JD Premium – An Honest 3rd Party Review

JD Premium is a network marketing company located right in my own back yard of Idaho Falls, Idaho.  At the request of a friend and leader within JD Premium, I decided to take a little time to review this network marketing opportunity.

An old MLM heavy hitter friend of mine once told me.  “Paul, whenever you evaluate an opportunity you always want to take a look at 3 things.  Product, People and Pay Plan”.

We can thank my old pal “Rick” for that good advice as we dive into the 3 P’s of JD Premium to see how well they stack up against the competition.

Does JD Premium truly deliver a superior quality Product line?

From beef jerky to full lineup of woman’s skincare it looks as though JD Premium lives up to it’s mission statement of “Restore hope, Optimize health, Create a Premium lifestyle”.

From it’s inception as Jerky Direct, Roger Ball (the company’s founder) has been committed to bringing the world only the finest of products.

Mr. Ball showed his passion for quality as he developed one of the world’s finest jerky distribution operations and continues that passion into his brainchild of JD Premium.

In addition to common  consumables such as soap, laundry detergent and skincare products, Roger Ball recognized the need for his company to have a lead or standout product as well.  As a result he employed some of the finest scientists in the world to scour the world over in search of a life-changing product that would be unique to JD Premium.

The result?  JD Premium’s K-48.  A health enhancing, pain removing miracle of a product composed of the world’s finest Krill oil.

All products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Yes, my friend it’s safe to say that this company passes the product test with flying colors.

JD Premium People Power

Some people think I’m crazy when I tell them that the management team behind a company could possibly be more important than even the products or the pay plan but I tell you my friend it’s true.

What good are products and pay plan if the company goes out of business?

What good is the business model if you can’ t trust the people at the top to make honest, ethical decisions regarding the various issues that arise when running a company?

No good at all.

Fortunately, the JD Premium management team is composed of proven leadership.

First, take Roger Ball.  This guy has been a serial entrepreneur from a very young age.

I mentioned earlier how he revolutionized the beef jerky industry but I didn’t mention that in the mid 70’s he co-founded an MLM company that went on to be one of the true giant’s in the industry boasting over 500,000 customers in countries throughout the world.

This guy has some a great background in business and a very good reputation in his home community of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The JD Premium Compensation Plan Really Shines

Most companies I evaluate are proud to pay out 50% of total company revenue to the reps.

JD Premium puts those companies to shame.  They pay out 70% of a new customers order in fast start commissions and up to 70% of the recurring order in residual pay.

In addition to that, the company has committed to never keep more than 10% of the profits for the company.  In 7 years in the industry, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done.

It’s truly unique.

When you build a business with JD Premium, it’ll cost you $650 at the high end $50 to $100 at the low end to get involved.

The organization is structured in a 4 by 5 matrix plan.

As a Preferred (auto ship) customer you get a 25% discount on the products and have the ability to earn 10% commissions on your first level as long as you are buying a minumum of 60 product points monthly.

By upgrading to 120 PV and enrolling 4 active customers you qualify yourself completely for all 5 levels of the matrix.

JD Premium pays 10% on the first 3 levels, a whopping 30% on the 4th and another 10% on the 5th level combining for a total of up to 70% residual payout.


One other really nice feature of the compensation plan is what they call the Director’s matching bonus.  This bonus pays you a 25% match of your personal enrollees residual check.

So, for example, let’s say you sponsor Jack and he get’s his check up to $1,000 per month… you would have 25% of that or $250 added to your check as well.  That’s a big incentive to work with your people.


Although JD Premium is only a few years old, I believe that have the makings of a great, long term network marketing opportunity.

They are solid on all 3 P’s, product, people and pay plan.

If you’re in the market for a network marketing company, JD premium deserves a close, hard look.

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