Better Web Builder – An Honest Review

better web builder
better web builder

Better Web Builder is a generic lead generation/training system designed by top home business earner, Art Phelps along with his brother Rob.

According to the presentations within Better Web Builder, both Art and Rob have been #1 income earners in 3 separate companies which is no small feat. I really like the fact that this system is put together buy a couple guys who have had good success in the network marketing industry.

Better Web Builder Pros & Cons

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One of the big advantages to Better Web Builder is that they provide some free marketing tools. You can join the system for free and immediately have lead capture pages to start driving traffic to. This is a big plus especially if you are low on your marketing budget.

Once you sign in however, there is a very strong push to get you upgrade to the paid versions of the system (completely understandable)  where you’ll have access to more advanced marketing features.

For me, it was a little bit of a let down to hear that there was $100 in free marketing tools and then to get into the system and be hit so hard for the upgrade.

(But that’s just me)


The Better Web Builder system is designed to help the professional network marketer capitalize on affiliate commissions that can be made while helping other home business owners generate leads.

These guys are certainly not the first to take note of the huge money to be made in this segment of the home business industry.

Art and Rob are taking a different approach to the payout of these commissions however.

Typical internet lead generation systems like My Lead System Pro, The Renegade Network Marketer & Magnetic Sponsoring like to keep their payout structure in a 1 to 2 tier format.

They do this so as not to be in danger of conflicting with the members primary income opportunity.

There is good reason for this as many MLM companies have strict guidelines about promoting other MLM opportunities along side the other MLM opps.

The Better Web Builder crew does not seem to be worried about this as their payout structure is paid up to 7 levels, depending on which package you buy.

The Gold Membership is $29.95 a month and allows you to capitalize on a 7 level affiliate payout.

This makes me a little bit weary for 2 reasons.

1) I worry that many MLM companies might have a problem with their reps promoting a Multi Level System along side their multi level opportunity.

2) The payout amounts are much smaller per member (as they are paid out over many levels). This simply means you’ll be paid much less on your personal production but have the opportunity to make more if you’re able to grow a large down line.

(Item #2 is actually a plus if you’re good at team building because theoretically you can make a lot of money from more people duplicating than you can make on your own).

*Just some things to think about.

Better Web Builder seems to have a good program in place.

The free lead capture page is awesome and they have some good training from leaders in the industry.

This is can be a great system to start with especially if you’re budget is a little tight.

Whatever you do… get in, take massive action and NEVER give up on your dreams.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Better Web Builder review.

Have you had any experience with this system? Would love to hear your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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13 thoughts on “Better Web Builder – An Honest Review”

  1. Great review – I love Better Web Builder because people actually may use it for free and it is easy to explain without any hype. The tools are plentiful – it markets, list builds, auto-responds, tracks, teaches, blogs, has social media groups, etc. and the people are really great to work with. I’ve been encouraged by the positive responses in a very short time, so, with an interest in team building, I’ll stay with Better Web Builder – without the expensive up-sells.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your review. I´m about to jump in with BetterWebBuilder because I think it´s going to suit me perfect with everything set up and ready to go. I really think it looks and feels easy.
    Many people talk about MLSP, wich I´m sure is good as well.
    Always these choices!
    Well, I´ve made mine now and time will tell!
    Thanks again and have a great easter!

  3. I have been with bwb a couple months. I used the gold premium plan for almost a month. I did get more people to bwb than before as a free member. Only 2 people subscribed as a free member at that time. They didn’t sign up for the bronze, silver or gold. So I didn’t make any money from them as of yet. I noticed after going back to the free that the traffic was down to zero views.


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