The Magic Recruiting Ingredient That Most People Miss

Hey there my friend.   This is Paul Hutchings coming to you with a quick but powerful post today.

I was checking my back office stats for my free conferencing service this morning and I noticed something interesting in the numbers that I want to share with you because I think it can really bless your life and your business.

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Back in June of 2009 – I started hosting a morning conference call.

It’s called “The Think And Grow Rich” Mastermind.

I started this call because I was discovering some things that were really helping my life and my business and I wanted to share them with others.

Those were my first intentions.

Truly it was to be a labor of love – first and foremost.

I also felt (in the back of my mind) that as I strove to provide value to my circle of influence, odds were – my circle of influence would begin to know, like and trust me even more..

And I had a feeling – that this would be a long term benefit to my business.

I was talking with a team member the other day, Rob Skinner.

Rob is a guy who has earned 7 figure incomes – multiple times- in multiple different industries – including network marketing.


He was wondering – how the heck does blogging – fit into our business of sponsoring and recruiting.

I shared a couple thoughts that I think helped flip a switch – in his brain.

**And this is relevant to the insights I’m going to share here in a moment – regarding the TAGR call.**

I told Rob that blogging – in and of itself IS a way to generate leads to your list.

HOWEVER – that is one purpose and by no means is the only valuable purpose.

There are 2 other SUPER important points to blogging – sponsoring and recruiting – and being free from home that I want to share.

Blogging For Recruiting POINT 1 – The way network marketing works online versus offline.

In offline network marketing – the recruiting process works as follows.

1.  Make a list of everyone you know and have relationships with.

2.  Market to the people on that list.

In ONLINE network marketing – the process is VERY VERY CLOSE – but slightly different.

1.  Build a list of people you don’t know.

2.  Build a relationship with those people.

3. Market to the people on that list.

This is where blogging comes in.

Blogging allows you to create content that can help your prospects.

While you’re helping your prospects through the content you produce – they get to know like and trust you.

This opens them up – for step 3 – and when you market your business, products & services to them – they tend to listen BECAUSE you’ve taken the time to help them first through your valuable content.

Does that make sense?

Blogging For Recruiting POINT 2 – Authority And Credibility.

The other thing I told Rob, to help him see the value of blogging and where it fits into the recruiting process is this.

When I got started in my home business, I was living in a 1984 single-wide trailer house that was parked on my grandfather’s farm.

I was driving used cars and making 11 bucks an hour.

All my family KNEW i was living on my grandpas land and figured I must be broke.

When I tried to share with them my plan for getting wealthy in network marketing – how well do you think it worked?

It didn’t.


Because I had no authority or credibility.

I don’t blame them for not listening.

It’s smart to listen to people with authority and credibility.

But that still leaves the new rep with a problem to solve.

How do you build authority and credibility when you have none.

Here’s how it worked for me.

A)  I set up a blog and put my name on it.

B)  I put a video of myself on my website.

C)  I started providing value in the best way I knew how.

What happened?

People on the internet began to SEE me as an authority.

Someone who had credibility.

Despite the fact that I was living in a 1984 single wide trailer house.

I really hope this post helps you to see, if you didn’t already – where blogging fits into the recruiting process ON TOP of the whole lead generation rigamarole.

Now onto what I wanted to share.

NOBODY starts out with a big following.

I started the Think And Grow Rich Mastermind in June of 2010.

In October of 2011 a full 16 months after I started the call

…(which for me, is a form of blogging daily)… .

I had a grand total of 9 listeners.

If you had been blogging for a year – and only had 9 readers – would you continue on?

I did.


Because I had a long term vision and I knew that the material was helping me and other people regardless of how many people we had participating at the time.

Here’s a screenshot from just the other day that shows the progression.


(Keep in mind these are numbers for the live call and don’t include the people who listen to the replay –  or the back office membership – or through other avenues)

Here’s the kicker…

You’d be BLOWN away if you saw how many testimonials have come in over the years as to how lives have changed through this one simple act of “blogging daily”.

I’ve actually had 2 different people tell me that this call saved them from suicide.

I’ve had lots of income stories from top earners and people just getting started – report that this call played a major role in helping them hit their first $3K, $10K or even more per month incomes.

Here’s the point though…

What if I’d have quit when, after more than a YEAR of blogging daily – I only had 9 people listening.

What a tragedy that would have been right?

One of the leaders in a company I used to work in said,

“If you’re not consistent, you’re non-existent”

I wonder if that’s true.  😉

I hope this post as helped turn on a few light bulbs and maybe even inspired you to make a decision to stay the course.

That’s where the good life lies.


Have you been producing content consistently?  What’s been your experience so far? I’d love to hear down below.


Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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14 thoughts on “The Magic Recruiting Ingredient That Most People Miss”

  1. Thanks Paul, great post. You made it so clear and simple to understand the power and value of a blog and mostly WHY it works and HOW it helps you grow your business.

  2. Consistency and persistence you can only have these two if your vision is bigger than your self. Great post thanks for sharing Paul.

  3. Love this post Paul and its so true what you mentioned in this post you need to consistent. After all motivation is what gets you started, and its your daily habits that keep you going. Thanks for sharing such awesome value. You = Awesome Bro.

  4. First I love the quote from Aaron, “If you’re not consistent, you’re non-existent” and what you shared Paul is exactly what new upcoming network marketing folks need to fully understand, it takes consistent action, putting yourself out there. Each day is another opportunity to share value that starts getting noticed and building your credibility. Thank you Paul for sharing your awesome advice and helpful tips!

    • Very well said Lynn and YOU my friend are a perfect example of someone who suits up and SHOWS up to work EVERY day.

      I LOVE your consistancy and I so appreciate how you lift everyone around you.

      Keep being the awesome YOU that you are.


  5. Thank you for this message and reminder Paul! An online presence with content provided from the heart that serves value to our audience is a great way to have and build credibility as a business owner. Appreciate you and your TAGR calls!!


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