One 24 Review, It’s Not A Scam, But…

One 24 is a revolutionary network marketing company that came on the scene in mid 2010.

Typically, this would be a company I’d stay away from for 1 reason – It’s a start up.

————-Important 2014 Update——————

One24, unfortunately has officially gone out of business.

Click here to learn what I’m doing now to help people earn great income from home.


Notice I said “typically”?

One 24 is NOT your typical MLM company.

As a matter of fact, it’ could be argued that they are not an MLM company at all.

Mark Seyforth, the company’s founder calls it an “Incentivized referral plan

Old School MLMers just call it “The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”.  😉

What makes One 24 so unique and explosive?

What has caused over 40,000 people to jump on board this fast moving freight train in less than a year?

The answers might suprise you.

If you’ve been in the industry for any length of time, odds are you’ve run into 1 or 2 of the MLM booby traps that plague our industry.

  1. Overpriced products
  2. High start up costs
  3. Costly websites,
  4. Tricky compensation plans that reward only the “Hitter”
  5. Paychecks that are 100% based on your ability to recruit

One 24 can be considered a truly revolutionary company because it attempts to solve all of these problems and provide the average guy or gal with a REAL opportunity to retire in 12 to 24 months.

Let me show you what’s so special about One 24 and why it’s caught the attention of so many people.

  • Retention rate that’s almost “too unbelievable” to mention.
  • Recruiting program that’s built entirely on the human’s biggest motivation factor – “Fear Of Loss

One 24 Spin #1 – Income factor

One of the biggest reasons people “quit” the autoship is the fact that they don’t make any money.

People usually get going in MLM because they want to make money – NOT for the fabulous products.

It’s just a fact.

So here’s the problem… People either don’t stick with MLM long enough or maybe just don’t ever develop a knack for recruiting.

No recruting = No check

No check = quit that dang autoship expense

One 24 solves this problem in 2 major ways.

1)  The company puts every single person who joins the company after you.. in YOUR downline

And.. It’s SUPER easy to get paid on this business.  This makes it easy for the average person to get their autoship paid for.

Not only does that make the retention rate go through the roof, it also gets people excited to talk to their friends & further spurs the growth of the company.

2) The company allows non-recruiters to share the income of the recruiters

When you sign up in One 24 you get 1 green ticket a month which allows you to enroll 1 person from your waiting list each month.

What if you don’t use your green ticket?

Your green ticket turns into a Gold Ticket and is given to someone who knows how to recruit and sign up new customers.  You then will split the income generated from that gold ticket up to $100 per month.

If you sign up in One 24 and never recruit a soul but give all 24 of your green tickets to recruiters, you have the potential to earn $2,400 per month Just from that one portion of the comp plan.

What do you think that does for retention?

One 24 Spin #2 – Fear Of Loss factor

It’s common knowledge that people are motivated by “Fear Of Loss”.

One 24 uses this human nature to grow the business like crazy.


In order to join One 24 you must first go on a waiting list.  (Remember, each rep has only 1 green ticket)

People want what they can’t have so naturally, when you tell someone to “Check out the site & if you like what you see, I’ll put you on my waiting list” – They are going to be chomping at the bit to get involved.

It’s just human nature.

One 24 has one other genius piece built into the comp plan.  After you join, ever single person that joins the company is placed in a straight line below you.

My friend talked me into signing up about 2 months ago and I already have over 12,000 people in my downline.

When people join and immediately see paying customers in their downline… and that number continues to grow, will they ever want to cancel?

Not likely.

In conclusion, One 24 really is a brilliant plan.

It’s something you can do with minimal time invested and could quite possible produce a very nice retirement income over the next few months.

That being said, it’s important that you partner up with the right team.

Our One 24 team literally gives enrollments way in order to help incomes build faster and faster.

301 thoughts on “One 24 Review, It’s Not A Scam, But…”

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  110. Hi paul im interested in doing something like this..why is there a monthly charge and what are the steps in getting this started

    • Hi Aaron,

      There is a monthly charge because we each buy an AMAZING product which contributes to our health AND provides the sale of a product from which we earn residual commission from.

      Just give me a call at 208-557-8009 and I can help you get started.


  111. Hi Paul, I joined one24 a little less than a month ago. Im new to all of this, so I had no clue I needed to find a good team to partner with. This may sound funny but do you know if I would be able to switch teams? Id like to be on your team cause Im a little clueless! I can definitely use support. Thanks!

