Sisel International – Things You Should Know Before You Join….

Sisel International is (as the name implies) an MLM company that operates in 10 international markets outside of the United States.

It was founded by none other than Tom Mower who is the brains behind the billion dollar per year company that is now known to the world as Neways.

You can bet your bottom dollar that Sisel International is being run by a team that knows how to build a company. Tom is now rookie when it comes to building big time MLM companies and he’s put together an awesome management team to help him take his company to the world.

I really like the fact that Tom has invested 100 Million of his own money in this venture. That fact alone, makes it safe to say that he’s pretty vested in the success of this company.

Sisel International Product Line

Not only does Sisel International boast a 5 star team of ownership and management, the products this company has put together is really gonna be hard to beat.

Sisel has a state of the art 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in the great state of Utah where they manufacture all of their own products.

In case you did not know, many MLM companies outsource both the formulation and the production of their products & services.

Because Sisel stays in charge of the whole production process, they are able to control the research and development keeping their product head & shoulders above the rest.

You really can’t go wrong with these products. They’re great.

Sisel International Compensation Plan

Sisel has a standard Unilevel comp plan and it looks like you can make some nice up front money as well as long term residuals with this plan which is imperative in today’s market.

You can sign up as a Sisel rep at many price points which is nice. They have a low entry for the newbie rep and a $1,000 entry for the experienced MLM superstar.

They also have a wide variety of monthly auto ship price points which will again, accommodate builders from all walks of life and financial backgrounds.

The Bottom Line, Great company, product line and compensation plan.

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