Ardyss Reviews – The Truth Exposed

Ardyss reviews are everywhere but can they be trusted? If you are reading this article, you want to know that truth about this company. Do they have good products? Is this a good business opportunity. Here are the answers you’re looking for.

Ardyss international is a company that got it’s start in Mexico during the late 80’s. In 2007 they moved there headquarters to Las Vegas Nevada.

Ardyss manufactures health products and body reshaping garments. The main niche seems to be helping people lose weight and look thinner.

The body reshaping garments are an interesting approach as they provide an immediate short term solution to someone that is concerned about how they look due to being overweight.

They currently have over 40 distribution centers worldwide. Of all the Ardyss reviews I read prior to writing this article, not one of them said that Ardyss was a scam. This company surely is legitimate.


I couldn’t cancel my autoship
One lady said that after she had signed up she had a hard time canceling here monthly order. If this was true, it certainly was a fluke because Ardyss would not have the great reputation they have conducting business that way.

All companies make mistakes and I’m guessing that this ladie’s challenge was simply a rare mishap.

12 Year Customer Becomes Distributor
Another person on a prominent Ardyss reviews website, said they they had used the Ardyss products for 12 years and loved them. They had actually decided to become a distributor after being a customer for over a decade.

This is a huge testament to the quality of Ardyss products. It’s also a great indicator of the residual income that can be produced with Ardyss.

If 10 year customers are becoming distributors, this says to me that Ardyss can provide a solid residual income as customers are loving the products enough to continue using them.

Back Pain Relieved With Ardyss
Among the Ardyss reviews I looked at, I found quite a claim. One person wrote a testimonial about having back pain as a result of Scoliosis.

She was invited to an Ardyss part, tried one of the body reshaping garments, and low and behold, her back pain went away. That’s amazing!

Some Ardyss Reviews Claimed Bad Marketing
Although I did run into a few ardyss reviews that said they had some success sharing Ardyss products with friends and family, other reviews said that they had found more success with using other marketing tactics.

Ardyss will teach you to make a list of people you know and contact them about the Ardyss products and business opportunity. While this approach does work for some people, it’s a very “low leverage” approach.

Leverage allows you to accomplish more with less.

Would you rather dig a ditch with a shovel or with a backhoe? Obviously you’d get a lot more done with a back hoe.

The same principle applies to network marketing.

Would you rather sift and sort through loads of people to find out if they are interested or would you rather only talk to people that are already super excited about Ardyss?

If you’d like to learn how to use the internet to set up a marketing pipeline that will feed you unlimited numbers of people that are pre-sold and ready to buy

3 thoughts on “Ardyss Reviews – The Truth Exposed”

  1. Hey Annaa,

    Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate you sharing your experience as that will definitely help other folks know what they might expect with the body reshaping garments.

    After all, no one wants to look like a hulk ; ). lol.. Thanks again.


  2. sizing is extremly difficult to measure for body magic , i live in las vegas where they have the office so my distributer changed the garment 3 times first 36-32then 32 but she was done with this business so tiring,think if you had to mail it again and again, every time the garment stretched so much in 2 hours that i could hook in last row easily.. in addition if you have quite a bit of fatty tissue youll look like a hulk as everything will be pushed up i decided not to buy at the end i looked better without it.. best for ppl with minimum amount of overweight and small bulges here and there, very uncomfetable


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