerful.
  • List out 1 – 3 MVP’s (Most valuable priorities) – Simply put – what are the top 1-3 things you can do to move yourself closer to your goals and dreams?
  • List any ‘must do items’ – are there any things that absolutely MUST be done today that cannot be put off?
  • Network – List one person you need to connect with today. Is there a friend that needs a word of encouragement? Is there a family member who needs some extra attention? Someone you need to connect with to move your business forward? Write it down.
  • Today’s message to yourself. If you could tell yourself one message for the day – what would it be? Write it down and remind yourself to remember how powerful you already are or inspire yourself to dream about how powerful you can become.

Starting your day off, each day – in a powerful way can be like a magic door to manifesting even more of the good stuff life has to offer.

Calling All My Peeps (A simple marketing lesson)

I’ve been putting some energy into re-crafting my marketing strategy for the upcoming new year and have decided that blogging is going to play a major role.

Marketing of course, is all about the market you serve – but it has to be about you too.

If you’re not excited about the content you’re going to create – it can be hard to stay motivated to create the good content consistently.

In the re-design of my blog – I asked myself – what are my highest values?

What are the ideas that inspire me and/or define me the most.

I ended up writing down…

Truth, Freedom, Service

Those ideas really do inspire me – however – the more I thought about them – the more I realized that they are pretty vague and they probably don’t communicate much benefit to anyone specifically.

So I asked myself – what are more specific, benefit driven words that say the same thing – but also speak more specifically to the people I want to reach and serve.

I came up with Personal Development, Residual Income & Online Marketing.

Basically – truth, freedom and service – reframed to be more specific to benefits others care about – AND that I’m passionate about.

I suppose this is all related to the idea of ‘Branding’.

Who are you in business?

Who do you serve?

What big benefits can you provide to the people who follow you?

What areas are you most passionate about and/or credible?

What do people think of (or what do you want them to think of) when they hear your name?

These are all great questions you can ask yourself that can help you determine who your peeps are so you can effectively call to them – and so that when you call – they will hear.

Are you one of my peeps?

Do you love personal development, residual income or online marketing?

If so – it’s going to be a fun and rewarding year and you may want to stay tuned into my blog and email list.

We’ve all got GREATNESS within and I’m looking forward to pulling as much of it from myself as I can this year and doing my best to help you pull even more greatness out of you as well.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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4 thoughts on “The Magic Door & Calling All My Peeps”

  1. Looking forward to walking through your magic doors Paul. I have found many magic doors in my life including of course the door to freedom which you and Mike have provided for us all. So start scribing and bring it on especially the residual income!

  2. I loved your post today again Paul. It gave me great insight into developing my brand a little bit more and defining who it is exactly that I best can and want to serve. Thank you for asking those riveting and great questions as well.

    They have given me a clearer and different approach or perspective to look at my business and how to go about my marketing moving forward. To answer your last question I love all three!

    Appreciate you and can’t wait to see what happens for you, HBA & my business in the year 2021?

    But to put a word on it my prediction is: “UNBELIEVABLE”

    • SO happy to hear that Dan!

      In that case, the post was DEFINITELY worth writing.

      Appreciate you staying tuned into my blog here and look forward to 2021.

      I think you’re predicting like a prophet! 😉


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