  112. Hey David,

    I know that everything else sounds good but this really IS good. No.. not good… GREAT… AMAZING…. STUPENDOUS…. DIfferent… Never been done before.

    What’s your number and I’ll call you.

    Hey Brian! Welcome to the team my friend.

    So glad you’re getting started on the road to financial freedom with One24 and our team. 🙂


  113. Paul, Interested about this opportunity. I shrugged it off last year after being bombarded by every next best thing out there. By being in network marketing before, it is so important you join under the right sponsor and team that has support and good marketing techniques to the masses . I have asked other marketers and one problem is the waiting list, people get discouraged and don’t join after being on the waiting list. Any help will be appreciated. If I joined your team, do you have the lead capture pages and best marketing techniques that you provide your team? Thanks Brian

  114. Hey Paul everything sounds good but so does everything else out there, I have a home based business and im starting off OK and i would like to get into another contact me if you can i would like to pick your brain.

  115. Paul, ok need a credit card I get that ….Still need a answer on if there is a option to pay 6 month or a year in advance for auto ship instead of month to month. Or is there some government rule somewhere that says some one can’t pay in adavance for a product.

  116. Paul, Here is my dilemma I am wanting to get this going. I have a big issue though no credit card ( don’t have any) my question is does ( now this may sound silly but I think it makes sense especial with tax refunds around the corner) does or will one24 have set up a annual or 6month pay option for the auto ship ? You seem to have there ear at least a bit.
    Me personally I do not like auto charges each month. I have no problem with paying for something 6month in advance as I would prefer that out of site out of mind effect one less bill to have to figure each month.
    Yes I know there are prepaid credit cards but I would still much rather pay for 6 month to a years worth of auto ship in one shot verses having to load a card each month.
    If you can figure out a work around let me know.

  117. I love the way this sounds! I too would like to join the team. I have a few questions though:

    1. How will I be able to sponsor new ppl if they have to wait on a waiting list and then fill out an application? Won’t that discourage a lot of ppl (for the sponsor who isnt as developed as yourself?)

    By the way Paul, I believe that you are an awesome person! 🙂

    • Hey Tari,

      So great to hear from you.

      The waiting actually works in opposite to what you might

      People tend to want more what they can’t have..

      It’s brilliant!

      Thanks for saying “I’m on awesome person”..
      I’m definitely a work in progress… 🙂

      Look forward to connecting Tari!

  118. Welcome to the team Debbie, Jim and Daniel. 

    Great job everyone in the month of June.

    We increased our team by well over 100%. 

    The only way that happens is through duplication.  That means we have lots of people having success. 

    This is growing exactly like it’s supposed to.  Exponentially. 

    Exciting stuff! 


  119. Joining One24 and your team was an easy decision for me.  Your honesty and sincerity came through loud and clear. 

    It has been great talking with you on the phone.  Thank you too for using my green ticket to sponsor someone for me.

    My new montra is “never give up on your dreams”.  I look forward to an exciting and successful future with One24 and our team.


    • Randy,

      You’re very welcome my friend.  I sincerely appreciate the great compliment and have really enjoyed working with you.

      I’m glad your adopting that mantra… As long as we never quit… we can NEVER be defeated. 

      Your partner,


  120. Joining Paul’s team was a great decision for me. Not only has he trained
    me on some key marketing skills and tools (,
    Paul actually has so many leads coming in that I was “forced” to take some into my own team – ah shucks! Now this is how Network Marketing was meant to be! Thanks for
    everything you do Paul!

    • ha ha.. You crack me up Tim.  Thanks so much for taking some of that business.  You’ve done a great job helping our new team members.  I love working with you.  This is certainly going to be a fun ride. 

  121. Paul,
    I’m glad we finally joined forces.  One24 has pulled me back in the game.  Finally a true TEAM approach emerges in this industry.  I wanted to thank you for covering me in my first month.  As you know, I wasn’t ready to use my Green Ticket, but you offered someone from your list to fill my slot.  Thanks to you, I can now take advantage of the Gold Rush.  Great company, great sponsor, great marketing system, and great teamwork!  It’s feels good!
    Thanks again,
    Greg Stadler

  122. Hello everyone, Paul is my personal sponsor in One24. He and Dr. Clark has done everything possible to help me. Yes, they ACTUALLY give away sponsorships, evidenced by Paul giving away a sponsorship to a leader in my group.
    One24 just keeps getting better and better and the support that Paul and Dr. Clark provides is unmatched.I feel fortunate to be associated with such a fine group of professionals and this One24 team.
    Join today and bring as many people that you care about with you. Prepare yourself for the most dynamic and rewarding journey to wealth and wellness that you have ever experienced. Thank you Paul for all that you do!

