Best MLM Opportunity? Don’t Get Duped!

blue-ribbon50Reps from every company will tell you that they have the best mlm opportunity.

I wouldn’t be so quick to believe their claims.

Network marketing, if done correctly, is the most powerful means of generating life changing income for yourself and those you care about.

Done wrong, and you’ll waste MASSIVE amounts of time and energy engaging in very uncomfortable encounters with friends, family, coworkers and strangers.

Picking the best mlm opportunity with the right product(s) is a GREAT place to start.

Paying close attention to these 5 keys will help you find the best mlm opportunity for you so you can make the most money in the shortest amount of time.

1.  High product cost
Many products/services in Network Marketing are overpriced for the value. To be successful in any business you’ll want to make sure that the product or service has great value for the price.

It must have marketability outside of the business opportunity. This will ensure that your organization does not crumble if people aren’t making money with the opportunity.

To be sure you pick the best mlm opportunity for YOU… be sure and select one that has a product that can be sold completely even if nobody ever joined the business.

2.  Lack of Mass Market Appeal
All mlm companies will innocently spread the lie that “everyone is your thumbs downprospect”. The fact of the matter is some products are only desirable to a certain niche of people.

This means that to be successful you’ll need to be willing to endure mass amounts of rejection or become an expert marketer.

The best mlm opportunity for you will have a product or service that truly does have mass market appeal.

3.  Compensation Plans
it seems there are pros and cons to every type of compensation plan out there. Arguments can be found to support or condemn matrix, binary, hybrid, uni level or any other compensation plan you can think of.

Here’s some advice….

  • Watch out for companies that say they pay “up to” a certain percentage of gross sales. “Up to” inevitably means “less than”.
  • Watch out for comp plans that require distributors to “front load” products. This simply means that distributors are required to buy/push large quantities of products when they join. This is where people can get hurt in MLM.
  • Do some basic study on the different types of comp plans out there and understand the pros and cons of each.

4. Poor Management
All I can say here is “Do your Research!” Some will recommend that you only go with companies that have been in business for x number of years.

While the past can be 1 factor in predicting the future, it’s not the only factor. Old companies do occasionally fail.

New companies, if managed correctly, offer exciting opportunities for explosive growth.

If possible, meet with the management team to get a feel for their talents and goals. It’s also helpful to have members of the management team that have been successful distributors in the past. The word of the day here is research, research, research.

5.  Find A Product Or Service You Can Believe In.

This will get you through the challenges you most certainly will face in building your networkmarketing empire.

Oh… I almost forgot… The most important piece of information you could EVER have for success in network marketing…..(even more important than finding the best mlm opportunity)…. “IT’S THE MARKETING THAT REALLY MATTERS!”

There are tons of good companies, with great products and lucrative compensation plans. If you “pick a winner” so to speak, in these categories and apply poor marketing – YOU WILL FAIL.

In reality, if you know how to connect with mass numbers of people that want what you are selling, it doesn’t matter as much which company or product you’re representing.

Marketing is the key!


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