Cash Tracking System Review – Don’t Let The Negative Comments Scam You…

So you’re looking at the cash tracking system wondering if this is a legitimate program that you can make some good cash with.

There is quite a bit of controversy on the net about this program as you’ll see by reading my initial review of it here.

After reading the many blog comments and speaking personally with many people who are in the Cash Tracking system, I’ve come to the conclusion that my initial review was very one-sided and that’s why I’m publishing this update.

As you are looking at this program, it’s important for you to see where the controversy is coming from and why people (like myself) might initially have some resistance to the idea.

It’s for that reason that I’m leaving the original article, along with the comments up and adding this addendum.

That being said, it’s important that you read how my thoughts have evolved concerning this program.

Many people tend to have a knee jerk reaction when looking at a new idea for the first time.

We all have beliefs within us, some which are in harmony with reality and many that aren’t.

We as humans judge everything we see based on those beliefs.

I wrote my initial review on the Cash Tracking system based on some beliefs I had which, after much thought may have been false beliefs.

For monetary transaction to be ethical, a product or service must be exchanged in return for the money given.

This is an interesting belief and one that’s pounded into our heads on many different fronts.  (Family, government, business leaders etc..)

This is one of the BIGGEST reasons some people resist The Cash Tracking system or Cash gifting in general.

So let’s take a look at this belief.

Is it really true that products or services must be exchanged in order for a monetary transaction to be considered ethical?

  • Churches don’t seem to think so in their acceptance of tithes and offerings from members.
  • Non profit organizations don’t seem to think so when they fund raise for their cause
  • Politicians don’t seem to think so when taking money from their constituents.

In all 3 of these examples, money is changing hands without a product or service being delivered.

Most people would consider every one of the above mentioned transactions to be honest and ethical transactions.

Does that mean non-profits and churches are being unethical?

Most thinking people would answer “no”.

It’s clear to see that the above mentioned belief  is false.

So  if money can exchange hands without a product or service being delivered and still be considered “ethical” what are the qualifications?

The one thing that each each of these aforementioned transactions have in common?

In each of the cases, the provider of the funds

  1. was completely aware that his/her money was going to the 2nd party…
  2. had an some idea as to what the money was going to be used for and felt good about that…
  3. knew that they would be getting no product or service in exchange for the money.

Does not The Cash Tracking System meet these exact qualifications?

People can get hurt financially with a $3,500 cash outlay and therefore the Cash Tracking System is bad.

Here is another belief was rooted deep within my subconscious mind.

Here are some things to consider…

  • Franchises cost hundreds and millions of dollars.  Are they bad?
  • Vehicles cost thousands of dollars – Are they bad?
  • The average family spends thousands of dollars on a vehicle AND pays interest for that vehicle – People can get hurt by spending that kind of money.. right?

As you can see, the belief that large cash outlays can hurt people and using that conclusion to dismiss the Cash Tracking System as a scam is an erroneous belief.

The Bottom Line On The Cash Tracking System

The reality is, people are making some serious amounts of money using the cash tracking system.

It will take work and a certain skill set to make money with this system and there are no guarantees.

Who am I to say whether something is right or wrong?

All I can do is endeavor to understand things fully, make my own decisions and try to help others do the same.

I hope this article, as well as my previous article on the Cash Tracking System have helped you to understand both sides of the issue and make your own decision as to whether this is something you’d like to participate in.

In anything, full disclosure is key and as long as a fully consenting adult gets into the Cash Tracking System with the proper expectations – Is there really any harm in that?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below… Especially if you have experience with this system.

31 thoughts on “Cash Tracking System Review – Don’t Let The Negative Comments Scam You…”

  1. Hello I was thinking about joining CTS too but I did some current research on the program and I found out alot negtive reviews and alot of 2 1/2 stars. Plus all these reviews from CTS clients are back from ten years ago I haven’t see any current reviews from 2020 and beyond on any new CTS clients.
    So I’m stuck about even joining will continue to do research.

  2. Hello my name is Dan. I am considering the CTS program. I am willing to put in the work to make it successful. However, I am not trying to get rich fast and plan to join at a low level of entry. I believe this is a safer way to get involved and not risk the loss of too much money if I am not successful. I believe in the idea of gifting people that are willing to put in the work to make their success. I plan to assist them as a mentor as I become an expert of the program. I have called some the previously listed references on this blog with no luck reaching anyone. But I am still eager to work with people willing to take the risk on the program and themselves to put forth the effort to succeed. I plan on making it a full to part time endeavor. So here’s to prosperity to me and all the people I bring into the program. I plan to encourage them to join at the lower levels to reduce the risk instead of the mentality that the program encourages in investing more to expedite the earnings in the future gifts. Patience is the key and if the system works well. Then the amount invested will eventually pay off, if they (the successful members already in the program) are true to their word. So I believe a minimal investment with patience. If I lose out on the big gains without doing the high investment then so be it. At least if I fail I am not out the higher amount that could have been invested and lost if I fail. So that is my two cents on the idea of CTS. I will attend the Q and A tonight to assist me in my final decision. But at this point I am highly interested in taking the risk with the idea of gifting to make a living. Thank you for letting me share in this blog. God Bless!

