My Biggest Paydays In Home Business

Hey there my friend,

Hope you’re having an awesome day so far.

I wanted to write you quick note to hopefully give you a laugh, a lesson & maybe a small bit of inspiration for your day.

The last couple months I’ve been reflecting on the biggest paydays I’ve had throughout my home business career.

Thanks to great mentors, I’ve been able to have some pretty big ones.

What’s strange is, those aren’t the paydays I’m most grateful for.

I want to tell you about 3 that happened recently.

Last week my wife Corene and I had decided to go shopping in the middle of the day so I could exchange some shoes.

We had our 2 youngest sons with us and while we were driving home, we overheard a conversation happening between them in the back seat.

Kashton (7) says to Kyson (9), “If you could choose between a 2-liter bottle of pop, and a wife, which would you choose?”

Kyson says, “a wife.”

Kashton says “I’d choose the pop.”

I bust out laughing so then the question comes to dad.

“How about you dad, which would you choose?”

“Depends on the day, and it depends on the wife.” I tell them. 🤪😁

We all had a great laugh together as a family and that was around 2:00 PM in the afternoon, a time at which I used to be sitting in a cubicle punching a clock.

That Was Big Payday #1

Over the last few months, I’ve been able to take the kids down the driveway to catch the bus in the mornings.

Kashton, my youngest little guy, before he gets out of the car always gives me a big hug and says, “dad, when I get on the bus I want you to follow 3 instructions.

  1. Make a heart sign with your hands
  2. Blow me a kiss
  3. Wave goodbye

Each morning, I see that little guy get on the bus and follow those 3 instructions for me, as I follow them for him, as the bus moves on down the road.

He doesn’t care what the other kids on the bus think.

He wants to know his dad loves him, and wants his dad to know he loves him back.

And Those Are Big Paydays #2

A couple week ago, Corene (my wife) told me that Kashton got asked at school what he wants to be when he grows up.

His answer blew me away and made me so grateful that Corene and I decided many years ago that we would do whatever we could to build a business from home so we could be there for our kids.

And that’s big payday #3. 

Knowing that we’ve created that type of experience for our kids.

To me, all of the money & recognition pale in camparison to the moments of freedom I’ve had, and have, to be present as a father for my children and a husband for my wife.

It’s my belief that when we look back over our lives from some future point, a big part of the treasures we’ll remember have little to do with what kind of house we lived in or what kind of car we drove.

It will be more about..

Did I fulfill my purpose and calling in life in the best way I could?


Did I have moments that mattered with the people who mattered most?

Here’s to more of those types of big paydays for the both of us.

2 thoughts on “My Biggest Paydays In Home Business”

  1. Paul & Corene have been wonderful examples for their 4 boys, and for so many other aspiring “Mompreneurs” and “Dadpreneurs” out there.

    Our goal as parents ought to be the primary influence in our kids’ upbringings.

    Especially here in the digital age when more and more kids are having more “screen” time than “Mom and Dad” time.

    It is grueling work, but the rewards WILL show up for you, too, if you stick to the plan like the Hutchings Family is. 🙂

    • Kevin, my brother! Thank you so much for these guys words and I can say the exact some ones about you and Melissa..

      You both have really been great inspirations to Corene and I in Parenthood.

      Thank you for your example!

      Like Brett Hudson said on one of our masterminds the other day… ‘If you spot it, you got it.’ 😉


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