    • Hey Tom,

      Thanks so much for the great comments and the kind words. 

      What you said about One24 is the absolute TRUTH.

      I started One24 – expecting not to do much and what I saw literally SUCKED me in to where I couldn’t help but start sharing it with everyone I know. 

      Thank you for being such an incredible person and team member.

      Here’s to much success and prosperity for us and the many people we’re working with.


  123. This program came along at exactly the right time.  Retirement income in America is in dire straights and the vast majority of “solutions” are pretty pathetic.  Thanks for this great review.  It looks like you’re putting together quite a team. 

  124. What I am so impressed with is the fact that at One24 we talk about other people putting people on our team for us. The brilliance of the Linear Incentivized Referral Plan (LIRP) is that the person that gives you someone to enroll on your team is actually benefiting as well. This is truly a win-win situation. What we have is truly have is something very special at One24.

  125. I am so blessed to have found 124!  I was NEVER going to get into another networking company again because I’m just no good at it.  Never made any money.  But this is SO easy.  I LOVE IT!  It’s exciting to watch the gauges in the back office continually go up.  All people have to do is watch the videos and they will see that this is the most unique concept ever.  It’s just incredible.  I’m having a blast and already have several people on my waiting list.  And to be lucky enough to have landed on your page Paul and be part of this awesome team!  Thank you Paul! 

    • Debbie.. I LOVE your story.  You are so awesome.  I feel blessed as well.  It’s amazing the twists and turns in life that sometimes lead us to the best opportunities. 

      It’s fun to watch how much success you’re having ALREADY. You’ve got people excited  to sign up and are laying a foundation that will be bless your life more than you know. 

      This is going to be FUN! 

      Your partner in success,


  126. I have been to the site and have read everything; I even have been put on a waiting list. But, The email mails I keep getting are very confusing and I don’t know what to do? Do I have to pay $60 to join?

    • Hey my friend,

      The next step for you would be to fill out an application which would include the info needed to get you enrolled. 

      This information should then be given to the person who you are going to join One24 with. 

      The total cost is $60 plus about $9.75 for tax & shipping. 

      Hope that helps,


  127. One 24 has websites called “rotation websites”  where members can offer their green ticket in a pool with other members.  As the membership grows, so does this pool and soon there are more tickets than new members.  These rotation sites always have green tickets available so there is no wait list.  Any new prospect who does not want to wait on a waiting list, can do a google search and find these rotation sites.  Why would a prospect wait on your site when they can join right away at these rotation sites.  These rotation sites makes the playing field very uneven and the person who created the rotation site is at the top so it does not matter to him where the tickets fall because they will always be under him in the program.  It is a brilliant scam and I don’t know why one 24 has not banned all rotation sites!?  

    •  Hey Jim,

      There is one reason why you would NOT want to join with a rotation site. 


      It’s very important that you join with a team that will help you.

      Its important you find a sponsor who knows what they’re doing. 

      Joining in a rotation is like playing the lottery with your business. 

      I wouldn’t do it. 

      • I totally agree, Paul.  You said that it’s important that we join with a team that will help us and that we find a sponsor who knows what they’re doing.

        I joined One 24 this past month and am very happy to be on Paul’s team.  Prior to signing up, I spent some time listening to several of Paul’s training videos and was amazed with the unique marketing techniques he shared for free.  I appreciate his generosity in sharing  his hard-earned knowledge to anyone willing to learn. 

        During my first month in One 24, Paul asked if he could use my green ticket to place someone in my downline.  Since I’m new to marketing, I didn’t hesitate to accept his help.  I know he’s done the same for any of his business team members who need this support.  He loves to help people.  I don’t think this man ever sleeps!

        Paul, I just wanted you to know that I feel blessed to be on your team.  You graciously allow us to contact you with any questions, and you definitely know what you’re doing.  🙂

        God bless!    

        • Cathy,

          Thank you SOOO much for the great comment!  You, truly, are too kind.  😉 

          I am so excited to be working with you and we’re going to see some amazing things together over the next 12 to 24 months. 

          Lives will change my friend! 

          Cathy, the feeling is mutual.  I feel truly blessed to be working with you. 

          Love, light and prosperity,



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