Goals [Optional] ?

While I was on vacation last week I got through most of a Wayne Dyer book called “Your Sacred Self.”

(A really great book btw)

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There’s a part in the book where Dr. Dyer invites the reader to re-consider commonly held beliefs – aka ‘conventional wisdom.’

One of those beliefs is that goals are essential for success.

Now keep in mind it’s pretty safe to say Dr. Dyer was a millionaire before he passed on so the following advice is coming from someone who created significant financial success in life.

Here’s what he said.

“One of the most erroneous (beliefs) is that we have to know where we are going in order to get there.  Nothing could be further from the truth of success. ”

“Living a spiritual life does not mean setting goals and following them assiduously.  The way of the sacred quest is different than that.”

He then quoted the following lines from Rumi, a Sufi poet who lived 1,000 years ago.

“Do you think I know what I am doing ?

That for one breath or half-breath I belong to myself?

As much as a pen knows what it’s writing,

or the ball can guess where it’s going next?”

Dr. Dyer went on to say,

“The absence of a lot of specific goals helps cultivate your awareness that you are not alone on this journey.  You begin to trust in the divine guidance to assist you in your present moment.  You come to know the Universe will handle the details if you surrender and let go somewhat.”

He did also mention the importance of focusing on your inner picture or purpose which to me – could be referring to 1 big overarching life goal or direction – so I think what he’s saying is to release the need to have lots and lots of tiny little goals or steps along the way and especially release the need to feel like you have to have it all planned out methodically.

As I think back on my greatest successes in life and business – I’m struck with the realization that those successes seemed to happen almost in spite of me rather than because of me.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t taking action and putting forth effort – I was.

There just seem to be so many miraculous occurrences around these successes that’s it’s really hard for me to take the credit.

There seemed to be something else at play.

A higher helping hand, a special blessing, unique co-incidences and the like.

I love the idea that we can have special (maybe even divine) help along the way and that maybe, it’s ok to let go and let God.

I find this idea peaceful and re-assuring and am so grateful that here we have 1 example of a millionaire inviting us to consider the possibility of…

Goals being [optional].

What do you think?

I’d really love to hear  your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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8 thoughts on “Goals [Optional] ?”

  1. I’ve been burdened lately by some new observations that have conflicted with some deeply held personal spiritual beliefs. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Paul. I’m one step closer to letting the Universe handle the details.

  2. Great post Paul! i do believe in a higher hand guides our journey and in divine intervention intervenes in our lives whether we know it, realize it or not. Thank you Paul.

  3. I really believe that the realization of the big purpose is in God’s hands. We must let go and let God guide us along the way. How He will do it is not our concern it is what we want that we must focus on. Along the way ask Him for guidance and wait with expectations that he will guide us.


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