Faith Enhancement Tweak

My big breakthrough in business came, in large part, when I developed an unstoppable faith that great things were on their way to me.

1 thing that led to this was the daily repetition of a formula given in the book Think And Grow Rich called the Major Definite Purpose / Self-confidence formula.

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Einstein’s Formula For Manifestation

One of the super interesting people I like to follow is Ray Kurzweil.

Not only is he a genius inventor with a long list of game-changing inventions to his credit, he’s also a futurist who has very accurately predicted many technological advancements that have already come to pass.

Since 2012 he’s been a Director of engineering at Google developing machine learning & natural language understanding. read more

Recruiting Strategy

Yesterday someone called me on the phone and pitched me on something… when I told her I’m happy with what I’m doing she said,

But with what I’m telling you about you don’t have to recruit.

I say to myself in a state of confusion,

“Then why am I talking to you on the phone right now, listening to your recruiting pitch?” 🤦‍♂️ read more