LGN Prosperity Exposed

What can you get with LGN Prosperity?

The new car, the mansion, all the money to solve every problem in your life.

Imagine… A magic money cash machine that spits payments of $777, over and over and over again.

What if you were able to profit from the 3 biggest cash producing industries on the planet?  Travel, software, and personal development training?

Flippin’ awesome, right?

Welcome to the opportunity of a lifetime.

This company just started in December of 2009.  LGN prosperity was formed by a man named James Ward who is the mastermind behind LGN revolution, another online money making project that’s been in business for about 2 and half years.


By investing in a lifetime membership with LGN Prosperity, you gain access to a load of valuable benefits.  You’ll have access to training courses from some of the most brilliant minds on the planet including Marc Victor Hansen, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime and Anik Singal. You also get access to exclusive, member only live training webinars that occur weekly.

In addition to that, you’ll have unlimited access to a huge suite of ebooks and software that are put together to help you be more successful in your business.  Most of these products are geared towards internet marketing.

Last, but certainly not least, you will secure for your family, the ability to travel and vacation at discounted prices.  You get the LGN travel card which allows you to vacation at some of the worlds most popular resorts while saving hundreds of dollars per trip.

You’ll also have the ability to print off an unlimited number of travel vouchers.  These are full color vouchers that allow people to obtain discounts on plane tickets, cruises, hotels and golf passes.

Sure there are a few hoops to jump through with the vouchers but they will save you money if you use them properly.

I have personally used similar vacation vouchers in my businesses for various promotions and they work INCREDIBLY well.  When you purchase these vouchers in bulk, you’ll pay between $2-$3 a piece.  With your LGN membership, you’ll be able to print of an unlimited number and only incur the cost of the printing.  This is a fabulous value and can help ANY business owner run effective promotions and build goodwill with valued clients by offering them as “thank you” rewards.

I was impressed with the quality of the replicated website. They have done a great job with the style, layout and especially the introductory video. It’s all very professional and attractive which is a big plus.


Now, my friend, this is were LGN Prosperity really shines.  They have a simple, easy to understand, easy to explain compensation plan that pays great up front money.

The sad, gloomy truth is that the average person will never make money in network marketing.  There are a few simple reasons for this.  On average, 80 to 90% of people will drop off your typical MLM autoship after a year’s time.

This makes it hard to gain much ground.

Thus, the “little guy” typically loses in this business model.

This is the exact thing that James Ward and LGN Prosperity are on a mission to change.

With LGN, you only have to fill a matrix of 6 people to get a payout of $777.  In addition to that there is no monthly autoship.  PERFECT for the “little guy” or “Little gal” who wants to make some money for their family.

There have been companies that produced MASSIVE incomes for their reps using similar style compensation plans. Destiny Telecom was a company that sold a calling card. The compensation was similar in that there was a one time only purchase.

LGN prosperity is a fantastic opportunity, especially for the masses but I want to let you in on a little secret.

1 Hidden Secret To Big Money In LGN

What if you had an endless supply of opportunity hungry people that were ready to join whatever business you told them to?

What if, each day, you had to limit your phone appointments to 20 minutes each because so many people wanted to work with you in your business?

It really wouldn’t matter so much what program you were promoting because you could fill up any compensation plan you wanted, in a very short amount of time and make a ton of money.

Fortunately, thousands and thousands of people get online every day looking for ways to make money from home.

If you would like to learn how to tap into that HUGE demand so you can explode LGN prosperity or whatever home biz opportunity you are promoting, you might want to consider visiting www.OnlineRecruitingSecrets.com so you can take advantage of the free training.

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