6 Keys To High Performance Mindset & Communication In Network Marketing

It was early in 2010…

I was jobless, broke & savings were dwindling fast.

I needed a miracle.

I remember one night putting 2 of my boys (Kayden and Camden) to bed.

I’d read them their bedtime stories and they’d fallen asleep.

As I looked at those 2 little angelic faces, I remember tears coming to my eyes as I realized that I had no idea how I was going to feed them or put clothes on their backs, let alone give them all the great things I wanted to give them.

Kneeling there beside their bed with tears streaming down my face, I did the only thing I could.

I prayed.

I needed a miracle.

Fast forward to May of 2012.

I’m a 6 figure residual earner in the home business industry.

How did I do it?  What was the miracle?

A simple formula.

Eternal thanks to my good friend & business partner (Todd Young) for sharing this formula with me.

Get this, (really GET it), and success becomes almost automatic.

Mindset + Skill-set + Accountability X Performance = Results

If you’re not getting the results you want in your business… odds are you need some work on some part of that equation.

Here are 6 simple keys (2 sets of 3) that will supercharge the variables in this formula for you & catapult your business success.

3 ‘insider tips’ To Developing An Unstoppable Mindset

1. Read or Listen to something educational for 30 to 60 minutes a day (preferably authored by someone who makes more money that you)

One of the best ways to learn to think like wealthy people think and adopt their mindset is simply to listen to what they read, or say.

Thoughts turn into words and you can take those words and put them into your head so they become your thoughts.

Do this again and again over time and you’ll start to think like wealthy, successful people think.

Sound simple.

It is. 🙂

Jim Rohn once said “things that are easy to do are also easy not to do“.

That’s why most people will hear this suggestion and not do it.

Please don’t be one of them.

2. De hypnotize yourself from false beliefs with autosuggestion
Most people don’t realize that an idea repeated again and again will eventually come to be accepted as truth.

Here’s how to use this Psychological fact to your advantage

Develop a written set of positive beliefs you want to program your mind with and repeat them aloud to yourself (twice daily) with feeling and passion.

Over time you’ll eliminate beliefs that hold you back and cultivate beliefs that lift you up.

3. Employ the power of meditation for 30 minutes a day
Don’t know how to meditate? I didn’t either but I’m learning.

It’s simple.. let me teach you.

Go to a quite place, lock the door, turn off all distractions, close your eyes. Ponder all of the wonderful things/people/blessings you have in your life and express (FEEL) extreme gratitude.

Then… begin to visualize your ideal self and your ideal future with mental imaging.  Express gratitude for these future blessings as well – knowing that they are on their way.

Top 3 Secrets To Effective Communication In Network Marketing

1) Ask Questions
When your speaking with people, keep the conversation on them with questions.

Where are they from?  How long have they lived there?  Are they married?  How long?  How did they meet their spouse?  Do they have kids?  How many?  What do they do for work?  What do they enjoy about it?  Tell me more about that…, etc.

Control the conversation with questions and you’ll find that people will tell you everything you need to know about them and more.

They’ll also LOVE you for it.

2) Listen With INTENSITY
Drop all thoughts and just LISTEN.

Occasionally jump in to relate a bit (BRIEFLY) and then ask another question to keep them talking.

Express interest in what they’re saying by using terms like “wow“, “really?”, “Oh my gosh“, “that’s amazing“, etc.

If you’re on the phone with someone, use paper and pen/pencil to take notes.  This will help you listen with focus.

People will love you for this too.

3) Become A Storyteller
Why do people LOVE movies & books?

Why do children BEG for bedtime stories?

Why did Jesus tell stories?

Why is the Bible (the most published book of all time) filled with stories?

Ever heard the phrase “facts tell and stories sell“?

It’s SO true.

People LOVE stories.

When people ask my friend Todd about the compensation plan, guess what he says…?

Let me tell you a story“.  🙂

It works for everything & people will identify more, remember more and take more action if you use stories in your communication.

I know these “6 keys to high performance mindset & communication” will help you in your business if you apply them.


1. Read or Listen to something educational for 30 to 60 minutes a day

2. De hypnotize yourself from false beliefs with autosuggestion

3. Employ the power of meditation for 30 minutes a day

4) Ask Questions

5) Listen With INTENSITY

6) Become A Storyteller



I believe in you!


Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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