MWR Financial Review From A Would Be Insider’s Point Of View

Are you looking for an honest MWR Financial review that’s not a disguised as a blatant sales pitch?

If so, keep reading.

I ran into MWR Financial a few weeks ago through a lead system I’m using and decided to write this review about it since I’ve been delving further and further into my investigation of this company.

Since I stepped down from the leadership council and left my last network marketing company 2 years ago, I’ve looked at a lot of different companies and so far, and none of them have caught my eye.

After a decade or so in network marketing, companies tend to start looking all the same.

So when I found myself watching (and enjoying) an MWR financial presentation a couple of weeks ago I was a bit surprised.

I got the end of the presentation and said to myself “Huh… that actually looks enticing.”

At this point, I will disclose to you that I did join the company but am still in the evaluation mode so I’m definitely not someone who’s just drinking the cool-aid and wanting to promote all the benefits while ignoring the downsides.

In this MWR Financial Review, my goal is to give you some honest thoughts in the hopes that this information can help you make a decision as to whether or not this company is something you want to look further into.

So what’s caught my eye?

First off, is the product competitively priced?

MWR Financial offers a product called The Financial Edge Membership that helps people with their finances in 4 main categories.

I’ll share with you a bit about each of them here in a moment but first, let me say that one of the biggest problems I’ve noticed with network marketing companies is that the products tend to be priced much higher than what normal consumers are paying for them.

1 of the aspects of the Financial Edge membership is credit restoration – where they can help lift a credit score from 50 to 150 points on average.

I did a quick Google search the other day for cost of Credit Repair and this was the first result.

mwr financial review
MWR Financial Review

The MWR Financial Edge Membership is $79 per month so it’s actually less than this result I found.

I did scan through the first few pages of the results on Google and did find some less expensive options but on average, it seems monthly credit repair costs run about $60 – $99 per month from companies who don’t pay any commission and don’t offer any additional services.

Based on the fact that MWR Financial provides Credit Repair and services in 3 additional areas and pays commissions to its reps, I would say this company passes with flying colors on the competitive pricing of the product from a customer standpoint.

Oh, it’s also very cool that customers can refer 3 and get their membership free which I don’t think is something you can do with traditional credit repair companies.

From the research I’ve done so far, it seems that the CEO Brian House as a ton of great experience in credit repair and this has been one of his main traditional businesses over the past couple decades so,

…while I haven’t used the credit repair services, I’m assuming they work just as well as anything else you’ll find on the market.

What else do I need to know about the MWR Financial Edge Product

The second area of major value I can see benefiting people is in the Equity Max portion of the product.

This is where you can enter in all of your debts and MWR Financial will give you the most advantageous plan for paying them all off in the shortest amount of time possible, potentially saving consumers tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest.

I ran into information like this early on my marriage and because my wife and I chose to follow a similar plan, we can say we’re 100% debt free and it’s been one of the best things we ever did.

This type of information and planning, I think, can make a MASSIVE difference for people’s financial futures.

I’m so passionate about this information and how much it’s helped my family that I helped to create a product called The Financial Literacy Academy which we sell through a company I co – founded a couple years ago, where we teach debt elimination strategies (which I’m guessing are similar to the ones employed in the equity max program).

I mention this only to say that some people will be skeptical when they hear they can get out of debt so much faster, and save so much interest but I know from first-hand experience that this stuff is real.

The thing I like about they way MWR Financial has set it up, is that…

  • Seems very simple to input numbers
  • The benefits (out of debt date & saved interest) pop right up on the screen
    • They also include a forecast how you can become a millionaire by investing the money you were sending to service the debt (once your debt free).  This is very motivating!
  • I also like how at the end of each month, you check in and they tell you how much to send and where to send those payments.  This adds some accountability in the equation and I think for a lot of people, having someone instruct them, step by step, month by month – will be a lot more beneficial than trying to do it on their own.

Are they doing anything magical with these numbers or your payments?

Probably not.

They’re applying strategies that are already available like debt snowballing and strategic payoff however, they are packaging this up in a way that it can actually make a difference for people and I love that.

It’s lack of knowledge and lack of discipline that tends to keep people in debt and it looks like the MWR Equity Max program can be a great solution here for a lot of people by helping on both of those fronts.

MWR Financial Money Max

As a business owner and someone who is serious about making sure I don’t overpay in taxes, there have been many times over the years that I’ve asked myself..

‘Why is there no hotline I can call to talk to a CPA or an enrolled agent with the IRS to get this question I have answered?”

In the past I’ve even gotten online looking for just such a service because it seems crazy to have to pay your accountant or tax attorney a few hundred dollars an hour every time you have a question.

And that’s where Money Max comes into play.

You can ask an unlimited number of tax questions, and even schedule consultations for questions that aren’t easily answered via their messaging system.


How cool is that!

So now, with my financial edge membership, never again will I be stuck on a tax question because I have a go to source to get my questions answered.

I think this is a great service.

Wealth Max 

I’m not going to say too much here because this is an area I’m still researching.

It has 2 main components, Private Reserve Accounts, and Land banking.

The private reserve account has something to do with life insurance which, to be honest, I’ve always been (and still am a bit) skeptical of.

The land banking part seems to be where you can pool your money with other investors to buy land in areas that are projected to go up in value.

