Vitamark Compensation Plan Explosion Tips – TOP SECRET!

I know you’re pumped about the amount of money that can be made with the Vitamark Compensation plan.

I mean, the income potential is absolutely ridiculous!

If you can fill up the matrix with motivated distributors and happy Vitamark customers you’ll never have to worry about money again.

The trick is… Just how do you do that? Well, you’re about to learn the secrets to maxing out the Vitamark compensation plan and absolutely killing it in MLM.

The first thing you need is leadership. What do I mean by this? You need to have leaders that have a solid vision of where the company and the team is headed.

When people hear your leaders, they need to be motivated to action. This is so important!

In order to max out the vitamark compensation plan and achieve the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about, success in your company has to be so easy that a dog with a note in his mouth could make $40,000 per month.

Sounds funny, I know, but it’s true.

If you want to build a massive, thriving down line that grows out of control, it has to be so easy anyone can do it.

How is this accomplished? With good leadership.

You don’t have time to develop every single person into a leader. You need Vitamark to duplicate fast and furious.

If you have a few good leaders in your upline that see the vision and do a great job of presenting that vision on a daily basis through webinars or conference calls… then, all you have to do is focus on getting people to the message.

You see where the dog comes in handy? Put a note in the dog’s mouth about the webinar and he can run around inviting people to the call.

You want each and every distributor on your team to focus on that, and that alone. Inviting people to the message. This is how you can duplicate fast.

If you have to wait for each distributor to become an expert, you’ll never fill up the Vitamark compensation plan.


The second thing you’ll need to max out the vitamark compensation plan is good marketing training.

You need training that can get people into money fast, and you also need training that will teach them what to do when they run out of warm market contacts.

First, let’s tackle the getting started fast issue. Fortunately it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be successful in MLM.

One simple question will empower your people to make money quick in Vitamark. Ready?

“Are you open to looking at ways to generate additional streams of income outside of what you’re currently doing?”

No one is interested but everyone is open.

If your people get good at asking everyone they know that one question and then funneling the one’s that say “yes” onto your upline’s presentation… people will have the best chance at making money and duplicating fast.

What happens when people run out of warm market?

You have to be able to provide real solutions to your team about meeting new friends and asking the golden question once their warm market is toast.

Fortunately, with the internet, it’s easier than ever to meet new friends, especially in your targeted niche.

Head on over to Facebook, jump into a network marketing group and wallah! You’ve got millions of people who are looking for more friends just like you.


Make a friend, ask the question, rinse and repeat. You’ll have the Vitamark compensation plan filled up before you know it.

So far, the tactics I’ve shared are great for fast duplication and anyone can do them.

You may get to a point in your business where you’ll want to take it up a notch.

There are advanced marketing strategies that if implemented correctly, can turn you into a recruiting machine that enrolls customers and reps 24/7 effortlessly.

These strategies are reserved for only the super serious, success minded people that want to learn how to achieve massive MLM success.


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