MLM Recruit On Demand System Review – Top 7 Must Know Items Before You Join

Are you looking for some information on MLM Recruit on Demand?  

Well it’s been a while since I’ve done a good old-fashioned review but I’m excited about this one so here goes. 

MLM recruit on demand

this is a brand-new system that popped on the market a few weeks ago I think.

Some of my team members who are hitting the top of the leaderboard in my company have been using the system and have been really excited about it.

So I decided to pull out my credit card join  to give it a shot.  

After having looked under the hood of this thing and after having actually called the leads myself by hand,

Here are the top seven things I think you need to know before you make a decision to join.  

First – what type of leads are they?

If you’re new to online marketing you may or may not be aware of the practice called lead scraping.

This is basically where network marketers and Internet marketers have their contact info publicly available on their company replicated webpages.

Knowing who your target market is can be a great step in having success in network marketing.

If you haven’t yet figured it out by now, other network marketers and home-based business owners are a great target market. 

So if you’re a hard worker – it’s possible to use the Google search tool and locate this data so you can reverse market to these people.  

Another way to get access to the data is to use software programs called scrapers.

This is a bit more leveraged way to do it.   

Basically what happens is the software goes out on the Internet and brings back the data to you in the form of a spreadsheet or some other type of list. 

I have owned and used scrapers in the past.

The problem I’ve had with them is that they typically are really complicated to learn how to use well enough that you can get back good data.

Getting the phone numbers and the emails along with a name is an even bigger task with software scrapers (unless you really know what you’re doing).

The next challenge to scrapers is knowing how to contact the leads.

It can be difficult to just mail them because a lot of autoresponder programs will shut your account down for mailing people who have not opted into your webpage.  (plus it’s annoying right?) 

If you’re going to voice broadcast the list of phone numbers you need another software that can be somewhat complex to use as well.  

In any case – these are the type of leads were dealing with inside the MLM recruit on-demand system.

The cool thing with the MLM Recruit On Demand System is that they simplify this entire process and make it very easy for anyone to be able to use this type of marketing strategy. 

They run all the scraping software and they compile a list of names, phone numbers and email addresses, and even add the company name that was associated with the lead.  

I like this for two reasons.  

1.  The list is targeted

2.  It’s low-tech

The second thing – how good are these leads?  

I actually called my first list of 66 prospects one by one personally, because I wanted to know if you could actually get something from these leads.

The first thing I noticed is that there were some numbers that were disconnected and there were a few others that had not been involved in network marketing.

The MLM Recruit On Demand founder Ryan Gunness tells you to be prepared for this in the training videos so it came as no surprise.

The second thing I noticed, as I called these leads, was that many of the phone numbers were real numbers connected with the name associated with the number.  

That was cool.

There is some good data in those leads.

The third thing that impressed me about these leads was the fact that I did have several real conversations where I had the opportunity to ask if the person was open to looking at any good business opportunities.

Following the training in MLM recruit on-demand system I actually did start getting call backs as well. 

Was this process very manual and time intensive?


If you have a bit more money to invest would you want to do this by hand or go to the automated route?

Probably the automated route.

But again I called my first batch of leads because I like to be aware of what I’m actually dealing with before I ever recommend it to anyone else.

The third thing to be aware of are the different levels.

You can join MLM recruit on demand for $15 one time.

This gives you access to the system your first batch of leads and some really good training to get you going.

You also get an autoresponder for free with that $15.

This level pays a 100% referral commission to the person who referred you to the system.

The next level is a $100 level. 

This gets you access to even more leads.

Around 200 with the ability to generate even more.

This is a one-time payment and also pays a $100 referral commission to the person who referred you to the system. 

If you do upgrade to this level there is a $25 admin fee paid to the system owner. 

The next level and this is really the reason I upgraded to the hundred dollar package, is a $97 monthly program that guarantees you will get at least 100 incoming calls from other network marketers – that the system generates 100% on complete auto pilot.  

