A $2,500 Dollar Day & Some Home Biz Tips To Help You On Your Way

So one of the things I try not to do too much is share income results.  I think it can be distasteful and detracts from a message of value that people need to be able to grow and duplicate whatever results you might be sharing with them.

That being said, the catch 22 is that so many people are driven and inspired by results and if you don’t share them every once in a while, people may wonder whether or not they should listen to what you have to teach.

On that note, a couple quick things before I get into the tips I want to share with you on this post…

A) I got paid over $2,500 dollars today from my affiliate position in The Home Business Academy.

WAHOOO!  This is actually for a week’s worth of commissions since we get paid weekly but the “$2,500 Day & Some Tips To Help You On Your Way” Title sounded a tad better.

B) The second thing that’s cool, is we had a record payout day in The Academy with the number of affiliates who got paid right along side me.

The things I’m MOST excited about, with these results is that they are just a very small seed of what’s possible AND they are being created without selling high ticket offers or over hyping an income opportunity which are both things I tend to shy away from in the home business space nowadays.

In our business,

That just feels GREAT! 

Check out this video or this one if you’re open to taking a peek at what we’re doing to see if it could be a fit for you and your freedom journey.

Ok, onto the tips.  

I recently had someone pitch me a couple times on a business they are building and the way they did it was to send me a link along with some notes about how amazing their business is.

First let me say, Congratulations to this person for taking action and getting the word about about their business.

To make money from home you MUST get eyeballs on your offer and I’m a BIG believer in some “Old School” methods of connecting and inviting.

I don’t think those strategies will ever go out of style because they are simple and just plain work, when done right.

So here are some tips that can help in this process.

First – Know your prospect as much as possible before you make your approach. 

You can do this by some simple research.

Check out their Facebook profile.

Visit their blog and read their “about me” section.

Ask them some questions and get to know them a little BEFORE you pitch them.

Sometimes you will find that the person you’re approaching is not even a prospect because they may already have the result your product or business is offering.

This can save you both wasted time.

Here’s a great line to help you remember this principle…

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.  

Additionally, as I posted on Twitter, the other day…

Second – Express some goodwill before you make your pitch. 

Had this person taken the time to,

  • pay me an honest and sincere compliment,
  • thank me
  • or tell me something good BEFORE the pitch,

…my mind would have been opened up and more prepared to receive the seed

Napoleon Hill has a GREAT story about this process in his 1925 book, The Laws Of Success, where he basically points out the the mind is like a garden spot that must be cultivated a bit so it will be receptive to the seeds of the skillful salesperson.

Third – Always remember the 3 most important words in Network Marketing and use them…

Are You Open < – Woop there they are!

Before you ever send a link to someone – always ask if they are open first.

Once they give you a yes, you now have their permission to send the information.

This increases the likelihood of them actually looking at the info you sent tremendously.

So that’s it my friend.

My 3 big tips for today.

  1. Know your prospect
  2. Express goodwill
  3. Ask people if they’re open before sending any info their way.

Of course I write about this, and many other tips in my book Online Recruiting Secrets which you can download and read here.

Oh, and was this post valuable for you?  Any other great prospecting tips other Freedom Crusaders can get value from?  Please share down below as I’d really love to hear.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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