Jeunesse Global Review – Is It A Scam?

Are you wondering if Jeunesse Global is a legitimate way to make a 5 to 6 figure monthly income?

Good for you on doing your research FIRST before jumping willy nilly into this company.  You see my friend, you CAN make a lot of money in the home business industry but you’ve got to make sure the company you’re building a business with is a reputable one.

Otherwise you’re looking at broken down dreams and major frustrations.

So there are a few things you want to look at when evaluating any MLM company.  Founders, Market and Product.

Jeunesse Global Founders

I’ve been involved with more than 1 company that looked great on the surface but turned out to be a loser because the management team did NOT know what they were doing.

You don’t want to make that mistake.

Fortunately, the people behind Jeunesse Global boast a stellar track record.

Their last project generated over 100 million in sales volume over 2 years and paid out 77 Million in commissions.

In addition to that, they had the distinction of achieving the fastest growing international expansion of any MLM company in the history of the world.

Add on the creation of 15 millionaires and it’s plain to see that founders of Jeuness Global know exactly what they’re doing.

Jeunesse Global Target Market

What about the target customer base of Jeunesse Global?

After all, what good are big juicy hamburgers if no one’s hungry?

There is 1 demographic that has moved through various segments of the marketplace over the last 60 years or so and completely dominated the consumer base.

This group of people not only dominate all the other groups in numbers but also in financial resources which equals buying power.

Know what it is?

The baby boomer’s.

Yes, this group lives & moves in massive numbers and buying power.

Not only does Jeunesse Global realize the power in this group of consumers in selecting it them as it’s target market… Juenesse Global has formulated  a line of products that caters EXACTLY to what this market wants.

That leads us to…

Jeunesse Global Product line

What does an aging population care about most?  Why.. the fountain of youth of course.

Jeunesse Global has partnered up with leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and pioneer of stem cell technology Dr. nathan Newman to create a fascination line of anti-aging products.

(Anti-Aging is a market that’s expected to grow to 292 billion in the next 15 years just in case you didn’t know)

Dr. Newman pioneered a technology called the “Stem cell Lift” which he has been using successfully to eliminate the battle scars of aging and plastic surgeries gone bad.

Jeunesse Global, along with Dr. Newman have put together some exciting stuff. Let’s take a look.

Luminesce Collection

Cellular Rejuvenation Serum  – All natural – no side effects..

Regenerate tissue…


Promotes A Healthy Immune system

Increases Metabolisym

Improves Digestion, Cardiovascular funtion and helps with Cholesteraol


Jeunesse Global has a solid corporate team, they’ve picked the best target market they could have picked and they have groundbreaking, patented technology that caters specifically to their target market.

Bottom line, this company is a winner.

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