This is a $97 monthly recurring service.  

I have not yet begun receiving my calls however, one of my team members Kevin Sousa has, and he has already sponsored two people into our primary business using this service.  

The fourth question you might be asking is – will this interfere with my primary network marketing business?

I believe the answer to that question is no, and here’s the reason why.

The affiliate program with this product pays a one time commission.

They don’t pay a residual commission for the purpose of not wanting to interfere with anyone’s primary business.

I think that’s pretty cool. 

The fifth thing you might want to know is a little about the founder Ryan Gunness

yesterday I received a personal phone call from Ryan Gunness the founder of the MLM Recruit On Demand System. 

I found him to be a very personal and caring guy. 

He told me a little about his history in multilevel marketing.  

He struggled in his first company until he found a mentor who told him that he would teach him how to be successful – as long as he agreed not to have an opinion in for 30 days. 

Ha ha

He grabbed the phonebook and told Ryan how to call phone numbers from the phonebook and leave short message that generated call backs.  

If someone answered the phone Ryan was instructed to hang up.  

This marketing strategy is what is known as drop calls.

Ryan used this strategy to hit his first $10,000 a month in network marketing.

I like this story because it illustrates that Ryan has experience with the exact strategy that he teaches in the MLM Recruit On Demand System

The sixth thing you need to know is who is this system a good fit for? 

Ryan points out inside the system  is a good fit for people who are a

  • Not afraid of the phone
  • And people who are willing to speak with other network marketers. 

This is definitely not a get rich quick solution.  

There will be work involved and of course, as always, the better your communication and ability to connect with people the better your results will be.  

Success I believe in network marketing boils down to three things.

Your ability to grow

Your ability to get leads

And your ability to convert sales

If you have no leads then this might be a solution to look into. 

The seventh and final question- Will this interfere with any of my current marketing?  

I believe focus is extremely important in business.  

As such, I’m always asking myself will this strategy interfere with anything I’m currently doing? 

What I see in the level III package of the MLM Recruit On Demand system

Is truly a set it and forget it marketing strategy.

I can literally set it up in 15 minutes, Pay my $97 a month – and begin receiving incoming calls from other network marketers.

That doesn’t seem like an interference to me at all.

So there you have my TOP 7 points to the MLM Recruit On Demand System

Have you used it yourself?

Please share your experience with me down below. 

If you have any other questions about it let me know when the comments and I will see if I can get answers for you.  

20 thoughts on “MLM Recruit On Demand System Review – Top 7 Must Know Items Before You Join”

  1. I see you mentioned that you were not using the service anymore…
    Do you mind sharing what you are doing now to recruit members into your business.

  2. You mentioned above that you are not currently using this system.
    May I asked what you are now doing in order as far as recruiting goes?
    Thank you for your time.

  3. I still do not understand how you’re making money? Do you have to be a business owner/sales person and this system just gives you a bunch of numbers or emails to contacts trying to sale your product or service to them or what?

    • Hey Judy, great to hear from you. So this system does give you leads to call. You can sell them whatever products/business you might currently have or you can sell them the MLM Recruit on demand system itself. Do you currently have a business? What is it you’re looking to achieve?

    • I’m not Terry.. I did use it for a bit and it did get my phone ringing with networkers… So I would say it does deliver… I wasn’t able to convert any but truthfully, I did not give it the time nor the effort it deserved.

  4. I just joined under a friend with this and am just waiting for my account to get setup so I decided to go out and look for reviews and found your post. Now I’m very excited about this. I needed something for my team to get some downline and hoping I can get them working and motivate them to use this system. Thanks for the post!

  5. sorry, man do I feel like an idiot. Duh, I was so busy reading the review I didn’t surf your site. You’re obviously an ACE

  6. Hi Paul, Thanks for the review. I appreciate guys like you who buy try and then review. WHat is you primary business? fell free to callme on the west coast noon to 10pm my time. 619 246-7060


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