  3. I have been a member of the Cash Tracking System for two years. It has singlehandedly been the best financial decision I have ever made. In my first 60 days I received over $30,000.00 in my first 15 months I received in excess of over $120,000.00. There are members who did far better than me within the same timeframe. For those who are skeptical I was too. I am a former teacher and I simply wanted to stay home with my small children. I applied myself and really worked the program CONSISTENTLY.There were days that I thought it would not work but I kept going and it paid off BIG TIME. Most people do not experience the same success that I did but most people give up very, very quickly.In terms of the legality of the program.. I actually had a 1 up take me to small claims court asking for her money back! And the judge ruled in my favor. I simply took the nonsolictation form and the gifting statement to court that is required of each person when they submit a pledge and that was all he needed to rule in my favor. All cash gifting programs are not legal structures but the CASH TRACKING SYSTEM is legal and will stand up in court if tested. Do not get involved with CTS if you are lazy and will not work consistently. There is a training center in the back office. Apply yourself and stay the course and you should see success.Remember, there are no guarantees and anyone who tells you that there are guarantees is lying.

  4. Really, love those examples given….. A pyramid scheme is illegal period. Those are non profit organizations that you speak of, is anyone getting involved in this for no profit???

    The victims, yes that will be YOU, are just as responsible as the first person that starts the “program”. Robbing Peter to pay Paul? there is always that last row of people that end up holding the bag, empty bag. The ones at the top walk away with the money and disapear. No one to cry to if you really think that money comes out of the blue just for you. I have seen people get money at the beginning, sell family and friends on the ‘deal of the moment”. Cash in retirement,savings and max out credit cards to make this easy money. Then shortly they are getting divorced, have to leave their family churches, go back to work out of retirement and file bankruptcy.

    Dont be stupid. You may as well go to the casinos.

  5. Thanks Paul for your honisty I joined up with CTS after looking at several work at home oppts. I figured that you have to put out the same amount of effort to make any of these programs work.You must know your way around a computor and you must pay for your advertising and getting your web site and info in cyber space.I wanted the most for my money and time and efforts so I joined CTS. I would like to invite any one with the same frame of mind to join up and start seeing 3500.00 or more in the bank.By the way you can join at a 500.00 level if needed and after that up grade to more.Check out my site at and follow thru also check out my voicemail # is 706-336-1054.I’m in it for the money how bout you? Your inviter Danny Edwards

  6. Hey Paul, I was having the exact same notion you had with CTS. I was not sure that it was legal and ethical. But when I continued seeing different types of gifting I started thinking about knowing more about it. My research actually revealed that when well structured, it is just as good as many activities where people could donate money to different groups expecting nothing in return, just like the churches and political parties. As a matter of fact, my research revealed to me one that allows people to help the poor and the needy or charities oftheir choice and still help them raise their financial status in an amazing fashion. It is strictly by invitation and you do not have to spend $3500 as is the case in CTS. Guess how much gift is required? Only one time $100 that would be matched as a gift to the needy and it opens a huge door for your financial freedom. I do not have all the time to write the details but anybody seeking a good gifting organization should look at World Cash Club. I believe it is the best organized and fastest in growth :Here is their site:

  7. I researched cash gifting for a long time before I got involved in it. I really like the idea of giving to receive, and the “1 up” cash gifting system is revolutionary. I certainly saw the massive financial potential that these systems have, but there were a few hurdles that were holding me up. Amongst these were:

    1. They’re either WAY too expensive for some people (i.e. $3500 for some programs), or so small that its almost not worth finding people to join the program because you may only receive $20 to $100 from each person.
    2. The benefits of getting involved were mostly only financial and there was absolutely NO real charity aspect.
    3. The only incentive for your inviter to help you is your intial cash gift and the “1 up” that you give them. Beyond that, if they’re not a moral person you may just be left on your own.

    After seriously considering taking out a loan to get involved in the $3500 system, I was incredibly lucky that an uncle of mine stopped me. What I had seen in these other cash generating systems was certainly good, but what he invited me to was exponentially better. He introduced me to a cash gifting activity that turned all my concerns on their heads.

    1. This site illustrates how with only a one-time gift of $100, you could receive up to $5000 from each person you invite.
    2. For every $100 gift that is sent to you using this site, the site donates $100 worth of life-saving products to those in need.
    3. Your inviter has a huge financial incentive to help you become successful in this cash gifting activity. The only way they’re going to receive that $5000 from you is if you receive over $10,000 yourself.

    Now, I know people are having a lot of success with the Cash Tracking System, but I’m certain you can have success with this one too. It’s a much lower risk, and its easier to find people to be involved in. If you’re curious visit

    Thank you for your time and your article,
    Kevin Johnson

  8. Paul I watched the CTS videos but I honestly just have a real concern with sending $3500 to someone who I’ve only heard their voice on the phone or read an email. That being said, after watching your video and reading your articles I’m impressed with your general philosophy on life. Additionally, to be honest, I’d be more comfortable in dealing with someone from the Idaho/Utah area seeing as that’s where I’m from. To make this simpler, I’m asking for your referral/recommendation of a CTS mentor. Please just email me back.


  9. Hi, I just thought I would way in.  I have been with the
    Cash Tracking System for almost a year now.  I can honestly
    say that it has been the best financial decision I have
    ever made.
    In my very first 8 weeks, I received $24,500.  Since then,
    I have received a consistent $5,000-15,000 a week and I attribute
    this primarily to an exclusive lead generation system that
    I have developed for my team.
    Not everyone who joins CTS has access to what they need to
    truly be successful, but when you do, this program REALLY
    You can call me anytime if you have any questions about how
    I am having success.
    Thanks Paul for having this discussion, and I appreciate you
    letting us share our views here.
    Mark Ross

  10. Hi Paul,

    This is the 23rd, do you have extra Green Tickets?

    Is all I need to purchase costing $60 or
    is there more money required?

    Jim furr >


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