Isagenix Scam – Get The Facts Now!

isagenix scamDoes an Isagenix Scam exist or is this company legit?

If you wanna make real money from home, you don’t have time for B.S. or hype.

Let’s get right to the facts, shall we?

There are people out there that will tell you of an Isagenix scam.

The thing you need to remember about people is this.

They lie!

Here’s why…

#1 Reason I Believe There Is No Isagenix Scam – The Company Is Legit.

Isagenix was founded by Mr. John Anderson along with Jim and Kathy Coover. John is the brains behind the product and Jim and Kathy provide the marketing expertise.

You would be hard pressed to find a better science guy than John Anderson. He has been a private label supplement manufacturer for more than 600 companies and more than 2300 nutritional and weight loss products.

Since inception in 2002, Isagenix has generated almost a billion dollars in sales.

Another reason I’m sure that there is no Isagenix scam is this. I have a good friend that was a high level executive for one of the largest network marketing companies in the industry.

This friend is highly respected in the industry and incredibly trustworthy. A few months ago he took an executive position with Isagenix. I know he wouldn’t sign on with these guys if there were in fact an isagenix scam.

Now that you know there is no Isagenix scam, it’s time to get to work and Make a FORTUNE!

If you decide to build a business with this company, I can share a few secrets that will hep you sell more product, faster and easier than anyone in the company.

This will ensure that you hit your goals quick and can then do the things you really want to do in a much shorter period of time.

When you join Isagenix, odds are they will tell you to make a list of people you know so you can begin to market to them. This method is OK and does work for some people.

There are better, faster and more stress free ways to build your business.


You see, at any given point in time, there are people that are looking for Isagenix. Just to give you an example, my wife and I over the last couple months have been talking about how we would like to do a body cleanse.

This means there is natural demand for Isagenix products in the marketplace.

There is also an incredibly high number of people looking to make money right now.

When you make a list and call all your friends and family you have to either find demand or create it. Finding the demand using these methods is extremely time consuming and can be frustrating.

In order to create demand, you have to be a master leader and persuader. Even then, your customers and business builders won’t be as hot because the process was initiated by you, not them.


So how do you find the people that are already looking for Isagenix?

Fortunately for us, the get on the internet each and every day, go to search engines like Google and tell us that they are looking for us.

All we have to do as business owners is put ourselves in front of the HUGE stream of people that are already looking for what we have.

A few simple sills + a little bit of effort = people coming to you, pre-sold and ready to buy.

If this sounds appealing, simply plug your contact info into this form and I’ll give you FREE access to step by step training on exactly how you can do this.

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  2. @Edithkeeler – You know… the sad thing about doctors is.. they are human too… .there are many doctors that promote products from this MLM company or that MLM company…. Don't trust someone to do your thinking for you just because they have an MD behind their name. 🙂

  3. You say “There are people out there that will tell you of an Isagenix scam. The thing you need to remember about people is this. They lie! Here’s why…”

    Apart from the fact that they don't agree with you, you haven't actually put forward any information to support your claim that these people lie, mpr have you explained why (in your opinion) they are consipring to do so. Either you are extremely gullible, or you expect your readers to be, or both.

  4. Please talk to a doctor of medicine that you trust (a doctor not affiliated with the product) before using this product! Give the doctor specifics — the name of the product and the price you are paying for it. If the product really is beneficial for your health, as the company claims, the doctor will only confirm this. Your doctor will provide an educated, non-partial analysis of the product — if it really is great, you'll then know for certain.


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