Some Things I’m Pumped About

So it’s Saturday morning and I woke up around 5:50, my mind racing and alive with ideas as I prepare for the gym.

One of my old friends, (Todd Young – a great networker), used to say there are 3 steps to success in business.

  1.  Get Excited
  2. Get excited
  3. Get excited!

I really love that advice and one of the things I LOVE about building a business from home is that, for the most part, if we’re doing things right, we get to live in a state of enthusiasm most of the time.

Of course, our excitement can wax & wane over time and that’s totally normal, but I’ve found that if we stay the course and keep our dreams alive and our eyes open, things always tend to pop up for us that help to re-ignite the fire.

So just a few quick ones for me that, who knows, may be able to get you excited as well.

First, my new system.

I’ve only introduced 67 people into it and already,

and I’ve sponsored 2 new business partners into my primary business that’s paid me $600 in upfront commissions ($400 more on the way) and increased my monthly residual income by $200 per month.

Here’s proof of one that came in a couple days ago…

On top of that, my residual commissions from the autoresponder we recommend inside the system is already at $15 per month from the paid members with another $25 per month potential from the ones who are still in trial.

That’s a total potential of $40 residual income from just one simple tool we recommend inside the system.

As you can see, from a list size of 67 – these are GREAT numbers!

I’m soooo pumped about these numbers because not only are they showing great profitability, but I know that even the people who haven’t purchased anything are getting great value and can use the system to generate leads and have more success with whatever it is they’re doing.

Another thing I love about these numbers is they prove to me, that you can earn commissions without being pushy, hypey or over salesey.

If you set up a free account and walk through the 3 simple set up steps, you’ll see they are totally laid back with no pressure to buy or do anything.  Just some helpful tips and suggestions.


Second, A New Lead System I’ve Been Using

Ok, so it’s not ‘new’ – I’ve actually been a member for several years but for some reason, I started to pay attention to it again last week.

It’s an extremely low-cost (1 time purchase) lead source that gives you lists of targeted names, phone numbers & emails of people who are in, or were in involved in network marketing at some point in the past.

It has some super simple scripts that are direct and to the point and this last week I spent a couple hours calling these leads and was so excited to find that I was able to connect with other networkers and give invitations to look at what I’m doing.

The thing that excites me most about this is that NOW, I have a fast, simple and inexpensive lead source I can share with people to get them into action while they’re learning more advanced marketing and lead gen.

This system even has a done for you option where they will get other networkers calling you.

I signed up for that part last week and low and behold, my phone has been ringing, I’ve been making some good connections and getting some great exposures out for my business.

I can see how this could really help anyone, in a simple way, make new connections and grow business without having tons of tech or marketing knowledge.

On top of all this – the system has a great affiliate program so it’s lucrative,

…and even gives you ‘free leads for life’ as long as you work they leads they give you and take notes on what’s happening.

I have been so encouraged by the results I saw last week that I added this lead system to the back office my Online Recruiting Secrets system.  You can check it out in the customize your system area of the back office if you want.

Third, Some Ideas My Partner and I are Working On

As you might know, my passion is Freedom, through Principle-Centered leadership and I’m driven each day to look for ideas we can implement to help facilitate this vision.

My partner and I are working on some things behind the scenes that I think are really going to help us, and whoever decides to run with us, even more in bringing this vision into reality.

If that piques your curiosity, stay tuned, and even if it doesn’t there’s a great lesson here.

That little nugget came from one of our masterminds last week and really struck me to the core.

A HUGE part of being excited in life & business is knowing you have something really useful you can bring to enhance the lives of the people around you.

I sincerely hope you have that!

(if you don’t, do some digging and don’t stop until you hit gold).

To freedom and beyond!

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  1. Hi Paul,
    Love that Napoleon Hill quote, “Service to humanity is the way to happiness”. People find it hard to believe I still have my enthusiasm at my age (70). I have written my book now it’s time to share my story; “Standing in the Shadows, Listening to the Greats!!!” Honors my mom and those I met along the way. You and a lot of others are part of the story.


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