Which Is The Best MLM Company? Melaleuca, Freelife or Primerica?

scratching_headRight away, lets be honest.  Ask any rep from any company and they will quickly inform you that the best mlm company is without question the company they are pushing.

Well, I wouldn’t be so swift to have faith in their claims.

There is no denying the fact that huge fortunes and life altering financial freedom is made achievable through multi level marketing..

Done wrong, however, and you’ll spend huge amounts of time and energy engaging in very uncomfortable run-ins with friends, family, coworkers and strangers.

Picking the right company with the right product is a great place to get going.

If your goal is to find financial freedom as rapidly as possible, here are 5 places to put some thinking into that will help make certain you get there as fast as possible.

Many products/services in Network Marketing are overpriced for the value.

If your product or service delivers more value to the marketplace than it costs, you’re on the right track.

One assessment you can perform is this…Ask yourself, “would people buy this product if there was no business opportunity associated with it?”

If the product provides great value outside of the biz opp, you can be certain you’ve got a good venture on your hands.

If you’ve been a distributor with any network marketing in the past, I can almost guarantee that you’ve been told that “everyone is your prospect.”

What a story!  The truth is that not everybody desires what you have.  Certain niches may, but not everyone does.

If you’re marketing a product that is not attractive to that masses, you could be in for quite a bit of heartache.

The best mlm company easily solves this problem by marketing a product product or service that indeed does have mass market appeal.

Understand that no matter which type of compensation plan you’re looking at, individuals will always be able to point out both good and bad points within in it..

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about matrix, hybrid or uni-level, different opinions will form for the positive and the negative on them all.

Keep these things in mind…

* If a rep says that their comp plan pays “up to…__%” that in all probability means they pay less than that.  You’ll want to find comp plans that promise to pay out at least 50% to the distributor force.

* Watch out for comp plans that require distributors to “front load” products. This simply means that distributors are required to buy/push large quantities of products when they join. This is where people can get hurt in MLM.

* It’s a good idea to gain a fundamental understanding of the several types of pay plans that are common.  There are only a handful that tend to be used.

This is an topic that will also require some due diligence.

I’ve heard old MLM pros preach up and down to never join a new mlm company.

The fact is, old companies can and do fail.

Start up companies, if managed correctly, offer exciting chances for tremendous growth.

The bottom line is this, I don’t care if it’s a new company or an old company, meet with the executive team if you can and try to get a feel for the foundation of the enterprise.

Are they financially solid?  Does the executive team have the experience to stay in business?  Are they trustworthy?  These are all questions you’ll want to have answered.

The word of the day here is research, research, research.

5. The last piece of advice I can give you in finding the best mlm company is to find a product or service that you can have faith in and be passionate about.

This will get you through the struggles you most certainly will face in building your network marketing empire.

Oh… I almost forgot… The most important piece of information you could ever have for success in network marketing…..even more important than finding the best mlm company…. “IT’S THE MARKETING THAT REALLY MATTERS!”

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  2. I struggled for so long in my MLM business because I lacked real marketing training the works in the 21st century. Not any more (thanks to you Paul). I really appreciate all you’ve done to help me grow my business.


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