Grandma’s Candy

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while, you might remember I told you a while back that my Grandma Carol had a mild stroke.

What I didn’t tell you is that just after she got home, she had another one, more severe than the first that has put her in a rough situation.

Jim Rohn taught me that “your philosophy is the major determining factor in how your life works out.”

Napoleon  Hill taught me that “In every apparent setback, lies the seed of an equal or greater advantage.”

Though it’s hard, I’ve been striving to see the silver lining in all of this.

The other day after leaving from a visit to see my grandpa, I glanced down at the candy bowl in the kitchen and noticed that, for the first time in all my 39 years of life, it was empty.

It was empty because Grandpa Carol was not there to fill it up.

I cried as I thought about this one little example of the love she has shown me, my cousins, the grandkids and all the great grandkids all throughout our lives of always having a bowl full of love there for us when we’d come to visit.

I’m reminded of the blessing we now have of striving to be there for her, during her time of need, as she’s been there for us all these years.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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