Faith Enhancement Tweak

My big breakthrough in business came, in large part, when I developed an unstoppable faith that great things were on their way to me.

1 thing that led to this was the daily repetition of a formula given in the book Think And Grow Rich called the Major Definite Purpose / Self-confidence formula.

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The original formula contains future tense language.¬† “By the first day of _____ I will have in my possession.”

This can work well, however, for some – casting the image far off into the future has a different effect than stepping into the result now, (at least in the mind’s eye).

This is why our mastermind community just completed a revision of the original formula given by Dr. Napoleon Hill.

We stayed as close as possible to Doctor Hill’s language and made just 1 essential tweak.

Shifting the language from the future into the present.

I hope this new document can help you build even more faith as you continue to step into your dreams!

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