The Football, The Soccer Ball & The Golden Rule

The Football, The Soccer Ball & The Golden Rule

Hey there my friend!

Would you like to hear a word I made up?

I see you in my mind, nodding your head up-and-down speaking the word yes out load.

You are aren’t you? 

OK here goes.

The word I made up is….

Drumroll please.


Ha ha just kidding.

Little funny though right.

Seriously though. 

I have a few things I want to share with you in today’s blog post.


OK now on to today’s lesson and story.

This morning I was driving my three oldest boys to school.

It’s one of the things that I love to do, as a home-based business entrepreneur.

Today there was a fight that ensued the second we stepped into the car.

Camden my seven-year-old was complaining that Kayden my nine-year-old had two balls,  a football and a soccer ball.

He said that mom told him he could only have one.

Kayden then admitted, after I called his mother of course, that indeed he was only supposed to take one ball to school.

He chose the Soccerball.

At which point Camden said “well then I want to take the football to school.”

Kayden immediately refused because the football was his and he didn’t want his brother to take it.

What to do as a father or a parent in a situation like this.

Use force or persuasion?

I started to talk to Camden about planting seeds and reaping the harvest.

All the while knowing that his older brother was listening in the seat next to me.

I asked him if it was possible to plant the seed of a flower and see something else grow up in its place.

He responded ‘No dad’.

Our actions are like that son, we can plant which ever seeds we choose but once they’re planted we can’t change what the seeds grow into.

And when we plant seeds of goodness and loving others and following the golden rule, those seeds tend to produce a good harvest.

And other kinds of seeds tend to produce not so good harvest.

It was then that Camden’s older brother in the seat next to me, said “OK Camden can have the soccer ball.”

I start to smile until I realize, that it wasn’t the soccerball that Camden wanted it was the football.

Another argument ensued.


Kids right?

Now what.

So then I start to talk to Kayden about the lot of the golden rule and how it means that we should strive to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

At which point Kayden said “well if I was in Camden’s shoes I would want the soccer ball.”

Of course he said that because it was the soccer ball that he wanted originally.

I then explained that the golden rule means, according to Napoleon Hill, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you –  were the rolls reversed.

In other words.

Don’t do I need to Camden as Kayden wants.

Do unto Camden as Camden wants.

He fought back a little bit on that idea.

At which point I reminded him that he could choose to plant whatever seed he wanted to plant.

I couldn’t force him to plant the seeds that I wanted him to plant, I could only help him understand that there will be a harvest regardless of which seeds he chooses.

A few more seconds went by, and to my surprise and amazement joy

Kayden said “OK Camden here’s the football.”


I was so happy!  I hugged Kayden and told him,

“I’m so proud of you son and watch how you feel today.

You’re going to reap the harvest of the seeds you planted this morning.”

Emerson said that we can’t separate the seed from the harvest.

Maybe that’s true of the actions we choose to take or not take in our lives and in our businesses.

We may not be able to choose the results but we can choose the seeds.

And in choosing good seeds, maybe we’re able to choose the results to.

I appreciate you, I believe in you, and I thank you for reading my blog post today.

Do you believe in the law of the golden rule?

Do you believe that we reap the harvest of the seeds that we sow?

What stories or experiences do you have from your life that you can share?

I’d love to read them in the comments below.

Have an awesome day and whatever you do never give up on your dreams.

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