To be  honest, of all the services in the program this is the 1 part that makes me a bit nervous only because when you start helping and advising people on what to do with their money – you’ve just taken on a whole new world of responsibility and I think it’s wise for people to always be VERY, VERY careful who they trust with their money and where their sending that money.

I’ll have to come back and update this article after I know more about this part.

How about the MWR Financial Compensation Plan?

A lot could be said about the comp plan, but in this MWR Financial Review, I’m just going to share a couple of quick highlights.

The biggest plus… 

As I’ve been building my business full time from home over the years, and have been blessed to have some good success in both network marketing and affiliate marketing, I’ll tell you right up front that one of the BIG BUMMERS in most network marketing compensation plans is that it takes an ARMY to make any real money.

That’s just a fact.

In this MWR Financial Reviews opinion, this is where the Compensation plan shines.

It seems to be stacked in the ‘little guys’ favor.

If you decide to be an MWR Financial consultant (a rep) your monthly cost is $80 for the product + $40 for the distributor side totaling $120 per month.

With 1 customer and 3 personally sponsored reps your monthly residual is $150 through the guaranteed daily pay part of the plan.

This makes it so it’s relatively easy to get your monthly expenses covered.

Next, when the 3 reps you referred also refer 3 (a total of 12 in your organization) you will be earning $600 per month.

Can people build teams of thousands and thousands and thousands?

I guess some can but not most people which is why I’m sometimes less enthusiastic about network marketing.

Can people build a team of 12 people to add an extra $500 per month to their monthly income?

I think that’s pretty do-able.

Additionally, if you investigate the comp plan, you’ll see that it all seems to be built on this type of philosophy.

The reps at the lower levels with the small teams can earn a pretty good income for their efforts vs. the leaders at the top with the massive teams raking in all the money.

I like that.

So there you have it my friend.

My MWR Financial Review for 2019.

Should you join?

I don’t know.  ha ha..

Do you like the idea of marketing a product that the market needs at a competitive price, while helping people get out of debt, become more financially literate and maybe even make some extra money by sharing it with others?

If so, MWR financial may be for you.

If you do decide you want to look further into it, I might suggest partnering up with someone who’s really good at lead generation and marketing so you’ll be able to build your business big, past your warm market.

My sponsor in MWR Financial has a really awesome system for getting people to call you so you can promote whatever business you want to promote to them, including MWR.

If you’re open, you can learn more about his system and also see how I’ve been able to reach the top ranks of the last 2 network marketing companies I decided to promote here inside my Online Recruiting Secrets Lead generation system. (I also throw in my free 82 page eBook that shares some of my very best online recruiting tips).

So what are your thoughts on this company?

What do you like / dislike about it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts down below.

Thanks for taking the time to read my MWR Financial Review!

PS – You can also check out my MWR Financial Reviews playlist on YouTube right below.  Feel free to skip through the videos on the list and find the one’s that help you the most.

17 thoughts on “MWR Financial Review From A Would Be Insider’s Point Of View”

  1. Is this a pyramid type operation? I still don’t quite understand ….we want to buy a building with inventory in place. We came live in the upstairs and business is down stairs.of course we will have to sale our home. The lady will wait until we sale. So, how would we make money from your program from our store? And for your company? Thank you.

    • It’s not a pyramid scheme Diane. As to what you’ll make more money from – that totally depends on many different factors that I couldn’t possibly see to make an accurate forecast for your future. I can tell you for me, I much prefer a home based business because you don’t have to pay for a physical location, inventory, employees.. etc.

  2. Thanks so much for the review. I like to dig deep and do my research when it comes to thinking about being apart of a company and you never really find realistic reviews and honest opinions.

  3. Awesome post Paul! I think that learning about finances and credit are SO Important! I myself have been guilty of making bad financial decisions in the past. MWR Financial looks very interesting. I like being involved with companies that I can feel good about because I know they are truly helping others. Thank you for your detailed review and explaining everything so throughly!

    • Thanks Todd! Appreciate your insights and sharing of your story. And me too brother! Feeling good about the company your’e involved with is crucial! You inspire me man! Honored to be Freedom Crusading with yoU!

  4. Thanks so much Paul for sharing this review about MWR Financial. I’ve seen a few credit repair “network marketing” companies out there, but this one seems to offer a bit more. As an entrepreneur, the one thing that appeals to me is being able to talk to a tax accountant anytime. This a big plus for entrepreneurs and those with home businesses. The other perk that I see is the Equity Max which I am sure can benefit a lot of people. I have done this the old fashioned way on a spreadsheet and through taking a financial course – but this software sounds like a great advantage. In this microwave society, we like to see results fast – so this would be a big perk, I would think. I am curious to hear any updates or more findings. Thanks for sharing, Paul. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the well thought out comment and insights LT! Very much appreciated! Kudos to you for using a spreadsheet to maximize your equity! The important thing is that we get it done, not so much which program we use to do it! Appreciate your example of building FREEEEEDOM for yourself and others.

  5. You are a great copywriter…. I’d be interested to learn more about your rates and availability. Please reach out.

    Thanks for the read!

  6. Wow this is a great business review! Normally you find quickly slapped together business reviews just to get traffic, but Paul, you have gone above & beyond with your research of this company!
    And this does look like a very solid business opportunity.


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