Market America Scam? You Be The Judge…

Because of their increasing popularity, many people are wondering if there is a Market America Scam.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have an uninvolved, 3rd party review.  That’s what you’ll get from me.

THE COMPANY – Market America Scam?

Market America is an internet shopping brokerage company that was founded by former Amway distributor, RJ Ridinger, in 1992.

They are considered to be a “brokerage” because they don’t manufacture products. All the products sold on the Market America website are made by 3rd party companies.

Although the company headquarters are in Greensboro North Carolina, they operate in several countries internationally.

Market America has experienced some good success in the marketplace. Their company website boasts over 180,000 distributors and 3 million customers worldwide. Pretty impressive!

The company passes the “market america scam” test. It’s a legitimate company that’s been in business since 1992. No scam there.

Market America distributes over 2500 products from a wide array of categories.

A quick browsing of the website showed that they even have memorial type items that can be used in burials. That’s definitely a unique product to be marketing in the MLM industry.

You can go to and browse there products.

If you order products from market america, you’ll get them. Does a market america scam exist within the products? No!

What about the Market America business opportunity? Is it for real? Can you really make money with it?

Market America likes to call it’s business model “Unfranchise” because they say that it is like a franchise (systems, tools, success blueprint) without the pains of a franchise (high startup costs and territorial restrictions).

Although these points do not constitute a market america scam, they have been the source of some criticism. Some argue that the “franchise” spin is misleading for the following reasons.

1) A franchise costs a lot of money because it’s a proven system with a very high success rate. Market America is really a multi level marketing company. MLM in general, has very a very high failure rate.

2) The fact that there are territorial restrictions on a franchise is a benefit to the franchise model as it prevents competition. With market America, your next door neighbor can jump into business with the exact same brand and products and be your competition.

Will market america scam you?

Folks, They are a legitimate company that markets products that have a proven track record in the marketplace.

That being said, if you think your going to make a fortune by making a list of people you know and then helping them to make a list of people they know…the odds are sorely stacked against you.

MLM works wonderfully and provides complete financial freedom for those that know and apply the following 2 secrets.

1) Leadership
2) Marketing

You see, not only do you need to develop leadership so that others will want to follow you.. you need to communicate that leadership to as many people as possible.

The best way to do that is through technology.

Think about it… Do you think that when Brad Pitt has a new movie coming out he calls his family & tells them to make a list so they can help him get the word out?

That would be ridiculous. He uses technology and marketing to communicate with the masses.

“Yeah, but we don’t have the resources of Brad Pitt”, you say.

My friends the internet makes it easier than ever to communicate your value to mass numbers of people for FREE.

Definitely something to think about.  🙂


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