Got Truth….?

I often hear people use the word truth for their own devices and aims when in reality many of these individuals have never given much serious to thought to what the word actually means.

When this happens they end up prostituting and distorting this word to their on vicious and unscrupulous aims.

This is a sad but all too common situation in the world we live in.

The major challenge with distorting the truth is that when this happens, people literally lose their power.

This is illustrated by the ancient scripture “The truth shall set you free”…

…the opposite of that statement would seem to indicate that living in lack of truth can be compared to living in bondage.

When good men and women hear lies and falsehoods that are potentially damaging to many unsuspecting eyes and hears, they have a choice.

Do nothing, and move forward without voice and action ….

Or, take a stand and attempt to illuminate the situation with the light of truth so that others don’t trip and stumble in the dark.

It’s been said that “all that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil in the world is that good men do nothing“.

Johann von Goethe, famed writer and scholar from two centuries ago, said that “Truth must be repeated again and again, because error is constantly being preached round about us.”

I believe that continually seeking to find, understand, apply and teach the truth IS a noble endeavor and is indeed the correct course of action that good men and women can take to combat the lies and falsities that permeate our current society.

One of the things that’s absolutely critical in this process, is an attitude of humility.

Finding the truth can be tricky because in our quest for truth we’re dealing with perception, human emotion, and the human reasoning process, all of which can be very misleading.

If we approach the subject of the “truth” with an attitude of “I know”, or “this is the way it is, period, end of story”… it seems the diamonds of truth we seek will ever elude us.

Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you, ask and ye shall receive”… this necessary attitude of humility seems to be a prerequisite of obtaining truth by design.

In our quest for the truth, it’s also important to have an understanding of how the human mind is influenced and persuaded to come to conclusions about situations in life.

Stories, metaphors, repetition, and song are some of the POWERFUL ways that human mind draws conclusions about the truth.

These are all excellent tools to be used in the hands of the earnest teacher who has the honest intent to help others learn and grow.

Unfortunately, they’re also very effective weapons to be used against us in the hands of the corrupt politician, religionist or businessperson

Once we become aware of these tools of persuasion, we then start to free ourselves from being led to false conclusions by the people around us.

We can then start to see through the manipulation, use our own minds and cut to the heart of the matter… thus moving closer to our quest for understanding of essential truth.

As long as we remain unaware of the methods by which the human mind draws conclusions, we remain slaves to those who understand these methods and use them against us (and those we care about) in their communication.

We need to become aware

My mission in life is…

“to inspire and empower the willing to lives of vision, planning, action, persistence, accomplishment wealth and contribution through a never ending quest for the discovery and application of truth”.

Won’t you join me?

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