The First Law

This morning I picked up a book, The Laws of Life, written by John Templeton who was a man who went from humble beginnings as a farm boy to becoming a world-famous investor leading a 30 billion dollar company.

One of the things he expressed in the introduction, is something I’ve often heard expressed from the great men and women I’ve studied over the years and that is – a belief that there are certain laws underlying the fabric of reality that we can follow to achieve certain results in life and business.

These laws, they say, are universal meaning – they work all the time, like a scientific formula.

Do you believe such things exist?

My top virtual mentors from Jim Rohn, to Robert Kiyosaki to Napoleon Hill have all expressed this idea.

I’m curious to know if you have noticed any of these laws working and bearing fruit in your own life.

What would you list as some of the top ones?

Is there a first law?

As a student of Napoleon Hill I always tend to name ‘Definite Purpose‘ as the first law, but I’m wondering if there is one that comes even before that.

Definiteness of purpose is all about deciding what it is you want from life.

Here’s something interesting to think about though.

Life starts each of us out by giving us a tremendous gift.

We are born into the world with the gift of life.

As far as I can remember I didn’t do anything to be worthy of this gift.

I didn’t ask for it, work for it or earn it.

It seems to have been freely given to me.

Breath, sense impressions, hands and hearts to receive us and welcome us into the world.

As we grow, we notice more and more gifts all around us…

Trees, flowers, mountains, rivers, sunsets & sunrises.

Without any ‘earthy’ possession do we not all start our journeys on the receiving end of something so precious and wonderfully amazing?

If there are laws worthy of seeking, finding & complying with throughout our life journey, perhaps the most logical place to start would be a recognition of that which has already been given.

Before asking for more, how about an expression thanks for that which is already here?

Perhaps, gratitude is the first law.

4 thoughts on “The First Law”

  1. It is amazing how we forget all of the wonderful gifts we are given.
    Thank you Paul.
    We need to remember these things and humble ourselves.
    And be grateful for the wonders of life that we so often

    • It really is John. I find myself being guilty of this so often. When I return to the wonder and gratitude it always feels so good and increases my sense of connection with the divine. Thanks for being such a great friend and fellow crusader along this journey to freedom and beyond! 🙂


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